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Dragons' guest makes history after an emotional request to investors

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A mother caused a stir at Dragon’s Den of the BBC after asking something that Dragon had never seen before.

Charlotte came to The Den with the idea of The Little Loop, a clothing exchange service that aims to reduce the waste of children's clothing.

She launched the subscription -based service to dragons, asking for £ 70,000 for a 7.5% shareholding in the shared wardrobe.

He started explaining the business: “I realized that there was a big problem with children's clothes.Every time they grow, the stations change, you have to replace them all.It costs a fortune and you stay with lots of barely used clothes that you must discard.

Stephen agreed to invest in The Little Loop (Image: BBC) Read more related articles Read more related articles

"Parents can choose from the best ethical and sustainable brands, keep clothes all the time they need it and change it at any time".

El invitado de Dragons’ Den hace historia después de una emotiva solicitud a los inversores

"It will save about two thirds of the purchase of new clothes on average and will not have the trouble to classify, store and sell clothes when it is over".

The subscription costs £ 18 in exchange for £ 165 in clothing.He explained that the brands will take 44% of the income and the company around 56%.

Charlotte couldn't believe his luck (Image: BBC)

Dragon Sara Davies was delighted with the idea and said: "If this had existed when I had my children, I would have been there".

Charlotte was delighted with her kind words and said that even if she did not get an investment, listening to those words would be a sufficient reward.

Peter Jones decided not to offer an investment because she did not believe she was able to end the lucrative fast fashion business, but Stephen Bartlett came out in her defense and compared The Little Loop with the success of the revolutionary Spotify application.

The dragons cried after the launch of Charlotte (Image: BBC)

Deborah and Sara offered all the money for 12.5 %, while Stephen and Tuka wanted 15 %.

Then went on to ask the most important question: “I'm going to ask for something that I had never heard of in the den.Would both be willing to invest all money, 70.000 pounds sterling each, taking the total to 140.000 pounds sterling for 12.5 % each?

Deborah and Stephen accepted their unusual offer and Charlotte began to cry saying that he would be "delighted to accept".

The couple had agreed that it was not something they had seen before in the program and accepted the offer, making history in the favorite BBC program.

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