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Original gifts on Amazon: a crock pot, the party, the playmobil of 'Back to the future', a Batamanta, the Harry Potter wand

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Just a few weeks of dates as marked as Christmas Eve or the most magical day of the year, the Magi, it is convenient to start preparing not only the comilones, but also the gifts.And if you did not take advantage of the Black Friday or the Cyber Monday to buy everything you had in mind, do not worry, because it is still possible to save a few euros in Christmas purchases thanks to Amazon.

The e-commerce giant counts in its stock with great discounts and offers so as not to give up any whim.In addition, if you are looking for a gift to be original, do not miss this selection of products that we have prepared for you.

In this Wish List you will find everything: from a Bosch capsules coffee maker for 29 euros, to a table set to the future or the latest in video games for the PS4.And don't worry about the budget: there are options for all pockets.Do we start?


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Decorative luminous letters

Yes, the letters are fashionable, especially in the field of decoration and linked to lighting.The initials of your partner, the name of your favorite actor, your family's last name...There are words that are important, that remind us who we are or that make sense of our days, and it does not hurt to have them well in sight.But if you are going to have them at home, better that they are elegant and decorative like these of the Don Letter brand.

LED bulbs have incorporated that are illuminated thanks to two AA batteries, thanks to which they stay on a full week without interruption.The manufacturer says that the light of these letters "is uniformly bright but not dazzling", which makes them ideal "for night spaces or areas with little light", since it creates "a warm atmosphere".

You can buy each letter here for 7.95 euros.

Children's camera

Children see all the time how adults do lots of photos every day.And they, of course, want to replicate us.That is what this children's chamber that comes with the housing in two colors is used: pink already blue.It is small, perfect for them, and comes with a 32G micro card, which can store more than 10.000 images.It also carries a memory card reader, USB load cable, a protector in case there are accidental falls, five sticker sheets to decorate the photos you have printed and a bag to transport it.

The high definition screen is 2.0 inches, with a lens of 13 megapixels of resolution and a built -in battery of 400MA.In addition to photos, videos can be recorded.

You can buy it for 25.99 euros here

Party Extreme 3.0

This proposal consists of a version of the classic question and answers game Party.You can play by teams, it includes 12 tests of 4 different categories and to win you have to be the first team to get the requirements of the Secret Objective. Existen 4 tipos distintos de pruebas: Quiz&Co, Psyco&Co, Show&Co y Art&Co y cada equipo puede tener hasta un máximo de 5 jugadores.

Includes a board, target cards, test cards, partygafas, pencil, orange pencil, partypinzas, rotating dispenser, 1 given and a sand watch.This version is suitable for over 14 years

También está disponible el Party & Co Original y el Party & Co Ultimate.

You can buy it here for 32.85 euros

Loewe water for women

"It is a perfume with a delicate and soft aroma, nothing loading that is something that I cannot bear from the perfumes," says one of the comments about this citrus notes fragrance.

The Loewe Mar de Coral Olfative Pyramid opens with grapefruit, Lima, mandarin, mint, tomato and yuzu leaves.In the center we find Jasmine, Lirio and Neroli.The aroma is completed with amber, musk, cedar and vanilla.A fresh fragrance to use on a day -to -day basis.The bottle is 50 ml and has vaporizer.

You can buy it here for 33.95 euros (35% discount).

Balloon cup

Although the health situation will bring touches and restrictions that will not allow to celebrate Christmas as on other occasions, you can always make a toast at home with family or friends.And for this, what better than a ball like Mr this.Wonderful.It is made of a very resistant glass suitable for dishwasher and has a capacity of 70 centiliters.And, like all the products of this brand, it has an optimistic and good -colored message recorded.

Buy it here for 10.95 euros.

Wireless headphones for 16 euros

If we had to choose a technological device that has been sold a lot this year 2020 would be the wireless headphones.You just have to take a look and see that few people have cables connected to the mobile.All via Bluetooth.And not only walking, running, working or doing any type of activity.

And as the main thing is to be well connected nothing better than this Aukey model, one of the most successful in the market.The sound is necessary and high fidelity.Bluetooth version 5 guarantees a faster and more stable connection, and control is tactile, among many other innovations.

You can buy them here for 16.99 euros.(58% discount).

