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The five best fashion applications to buy and sell second -hand clothes

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Estamos acostumbrados al fast fashion en la moda, que nos despierta la necesidad de comprar más y más ropa haciendo explotar nuestros armarios. Para seguir esa dinámica es imprescindible hacer hueco a nuevas prendas y tendencias que van cambiando cada temporada. Ahora, además de la basura o la donación, ha surgido una nueva vía que también se puede convertir en un buen negocio: la venta online de ropa usada.The five best applications de moda para comprar y vender ropa de segunda mano The five best applications de moda para comprar y vender ropa de segunda mano

The time to buy fashion is over to release, the last thing is to buy to re-establish, giving a second life to garments and accessories that someone has decided not to use again.The fever for sustainability and care of the planet has also reached fashion giving life to a parallel market of used garments.If until now it was only possible to contribute to circular fashion through vintage stores, digital applications have emerged in recent years that allow you.

Although it is a product market that someone has discarded, do not think that these are little quality pieces, it is possible to find authentic chollos.There are people who simply decide to sell those garments that bought compulsively without being fully convinced or who get tired of their purchases, putting almost new products for sale at very lowered prices.And this wave has even reached the luxury firms industry!

The five best applications

If you are thinking of joining this fashion community, whether selling or buying second -hand garments, from Vozpopuli we have chosen the five main apps in which it will be very easy for you to undo the things you no longer use or find designs that are notThey find in stores...At least at those prices.

1) Wallapop

Wallapop is the leading market application and offers all kinds of products, clothing and accessories included.This is its main advantage, having more than 15 million active users is the largest showcase that you can have when selling your products and where more offer you can find when you go shopping online.

It is a virtual market where the good condition of the products is guaranteed since the seller must specify the use it has given to the garment that is selling.Finding the garment you are looking for is very simple since they are classified by categories and filters that allow you to limit the results.In addition, another of its advantages is that the search engine orders the garments by distance, so those that are closest to you will appear first.If you still have something out of your city, there is no problem because you are made remotely in a super simple way.

Wallapop also allows you.


The five best applications de moda para comprar y vender ropa de segunda mano

It is the excellence app of the sector since in this case it is specialized in fashion.However, not only allows you to buy and sell, since you can also make exchanges.His enormous fame is due to his advertising campaigns on television and social networks and that it is very easy to use.Once you test, repeat, just take a photo, write a description, put a price and the finished process will be.

Vinned also has a chat so that buyers can ask any question about the garment and their payment methods are very safe since they can be carried out by bank transfer or through other systems such as PayPal or through the portal itself.

This application allows you to create a profile in which you will indicate your size and the brands that you like the most to achieve more personalized results, but you will also have access to the complete catalog to be able to buy any garment from any seller.

Currently, Vinned is the most used and known application specialized in fashion.It has a community formed by thousands of users and is also very active with forums and advice on trends and fashion.Chicfy has recently acquired, consolidating this dominant position by getting another of the most popular fashion platforms.

3) dressing collective

It is undoubtedly the best option if you are looking for are luxury signatures and accessories.Within its catalog you can find designs from all seasons of large brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermés or Cartier, which will allow you to show off haute couture pieces without having to invest a fortune in them.

His followers already exceed six million and one of their main advantages is the security that you are buying authentic products.The fight against falsifications is one of the pillars of dressing collective and before each purchase the items are examined by the application team of application to verify their authenticity.

To find what you are looking for, just do a simple search filtering by brand, category and price.In addition, the app guarantees the good condition of each of its products so you can be sure that when you receive the purchase you do not find unpleasant surprises.

4) Vibbo

The Vibbo platform is another alternative to buy or sell anything already released since not only does the fashion sector work.Maybe your name does not sound you, but if I tell you that it is the mobile application of the mythical and historical second, surely you increase your trust in this tool.

Ads publications are very simple and is also a completely free app.Here you can find garments and accessory of all kinds and, in the case of becoming a seller, one of its main advantages is that by not being pigeoned in fashion you can put on sale any product that you find at home centralizing your entire market in a single app.

5) Pinkiz

Pinkiz is an application that still does not enjoy great popularity but is called to be the natural heiress of the old Chicfy.This app is specialized in the purchase and sale of female fashion items and has advantages that we have already seen in its competition such as simplicity, chats to be able to talk with sellers and the absence of commissions, so you receive 100% of theProduct price.

When you upload each piece you must fill in a questionnaire that makes each garment very well described and classified in different categories.It is a perfect way to eliminate doubts and that the purchase is even safer.

The best time to buy and sell fashion

We are immersed in the real change of station, at that time when the cold and rainy days are left behind and we can officially welcome spring.This change is not only visible in the thermometer, but also in your closet.The Wallapop platform has recently made public a study that analyzes the trends that the Spaniards follow when facing the dreaded closet change and we anticipate that sustainability and circular economy are increasingly present when facing this task.

When the end of summer comes we are very lazy to clean so that we keep all the garments in boxes or less accessible places than usual until the arrival of good weather.This entails that these days, when they recover, we will find true surprises when discovering garments that are fashionable, that we have great or small or, simply, they have stopped like.

What destiny awaits these garments that no longer have room in our closet?According to Wallapop's study, 93% of Spaniards will give them a second life, whether selling them on second -hand platforms, giving them or donating them.Of course, the hole will not be free for a long time since it will immediately be occupied by a new garment.69% say that they take advantage of the arrival of a new station to renew their closet and, from these purchases, 45% of respondents claim to have come to the second -hand market.

It is already a reality that consumers are incorporating more sustainable consumption options.According to the study, 30% of Spaniards already think of the second hand as a purchase option before acquiring something new.

This season change will be very different from the one that occurred last year in full home confinement for the pandemic.This favorable evolution increases optimism and 37% of respondents feel that this year, finally, you can take advantage and show off the clothes than during the summer of 2020.

What will be the star products of sales on this type of platforms?The blouses and tops will be the clear winners of this spring for 36% of the Spaniards surveyed.Second are the wide leg pants.In this case, the percentage of people who consider them a must of the season low to 33% but expire completely in their particular battle against the Pitillos.

Pitillo pants have been judged out of style for the Z generation on social networks, given the bewilderment of millennials, who have engaged in a series of viral videos for and against this iconic garment.Despite the Challenges, 18% of Spaniards say they will sell their most tight pants on second -hand platforms this season.This fashion has also reached Wallapop where the ads of "Pitillo Pants" have increased by 49% in April 2021 compared to that same period of another spring.

Beyond clothing, accessories will also have their prominence this season.According to platform data, watches have been the most wanted term within the fashion and accessories category, followed by shoes and bags.“Since the arrival of pandemia we have more clear than ever what styles and trends it makes us illusion to incorporate into our new normality.The Spaniards are increasingly present the second hand, either obtaining extra money by selling what they are no longer going to be put, or giving a new life to garments that love them, ”explains Olivia Calafat, Wallapopap.

Have you already fallen into the networks of second -hand fashion applications?Which of them is your favorite to buy or sell fashion?

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