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Challenges for friends: 80 fun challenges to do with friends.As insured laughs!

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If you are organizing a meeting with your friends and relatives and want to make that time something fun and pleasant, there is nothing better than opening a space to perform some challenges with friends.There are different types of simple and others with more degree of difficulty, but the truth is that doing this activity and playing with your classmates will make an entertaining and cheerful occasion that moment.You still don't know what to play or what challenge to do?Do not worry, this article will show you 80 challenges for friends, which will give you the opportunity to choose those you want to recreate to have a funny and unforgettable space for both you and your colleagues.

Extreme challenges: the 80 best crazy challenges to do with friends or strangers

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The best fun challenges for friends

We start this list with the funny challenges that can get your friends more out of laughter.Among the most prominent are:

1.Truth or Dare

One of the classic challenges with friends is to play "truth or challenge", which consists in asking a specific person something very personal, that person chooses whether to answer the questioning (however shameful or unexpected it may be) or make the challenge set.Among the questions of this distraction, some that make a few other conventional a few others that can doubt more than one before answering them.Of course, they must answer with all honesty and sincerity.

two.Draw ... with bandaged eyes!

Another challenges between friends that can have fun is to capture on paper a drawing of any theme chosen by the group of friends and, with bandados, try to make the figure.

3.Guess the movie or television series

Among the fun challenges for young people and adults is an ideal for cinephiles and TV fans.Divide into groups and following the choice of the other teams, make the scene of a movie or series so that the other companions of your clan can guess it.


Another of the easy and fun challenges to do with friends is that of imitation, so that the group deciphes what it is.People, animals, moments, among other issues, are some of the aspects that can develop in this dynamic.Eye, you should not emit any sound or pronounce word.

5.Unforeseen dance in a public place

Go somewhere with your friends and challenge someone to dance for a few minutes and record the choreography.You can see the reaction of other people before such an unexpected moment, maybe they join the makeshift dance.

6.Dress with opposite sex clothes

How fun can be to see a friend with opposite sex clothes?You can make parade on an impromptu catwalk.It can also serve between the truth or challenges.

7.Broma phone calls

Another classic among the challenges with friends is to make joke calls, and if you impede your voice or make yourself go through someone else, much better.In addition, it is another of the fun punishments for real games or challenge.

8.Start conversation with a stranger

Take a friend to start a talk with a stranger.You can choose the issue of "conversation", the more incoherent and unexpected, it will cause more laughter.

9.Sing ... with your mouth full!

Challenges the fortuitous singer to make the challenge for 30 seconds to see how it is.

10.Read my lips

That your group of friends guess what another means reading their lips is another easy and fun challenges.

Fun challenges for women

Do you have a girls night and want to liven up with a game or dynamic?Here are the most popular challenges for your friend or friends:

eleven.Make up without a mirror

As its name indicates, the challenge is to achieve the best face makeup without seeing the mirror."I am looking for challenges for my inexperienced friend in the area" insured laughs.


Another challenges to do with your friend or group of friends will fly the fashionist creativity of them.Choose the garment to be made using periodic paper and pins as raw material.

13.Yoga poses for friends

For friends who have nothing to do with exercises and stretching, because this can be one of their strong challenges.If they take pictures trying to take poses, it could be much more funny.

14.Karaoke in an unknown language

It can be one of the extreme challenges for women, and more if they do not know how to sing or have no idea of the song to sing.

fifteen.Cook an unknown saucer without recipe

A culinary challenge for women not very developed in the kitchen.

16.Answer a questionnaire

Find out about the most unexpected confidentialities of your friends through a short questionnaire.It could also serve within the challenges to play truth or challenge between women.

17.Love declaration

May your friends send the same text message or by WhatsApp to two0 men with a "declaration of love" can be the key to an arrow or for a funny moment.


What woman does not have or had a personal diary?It challenges your friends to read a chapter of said manuscript.It can be one of the good challenges for truth or challenge girl version.


You and your friends should imitate models of a catalog and make the same poses as them.Immortalize the moment with some photos.

two0.Hala or smell the hair of an unknown woman

However shameful, it challenges your friends to pull or smell the hair of an unknown woman to see her reaction.

The easy and simple challenges to play

These challenges for friends can be made by children, adolescents and adults equally, for being easy to do.

two1.Skip the rope

The one who manages to jump in a certain period of time, wins.


If you place at this time on Google "I am looking for challenges for my friend", you will surely find this classic game, ideal for children's parties or adult meetings.

two3.Keep the balance

It challenges your friends to maintain balance holding an object in the head to prevent it from falling.The one who achieves more time wins with the object or without falling into a race.

two4.Touch the bell of an unknown house

Another of the easy to do challenges and punishments is to play the bell of a strange house and run away.

two5.Make a cookie tower

The highest cookie tower that does not fall for some time, is the winner.

two6.Statue challenge

Another of the fun challenges with friends that consists of staying motionless for a certain amount of time.Wins the challenge without moving a finger.

two7.Memory game

Memorize for 10 seconds a certain amount and order of objects of a table, cover the objects and try to respond correctly what is seen.