Pizza socks

A safe success when buying a gift at Christmas.Four pairs of cotton socks placed such as pizza portions with different designs that evoke different recipes from one of the star dishes of the Italian cuisine (capricious, Hawaiian, Peperoni and the fourth torque forms the edges).In the presentation, how could it be otherwise, the classic cardboard box could not be missing, which puts the icing on the gift since the one who receives it will be perplexed and will not know what is happening.

Buy them here for 24.99 euros.

Board game return to the future

The German multinational Ravensburger, specialized in puzzles and toys, has launched a board game inspired by the trilogy in collaboration with Universal Pictures.Return to the future: Travel in time at the time of dice is a perfect gift for science fiction cinema enthusiasts of the eighties and the best tribute that can be done to the saga when right now that the 35th anniversary of the premiere is fulfilledof the first installment.

The board allows players to travel through the four times in which the three feature films develop (1885, 1955, 1985 and 2015) and have numerous references to crucial elements, characters and scenarios in the plot, Marty's house, Einstein (Doc dog), the clock tower, the Twin Pineas shopping center...

Buy it here for 29.41 euros (26% discount).


Sherpa fabric.Yes, a wink to that town that lives the Himalayas and knows cold - and climbing - like no other in the world.This Saogva Batamant.

Supersuave as a blanket, made in flannel and cotton and with the adjustment of a sweatshirt, has a size that adapts to any physical constitution.It serves home, and it will be very useful when we return to the stands of the stadiums or to step on the field without fear of closures.A Christmas Gift as Snow.

You can buy it here for 21.99 euros

Bosch coffee maker

Nothing fits more now than a very hot coffee.With this cafeteria Bosch Tassimo you can taste from espressos and caffè creams, to Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, tea...Simply enter the capsule into the device, fill it with water, press a button and voila!

With a capacity of 0.7 liters and an adjustable support according to the height of your cup, it also has Intellibrew technology, so that you never go from water and your drink is always at its point.

You can buy it here for 29 euros (63% discount)

Hugo Boss Colonia

A young fragrance with fresh personality, thanks to its amaderada basewood, combined with green apple chords and mint notes.It is the ideal gift for the young man looking for his distinctive seal for each day.

In a 125 ml bottle, the Hugo neighborhood is applied in spray format.It is durable and already a classic of the firm Hugo Boss.

You can buy it here for 37.99 euros

35% Apple Watch Watch

GPS, largest screen up to 30%, with electric sensors and heart rate optics...And Apple, that is, how to take the iPhone on the wrist.It is an intelligent watch ideal for sports -appo to swim, also -but adapts to every user who is careful among their priorities.In addition, it is portable insurance, with its fall detector and its national and international emergency call system.

This black strap model is the most elegant in the market and is much more than a clock.Its different screen modes are hypnotics: clock, audio player, exercise console, electrocardiogram...Insuperable.

You can buy it here for 489.99 euros (35% discount).

Return to the future, from PlayMobil

Nothing better to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the saga than this playmobil set under the tree.It is for children from six years, but in reality it is suitable for all the saga fans.Promises a legendary fun for time travelers: includes a delorean and the figures of Marty McFly, DR.Emmett Brown and Einstein.This version of Delorean has folding doors and rotating wheels, among many other details.Includes instruction manual and more than 60 accessories.

Buy it here for 39.99 euros (20% discount).

Men Expert L'Oréal Moisturizer

If you walk in the nine of score and it is l'Oréal, who can doubt the benefits of this antifatiga moisturizer for men.Hydrates 24 hours and day by day it is removing years on.Or postponing them.

The miracle comes from the extract of Guaraná and vitamin C, in a poker for facial care, as it acts in four aspects: against tired features, the loss of tone and complexion off, dark circles and roughness.It will also be appreciated after shaving, because, in addition, it is rapidly absorbed.

You can buy it here for 7.95 euros (20% discount)

Discounts in Lego

Regalos originales en Amazon: una Crock Pot, el Party, el Playmobil de 'Regreso al futuro', una batamanta, la varita de Harry Potter

It is a fact, the Lego Universe is not just for the little ones in the house, there are options for all ages and Amazon knows, that's why it has put the products of the Danish brand with discount.An example of this is this set of airport that does not lack detail.Apt from 6 years, it aims to boost imagination and foster creative game.Includes an airplane, the terminal, a vehicle lifting platform, some passengers wishing to travel...Has even control tower.

