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García Márquez clothing and objects are sold in Mexico to finance a cultural center

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On October 20, in Mexico, the country where he lived in the last years of his life, will begin the sale of four hundred clothing and accessories that belonged to Gabriel García Márquez, as a first act of a series of events that will surround thestart -up of a cultural center dedicated to the Nobel Prize for Literature 1982, author of novels as emblematic as "One Hundred Years of Solitude", "The Autumn of the Patriarch" or "Chronicle of an announced death".

Promoted as "the García Márquez cabinet", the family thus announces the inauguration of "The House of Literature García Márquez", installed in the residence of Gabo in southern Mexico, where he wrote his last works.The selection of objects that are put on sale is made by Emilia García Elizondo, granddaughter of the writer and director of the future cultural center.

"Gabo" had suits from his preferred fashion creators- he is written in the statement that announces the sale- we also offer clothes and other things related to his writer's life, such as a jacket that has an ink stain and in his pocket guardthe marker with which he wrote the dedications of his books ».

Ropa y objetos de García Márquez se venden en México para financiar un centro cultural

They are also part of the collection some Tweed coats that formed a "gabo style" while living, as well as some objects that belonged to his wife, Mercedes Barcha-fallen in August 2020-among them the clothes he wore to accompany GarciaMárquez on December 10, 1982, the day he collected the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The sale will begin on October 20, with an act that will attend a small group of guests close to the family, according to the Mexican newspaper El Milenio.The amount achieved will be delivered to a foundation that deals with the children of the indigenous communities of southern Mexico.

Gabriel «Gabo» García Márquez, one of the great representatives of Magic Realism in Literature was born in 1927 in the Colombian town of Aracataca and died with 87 years on April 17, 2014 in Mexico, where he lived an important part of his life.

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