Consume a cake, saucer or other food but without using their hands, which will be tied at all times.The one who manages to eat the greatest amount of food wins in that way.

two9.Tararae a song

He sings a song through Tareo so that your group of friends try to guess which one is about.

30.Guess what you eat

This is another challenges with friends to guess.It consists of selling the eyes of the participant, feeding a given food and deciphering what it is.

The best distance challenges

Technology has shown us that it is not necessary to be personally with friends to be able to make a challenge.Discover the most famous challenges for friends at a distance:

31.Send a message without using the thumbs

That your group of friends try to send a text or WhatsApp message without using their thumbs, but writing with the nose, tongue or elbow.

3two. Escribe una historia divertida de two80 caracteres en Twitter

Written a short and fun story on Twitter with only two80 characters.Win the story with more retweets.

33.Posta on Instagram a fun photo

Take a photo with a fun pose, publish it to Instagram and achieve a good number of "like" if you want to win this challenge.

3. 4.Publishes a shameful state of WhatsApp

Sharing with your friends an unexpected and meaningless WhatsApp state can be one of the extreme challenges by more fun chat.Wins the largest number of comments.

35.Place a photo of your childhood as your profile image on Facebook

Retos para amigos: 80 retos divertidos para hacer con amigos y amigas. ¡Risas aseguradas!

Another game, which could be for the list of challenges for truth or challenge by chat, is to place a photo of your childhood on your Facebook profile that, surely, can be something embarrassing.

36.Decodes a message with emojis

Send a WhatsApp message with only emojis so that your friends decipher what you try to say.

37.Send a heartbreak note

That you and your friends send to your WhatsApp contacts a voice note in which the regrets for a lost love tell.See the reactions of your friends.

38.Post a tiktok choreography

One of the most popular challenges with friends is to make a dance and publish it on the social network Tiktok.

39."I want ..."

Publish on Facebook "I want ..." and let the self -corrector of your mobile complete the phrase.

40.Challenge % Battery

Answer the questions depending on the percentage of battery you have:

90% or more: the name of the person you like;

80%- 89%: count a secret;

60% - 79%: Describe your current relationship through a song;

40% - 59%: Describe the person you like with a word;

two0% - 39%: anecdote with your friends;

10% - 19%: Send the last 3 photos of your gallery and

1% - 9%: counts a joke.

Games and spicy challenges

If what you are looking for are challenges for hot friends, the following games can help you a spicy experience:

41."I never ..."

Shift game for groups of 4 people or more.In their turn, each participant says an approach starting with "I never ...";Participants who have ever done what a friend said, a garment must be removed.

4two.Excite someone for a minute

Another of the hot challenges with friends is to try to excite, for a minute, someone of the opposite sex in the group.It is also one of the challenges of what probability there is to reach the goal raised.

43.Guess the color of someone's underwear

The group of friends must guess the color of intimate clothing that a particular person has, and it must show at the end the garment to reveal the color.

44.The dark room

Enter for 5 minutes in a dark room with the person you like.

Four. Five.Give kisses

The group chooses which person kissing and in which part of their body must be kissed.

46.Send a suggestive photo

Another Hot challenges is to send a suggestive photo to someone from WhatsApp.This challenge can be on the list of real challenges and punishments.

47.Sensual voice note

Send a voice note by WhatsApp saying something insinuating or simulating an orgasm.

48.Ice Cube

Another challenges with friends to play in groups.You must spend an ice cube with the person to your right for a minute.

49.The bottle

Popular among the challenges for hot friends.It consists of gathering in a circle and turning a bottle in the middle of the group, you must kiss who points the bottle.

fifty.Erotic dream

You must tell your group of friends some erotic dream that you had.

The best known difficult challenges

Many of the challenges for friends can be difficult, either because of the arduous task or for being unpleasant for some.To know more, read the following:

51.Suck a lemon

That each member of the group of friends sucks a lemon without making any grimace of dislike.

5two.Eat spicy

The same objective of the previous challenge but ingesting an chili or spicy sauce.


Making use of Chinese chopsticks, try to take some beans smeared with butter or other fatty matter for a minute.The one who manages to drink more beans wins.

54.Hula Poop on the heights

Another challenges for friends that can be difficult is to try to dance with a Hula Poop ring in a high place.

55.Feet to the ice

It challenges your friends to immerse their feet in a tub with ice water.Win to hold for longer.

56.Do not laugh with tickles

Just as you read it: Tick your friends, the challenge is that they hold and do not laugh at the time of receiving the tickles.

57.Lick a friend's feet

This can be one of those unpleasant strong challenges for more than one.The challenge must lick one of his friends, no matter his smell.