You can buy it here for 75.30 euros (28% discount).

Do not stop taking a look at all Lego with a discount here.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Facial Cleaner

Neutrogenic Hydro Boost facial cleaning gel serves to eliminate impurities, makeup and excess skin.This will help the skin always be clean and do not arise grains or imperfections, something very practical now that we have to go all day with a mask.

Also, in addition to cleaning the skin, it is a product that provides an extra hydration.Its light formula is developed with Barrier Care technology, enriched with hyaluronic acid.

It is a suitable product for sensitive skin.

Buy it here for 6.70 euros (at 48% discount).

Call of Duty Black Ops 4

There are those who dismiss ironing;others running or going to the gym;There are even those who risks their children to evade some of the reality on the street.Others, however, take the console and put the Call of Duty to relieve tensions, as if they somehow gave a virtual boxing sack.

The same the character of Kevin Spacey (Frank Underwood) of the House of Cards series when he gets home and concludes his workday.There is no doubt that COD is one of the most successful shooters created by the particular activation factory and the Gamer universe in general.The fourth Black OPS series title guarantees high -level missions, and will require an expertise with the green beret of a green beret.Luck!

You can buy it here for 25.90 euros (14% discount).


The casual and comfortable design of sweatshirts can be used in almost any context.It doesn't matter if you go out, to take something with a friend, or above all to exercise, that you will never disregard.

The Adidas brand is one of the most successful in this area and the ones that find the most bond with some urban tribes.This black sweatshirt model is made of 100%polyester, which guarantees its durability and is available in several sizes.

You can buy it here for 23.99 euros (40% discount).

Harry Potter wand

Many would want, just playing with a magical wand something, changed the course of events.Who knows if with Harry Potter we can face this Christmas in a normal enough way so that we conclude the year with no more unexpected twists.

However, here we present the wand of Hermion.You can launch up to 11 different.

You can buy it here for 24.03 euros (31% discount).


Say goodbye to curls effortless.This Remington brand iron will help you wear smooth and bright hair, without frizz, or static electricity.Your hair will be up to 50% softer.

Its digital screen allows the temperature to be controlled and offers the necessary flexibility to adapt to all hair types.Your memorization system always allows you to put the best temperature for your hair.Smooth hair without efforts and in a very short time.Your iron will be ready to use in just 10 seconds.In addition, it includes a heat resistant travel case so you can take them wherever you want.This product can even with the wildest hair and has more than 20.000 positive assessments.

Buy it for 45.85 euros (50% discount).


It is the best -selling product in its segment.This is a long -term liquid ink lipstick of the Maybelline New York brand.

This limited editing chest in collaboration with gallerypist.They have an arrow -shaped applicator to condense more product amount.

You can buy it here for 22.31 euros (7% discount).

Malibú de Barbie

For the children who love Barbie, the Malibu house is a gift.It has 2 floors and 6 rooms, some of which are transformed.When turning a wall, slide the dressing table or lower the roof of the house, new spaces arise in which to play.

This fun house has a lot of accessories, perfect for girls and boys from 3 to 9 years old.And notice for parents: it is folding, so you can move and save very easily.

You can buy it here for 94.94 euros at 32% discount

Double chain

Minimalist style chains are fashionable.This double type has stars details and moon and is silver bathed in white gold and has security closure."Nice, simple and elegant," says one of the comments.

A perfect gift for the next Christmas.

You can buy it here for 26 euros (35% discount)

Anti pull brush

Those who have long hair always have the problem that, when they brush it, they are able to take a good part of the scalp if they do not realize.

With this anti -repile brush of the firm Tangle Teezer you can say goodbye to find your hair on your comb.It is an unbridled brush, suitable for all types of hair and can be used on both dry and humid hair since its sows adapt to any condition.

You can buy it here for 7.99 euros (28% discount).

Lékué steam case

If you don't know Lékué, the kitchen utensils brand for the microwave, when you do you will not be able to live without it.You can prepare fish, pasta, biscuits...healthy and effortless.This case we propose is one of the best-selling items on Amazon, and it is a steamed cooking tray in rations of 1-2 people.

Help conserve all food properties and nutrients.In addition, you save up to 80% energy, since you avoid using the oven.The tray allows fats and liquids to drain during defrosting or cooking process.

Buy it here for 37.31 (11% discount).

Cocktail game

In many communities the bars are closed and in others the curfew prevents enjoying a cup after dinner.With this cocktail game you can prepare your own cocktails at home without worrying about the time.

The game has 12 pieces, among which a cocktail shaker, four nursing nozzles, a jigger (beverage meter) and a openboard opener, among others, among others.All presented in a beautiful wooden structure.Perfect also to give.

You can buy it here for 27.99 euros (32% discount)

Cecotec electric coil, at half price

Lemons, oranges, files, grapefruit..With Cecotec's counselor there will be no citrus that you resist.It has 40 watts of power and double sense of rotation to take advantage of the juice of the fruits.Its filter is stainless steel, which makes cleaning much easier.But in addition, it is removable and practically all its pieces can get into problem in the dishwasher.

It has two detachable cones to adapt to different fruit sizes and is compact and easy to save.It has a space in the base to save the cables and a roof to avoid dust entry.If you are one of those who need an orange juice to start the day well, take advantage of this offer and get this subim almost at half price thanks to its 48% discount.

Buy it here for 9.90 euros (52%).

Huawei Freebuds 3, at 50%

Not 10, or 30%, but a 50% discount these days have the Huawei Freebuds, the wireless headphones of the Chinese brand that compete with the famous Apple Airpods.This model, for example, presumes a leading chip in its class for the cancellation of intelligent active noise.

In addition, it has a Kirin A1 processor that the manufacturer defines as a revolutionary.Combined with a high -performance antenna and an optimized encoder, it facilitates an immediate and stable bluetooth connection and avoids interference even in places with a dense network of connections such as an airport.

Sound with study quality, intelligent load and low latency that makes them perfect for using them in gaming are other most interesting benefits of these Huawei Freebuds.

You can buy it here for 99 euros (45% discount).

Hot Wheels car track

Cars are, almost safely, one of the toys that any boy or girl is going to ask for this Christmas, either to Santa Claus or the three Magi.However, sometimes they have so many that it is difficult, not to store them, but to find a space where our little imagine races, jumps and ramps impossible to see them run as they do in their head thanks to their immeasurable imagination.

That nobody cheated with the name of this car brand Hot Wheels car brand.That is called the destructive crocodile does not mean that we are going to put a reptile of 10 meters at home to destroy it.Rather, our children will vibrate with the dives in the water and the extreme ramps that it proposes us.

You can buy it here for 74.95 euros (17% discount).

PS4 command

Confinement meant for many something that almost touched agoraphobia.Uncertainty and being involved at home almost without knowing what.For this reason, the need to evade reality, even for a short time, was key for many to clear their heads.

Consoles and video games were a great escape route.And that led to more than one, sure, to burn his command to the point of having to buy another.If you have not done so, take advantage of this command offer for the PS4 with all the functionalities to unleash your imagination.

You can buy it here for 30.59 euros (15% discount).


Perfect to place in the bedroom or in the dressing room and thus hang the garments that we have used that day or that we plan to put ourselves to the next.In fact, its 1.81 meter high and 9 hooks are especially useful to prevent suits, shirts and dresses.

This silver design percher is made of metal at the base and structure and wood in hooks to protect clothing.Its verified buyers also highlight their good stability and their ease of assembly, in just 5 minutes.

Buy it here for 51.69 euros (26% discount).

Philips L'Or Barista coffee maker

The Philips L'Orista coffee maker is elegant as it is practiced.With it you can prepare different types of coffee, such as ristretto, expresso or lungo, among many others.In addition, it is designed for you to prepare, if you wish, two coffees at the same time, which also involves a time savings.

Prepare coffees with a professional result thanks to its 19 pressure bars and includes the latest technology that allows recognizing the size and type of capsule inside.

It is designed to be used with the L'O or capsules, but it is also compatible with those of Nespresso and with the capsules made of aluminum of brands such as Jacobs Douwe Egberts, such as Jacobs, Marcilla, Moccona, Saimaza or Senso, among others.

Buy it here for 59 euros (at 41% discount).