58.Human pyramid

Try to make a human pyramid with your friends.In childhood it was easy but will the same happen with a group of adults?Accept the challenge and try it.

59.Tornado challenge

It challenges your friends to answer questions while going around like a tornado.Most likely, the extremely dizzy and confused challenge ends.

60.Coco's challenge

In pairs, try to make a race having a coconut between their bellies and holding it without using the hands.Of course, the victors will be those who reach the goal with the coconut safe.

The extreme fashion challenges

Many challenges with friends can become intense.Everything is to have fun.Next, some challenges for extreme friends:


Imitating a baby during a whole day is one of the extreme challenges for more recognized young people.Dress, eat, walk and babble like a newborn is the challenge.

6two.Disguise and go out

Another of the extreme challenges for friends is to disguise a specific character and go out without any concern.To give a more extreme touch to the challenge, the disguised must approach strangers that he finds in his path and talk with them.

63.Shout for the balcony

One of the extreme challenges to do at home with your friends is to shout something shameful for the balcony or window of the house where they are.While the phrase is more embarrassing and rise in tone, more laughs will cause friends.


Another of the extreme challenges at home is to look out the window and sing to the first person you see in the street, whether unknown or not.

65.Striptease on the street

Can there be something more extreme than making a daring dance in the middle of the street?If you want to have fun, challenge your friends to this challenge to know who is so daring to do it.

66.Compromising calls to parents

If something is true, it is that most people do not tell certain things to their parents.This challenge is to make a call to dad or mom and reveal an embarrassing secret and suddenly hang.


That your men men look with colorful dresses, heat heels, place wigs and makeup and go out without shame is another extreme challenges for friends that you should do.


May it be summer and your friends get totally warm from head to toe or that, on the contrary, they travel the streets in the underwear in the middle of winter is another challenges for extreme friends that should not pass.

69.Walk with back

What if one of your friends walks a long distance, on his back and greeting everyone as if nothing happened?

70.Ask for delivery to an unknown number

Call any telephone number and ask for a pizza or other food at home, you must insist on this challenge.

Some heavy challenges

To close this list, we present some of the challenges with friends that have become viral both on social networks and in the general public.Many consider them fun, but the truth is that some can be dangerous due to the difficulty of the challenges raised.To know them, read below:

71.The breakbocas

Challenge that began in Latin America and that went viral in other places.In the challenge, one person approaches another from behind, wrapping him by the ankles to make it fall in front.The scene is recorded by another person to reach social networks.This popular challenge in adolescents can be dangerous due to the wounds that may cause.

7two.Benadryl challenge

Another of the heavy challenges arising in Tiktok is that a person must consume the antihistamine medication and wait for its hallucinogen effect, all this must prove it to the chamber.Others say the danger that means consuming medications without medical prescription.

73.Consume stinky fish

The person must ingest a Swedish fish called Oskars Surstromming, which goes through a fermentation process that infers a repulsive stench and flavor.This challenge has caused nausea and vomiting to some who have dared to do so.

74.Vodka in the eye

The objective of the challenge is to pour the alcoholic beverage into an eye, to check if, through the eyeball, alcohol comes to the bloodstream before taking it conventionally.This challenge has caused inflammation and irritation in the eyes.

75.Tide challenge

Detergent capsules should be ingested as if they were sweet.For obvious reasons, this brings harmful effects on health.

76.Kylie lips

Wanting to imitate the renowned influencer Kylie Jenner, this challenge is to place a small glass in the mouth and aspire to cause the swelling of the lips.This challenge can cause certain damage related to circulation, in addition to demonstrating insecurity in the body of the person who performs it.

77.Cinnamon challenge

The challenge is based on consuming a tablespoon of cinnamon and drowning on purpose with it, a procedure that is shared in social networks.Of course, doing this challenge can generate some temporary discomfort.

78.Asphyxiation challenge

It is one of the heavy challenges that has even been fatal.In order to achieve a strong and/or psychedelic state of emotion, participants hyperventilate or suffocate each other, a situation that has caused fainting, loss of knowledge and in some cases, death.

79.Backpack challenge

The person who makes the challenge must run through a given section, while supporting all kinds of blows and aggressions caused by heavy backpacks.This challenge has caused serious injuries, especially in young children.

80.Put your hand in a toilet

You can see and be disgusting and unpleasant, but there are people who assume the challenge of introducing their hands into a toilet.If you are going to make this challenge, please, at the end, wash your hands well.

As you could see, there are numerous challenges for friends that aim to entertain at certain times and depending on the degree of difficulty and aspects.From easy and fun challenges to extreme challenges games, these hobbies guarantee and ensure a moment enlivened with laughter and experiences that many will remember for a long time.Even, you don't need to have your friends with you, since they can also perform distance challenges so as not to miss the opportunity to have fun together.So neglect, choose the challenges with friends that you like and be sure that you will start laughing your relatives.

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