They are decades of entertainment, so simple that it became familiar and so effective that their permanence in the vitrinas jumps of the century in the century.Specifically, since 1979, with the first version of Guess Who?, By Milton Bradley, that is, MB.Although there were other versions, that is the original and the one that sneaks into this Black Friday.

Follow in the showcase, insurmountable to spend the time at home, entertain children, develop strategic skills...A partner of several generations.What more can be said?

You can buy it here for 15.49 euros (23%discount)

Puma Sports Bag

If you are looking for a bag to carry your belongings to the gym, the pool or to the training, you have a great option before you.This Puma brand sports bag has a main compartment with bidirectional zipper and up to three pockets: two sides with zipper and another mesh side.The mango, meanwhile, includes an adhesive closure that makes it more comfortable.

With respect to transport, the bag can be hung, but it also has a trolley function, with wheels.Product dimensions are 25 x 64 x 30 cm.(High x Width x depth)

Buy it here for 20.56 euros (18% discount).


Male satisfy

Men also have their own sex toy similar to female satisfying.This sex toy tries to offer an experience as similar as possible to oral sex.It has 70 vibration combinations, three heat levels (from 37 to 40º) and is water resistant.

In addition, the ultrasilence for what no one will find out that you use it and loaded by USB.

You can buy it here for 34.82 euros (42% discount).

Women's Bering Clock

This Women's Women of the Bering brand can be a perfect gift for Christmas.It is part of the Classic Watch collection, inspired by the Danish design and that stands out for its pure and avant -garde lines.It has three needles and the numbers of the hours have been replaced by small balls.Both the box and the belt are stainless medical grade steel.On the other hand, the sphere is shroid -resistant and scratch -resistant glass.

It is water resistant up to 3 atmospheres and 30 meters deep.

You can buy it here for 74.45 euros (37% discount).

Braun digital thermometer

Temperature is one of the things that today obsesses everyone, and not just climatic.Since the pandemic began, everyone wants to know if it has a fever or not, since it is one of the clearest symptoms among those caused by the virus.However, if we do not have a reliable thermometer, you may point out as someone with fever when, in reality, you don't have it.

With this ideal thermal device to take the temperature through the ear you will almost have the exact figure, and depending on the color that comes to press it, you will know if you have fever, if you are like a rose or we need cold cloths.

You can buy it here for 45.84 (27% discount).

Facial serum

This serum is almost 30.000 comments on Amazon with an average score of 4.3."Great.A week I started seeing small but notable results.The skin is soft, juicy (but not fat) and flexible, how it feels and sees much younger, "says one of them.

It is valid for all skin types and its formula contains hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E that reduce wrinkles and hydrate the skin.To enjoy all its properties, experts recommend using it after facial cleaning and before applying the moisturizer.

It is also unisex, vegan, does not contain parabens and has not been tested in animals.

You can buy it here for 12.99 euros (35% discount).

Crock Pot

The crock pot is the most famous slow cooking pot in the market.It is perfect for preparing recipes like polled pork, cheeks, meat broth and rice with milk, among many others.

It is very easy to use.You just have to put the ingredients, turn on the pot, select the cooking time and wait until eating time.It has a capacity of 4.7 liters (five rations), programmable digital timer up to 20 hours, two heat powers (high and low) and "keep hot) function.

In addition, it is suitable for oven and dishwasher.

You can buy it here for 59 euros (38% discount).


This popcorn will make your sofa, movie and blanket afternoons even better.Thanks to its 800 high -power watts, it allows you to prepare up to 24 rations of corn popcorn in just three minutes and just press a button.It has motorized agitation rod that distributes corn grains evenly on the heating plate and ensures a complete outbreak.In addition, in its horisling tray it is possible to add any flavor (salt, sugar, butter, curry...).

Buy it here for 48.99 euros (39% discount)

Beauty chest

This five beauty products chest includes a facial serum of hyaluronic acid, facial cream, aloe vera gel, argan oil and vitamin and C vitamin oil (30 ml each).All of them are vegan and are formulated with natural and unparalleled ingredients.All this makes it the best -selling of Amazon of its category.

You can buy it here for 44.99 euros (15% discount)

Apple Airpods

It is one of Apple's star products and they are undoubtedly the best valued wireless headphones on the market.Easy and intuitive, airpods are automatically activated and configured in any Apple device.Its load case has an autonomy of more than 24 hours and can reproduce content for five hours with a single load.

The cables are already some of the past and if you are looking for headphones that adapt to these times, the second generation airpods are the best benefits and sound quality currently offer.

Buy them here for 134.99 euros (25% discount).

50 mask pack for 13 euros

It never hurts to have a package of hygienic masks like these, although soles use the reusable.It has become an expense that we must do month by month, so these types of offers are very useful.These are three layers and you can use them a maximum time of 4 hours, since they later lose effectiveness.

Buy them here for 13.20 euros (13% discount).

Oral irrigator b

The mouth and teeth are very prone areas to the accumulation of germs and bacteria and any device that helps to keep them in good condition can be very useful to avoid major problems in the future.This oxyjet irrigator of the Oral B firm has purified cleaning microbujas and adjustable pressure levels with four different heads.A tongue cleaner and a toothbrush.It is portable, it is loaded through its USB port and very simple to use.

In addition to ensuring a direct application of a jet of water to our gums, tongue and teeth to remove the plate, it is possible to apply the oral colutory that we are using instead of water.So this device is ideal for people with gingivitis problems, with brackets, implants and/or with difficult access areas.It helps reduce gum bleeding and is more effective than dental thread.

Buy it here for 52.01 euros (48% discount).

Satisfy pro 2

Without any doubt, the model that triggered the fever for clitoris sucking between 2018 and 2019.The satisfying pro 2 devastated sales last Christmas and is on its way to doing so, and more if we consider that it currently has a discount of more than 40%.

Its operation is very simple: it emits expansive waves and pulsations that, without touching the clitoris, make more intensity orgasms very easily and in a very short time.In addition, it has a very silent engine and it is impermeable.

Buy it here for 27.99 euros (44% discount).

Slime kit

Christmas arrives and, if you have children at home, few things will make them more illusion and keep them more entertaining than fluffy slime kit.The game and fun are insured with this 12 -colored set Crystal Slime that includes 10 shiny boats, four fruit packages, three foam balls, five unicorn pieces and a bag of pearls.From the brand they say that it is made of environmental and non -toxic materials, which fully meet the security requirements of the European Union toys.Take advantage of this offer and get this game almost half of its real price.

Buy it here 19.99 euros (33% discount).

Smart bulbs

Montal the home automation house even in lighting.Gosund's intelligent led bulbs allow you to regulate and control the light from the mobile or by voice.8W 800LM, are equivalent to 75 w in lighting but with 80% energy savings.

In a two bulb pack, they have eight lighting modes, depending on whether you need to regulate, the dream, a meeting...and your ignition and off schedule can be scheduled.And one more detail: they also change their intensity to the rhythm of music.

You can buy them here for 20.99 euros (16% discount)

Huawei Band 4 activity bracelet

0.96 "color touch screen; built -in USB plug; water and sweat resistance; autonomy of up to six days; calls and messages...Huawei Band 4 meets the necessary functionality and design requirements required to any activity bracelet.

Offers nine sport modes (running outdoors or interior; walking outdoors or interior; elliptical; rowing; training...) and measures oxygen saturation in the blood.

You can buy it here for 24 euros (38% discount)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s

If there is a technological brand that has gained whole months in recent months it has been Xiaomi.So much so that it has gone from being an almost unknown firm for the general public to a manufacturer whose value for money exceeds the conventional and rivals the main audiovisual devices.

This Redmi Note 9S mobile terminal model is an example, already with everything a common user may need for their day to day, or even a little more.It has a 6.67 -inch screen, 6GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of internal storage, among many other features.

You can buy it here for 192.80 euros (26% discount).


We all know that in the Christmas season one of the star gifts are perfumes.If you want to advance any of your Christmas gifts do not miss the opportunity to take a look at this Premium Beauty article.This floral and sweet fragrance is ideal if you want to achieve a romantic and female essence.Its olfactory notes of wild strawberries and tangerine contribute a freshness that makes it irresistible.The perfect mixture between fruity tones and a floral point.Ideal for any gift.

Buy it here for 59.99 euros (5% discount).

Gaming mouse with 45% discount

Give a professional touch to your room Gamer.With this optical sensor mouse there will be no game that resists you, thanks to its high level of precision.Its 11 programmable buttons and the wheel button with two modes allow you to customize your configuration to fully control any game.Compatible with Windows 7 or later, Macos 10.11 or later.Live the experience of your favorite video games as a professional.

Buy it here for 49 euros (45% discount).

Wonder Woman Funko Figure

Wonder Woman or Wonder Woman is one of the most popular girls in the DC universe is.A warrior princess of the Amazon who has superhuman powers and great combat skills.For those heroin enthusiasts, they can enjoy this miniature of the famous Funkos collection."It has a pin up air that falls in love," says Marina G, a verified buyer.The figure has measures of 7.62cm x 7.62cm x 12.7cm and is packed in a box with illustrated windows.

Buy it here for 10.83 euros (40% discount).

Minecraft lego

This Minecraft layman will surely be a success in sales since it joins two major passions of the little ones (and not so small): the construction games and video games.

Includes multitude of construction pieces that will allow you to recreate the Creeper mine.And, in addition, it includes several minifigures: Steve, a minecraft blacksmith, a cow, a bat and a creress.This will allow you to have fun and play to recreate scenes and struggles once the mine is built.

Buy it here for 85.75 euros (at 5% discount).


Gifts and toys arrive.There is little for Christmas or even some birthday.This white Kidkraft kitchenet with gold appliques has everything.In total, 27 utensils, between plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, a pot and a pan.It is very easy to clean because it is designed and manufactured with children in mind.It incorporates a removable sink that can be easily washed to keep the kitchen clean;The details in gold and the "quartz" countertops are also cleaned with a rag to make it impeccable.Your children will love it.

You can buy it here for 132 euros at 31% discount

Braun Silk-Ipil 9 Skinspa at 50% discount

Braun Silk-Epil 9 Skinspa is a four-fourth shaft in one since, in addition to tear the root hair, the skin and exfolia massage.In fact, it includes, in addition to the hair removal, a deep massage brush to improve skin tone and two body exfoliation brushes that help reduce the embedded hair.

Entre sus ventajas destaca que podrás utilizarla tanto en seco como en mojado gracias a su tecnología Wet & Dry y que dispone de un cabezal pivotante que se adapta suavemente a los contornos de todo el cuerpo.

In addition to all this it includes more than ten accessories, among others one shave and a hair cutter for the most sensitive areas.

Buy it here for 109 euros (at 45% discount).

The Moulinex Quickchef hand blender

With the moulinex quickchef hand blender, which has a power of 1.000 W, you can quickly beat all kinds of food.Its use is very intuitive and, unlike other models that only have one mode of use and two blades, this includes ten different speeds, a turbo modality and four steel blades.This will allow you to achieve a faster crushing and adapt the intensity of the machine according to the needs of each preparation.

In addition to the blender (made of stainless steel), the pack includes a chopper with capacity for 0.5 liters, a rod and a transparent glass with meter panel.

Buy it here for 50.95 euros (at 15% discount).


AMZCHEF blender

This amzchef brand blender, which has very good assessments on Amazon, goes from costing 348 euros to only 99.99.Among its advantages, it emphasizes that it is able to press all kinds of food to prepare your favorite juices: from apples, carrots, oranges to green leaves or ginger.Everything you wish.

All parts are made of antioxidant materials, it has a safety closure to avoid accidents and its engine is very silent, so you will not have to endure annoying noise while preparing your juices and preferred beaters.

Buy it here for 99.99 euros (at 71% discount).

Xiaomi Mi 10 lite

Compatible with the 5G network, thanks to its Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, this model has been proclaimed one of the mid -range kings for 2020.Noteable for its great autonomy, its powerful processor, it has a 48MP quadruple chamber with 48MP quadruple camera, which can also record 4K videos at 30 fps.

Its 4160MAH battery supports fast charging of 20 w and its screen is Amoled 6.57 "With Truecolor technology and low blue light certification.

You can buy it here for 299 euros (14% discount)


The stoves have become in recent times one of the most used spaces of a house.Whether to be regular every week to the popular Master Chef program or because during confinement you became a Michelin star kitchens, you increasingly need better tools to make tasty stews and dishes.

With this patch game you will have no problem to face any recipe.They are 6 mm thick (18-22-26 cm) with ergonomic mango eficient orange;Antiating and resistant molten aluminum

You can buy them here for 59.99 euros (47% discount).

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