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Cristiano Ronaldo's high flight business

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An important part of wealth has to do with ostentation.Cristiano Ronaldo knows.Its 390 million followers on Instagram also.The footballer projects his image of success and luxury life through his favorite social network.There, one of his favorite scenarios, almost like a second house, is his private plane, where Portuguese crack poses with his wife Georgina and his children and does not miss the opportunity to teach whenever he can.The Portuguese striker was one of the first players to make the owner of a private plane for his private displacements (Messi or Sergio Ramos followed later).To do this, use the exclusive and luxurious Jet Gulfstream G200, which the athlete bought in 2015, when he still militated in the ranks of Real Madrid and for which Ronaldo disbursed 22 million euros of.

The model, originally known as Astra Galaxy, is the G200, an exclusive ideal plane to move in fast flights and capacity for ten passengers.It is a jet that only 250 units were manufactured, demonstrating the exclusivity of the same.When it is in its optimal configuration, the Gulfstream G200 can navigate without scales up to 6.286 kilómetros, gracias a la propulsión de los dos motores Pratt & Whitney Canada, que monta de fábrica.In the air you can navigate up to 45.000 feet with an average consumption of 87 liters of fuel per hour of flight.This aeronautical prodigious has all the technology within reach in this type of devices: wifi, telephone, fax, oven, microwave, fridge, entertainment system, closet for clothing and a large bed, designed to sleep in the long displacements.Cristiano and Georgina use the aircraft to move between countries when they travel from Manchester, where they currently reside, to Madeira, where they pass their vacations, or even Madrid, a country they visit regularly, since they retain their residence on the farm, in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.

A way to reduce part of the operating cost that generates to owe this type of "stops" aircraft is to rent them, something that each and every one of the plane possessors do: from Florentino Pérez to Ana Patricia Botín passing through Martín Varsasky, whoseplane has tried several times Pedro Sánchez when the so -called Falcon crisis arose.Prices range from 2.000 euros at 8.000 euros per hour.A business that the Portuguese star manages through Dutton Invest, the company that for this purpose created, in September 2015, when he bought the plane.Dedicated to the "rental of air transport media" in the legal form of the solendal limited society and fiscally based at its home in the farm, the company appears in the name of its inseparable friend Ricardo Castanho Regufe, right hand of the athlete, with Christian as a Christian ascontrolling shareholder.Ricardo has been working as Sports Marketing Manager for the Nike Soccer Division in Portugal.

El negocio de altos vuelos de Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's aeronautical company despite what he might think about its numbers, it is a round business.Although these types of companies have losses, it is a profitable investment that has fired its business volume, especially in the last year and a half."Pandemia has made what was previously seen as a whim of rich to travel now is contemplated as a way to save time and money in many cases," confirms a source within the sector.«Entrepreneurs hire private jets to close businesses in a few hours that would otherwise cost them a regular flight trip and road displacements of another 200 kilometers.In this way they close a business that would otherwise be four days of work in another way.In addition, if we talk about COVID, they do it in a safer way than would travel in a regular line sharing a cabin with 300 passengers, ”says the same source.The truth is that the pandemic has caused the "boom" of the private jet business.The last year and a half the business has shot up to figures never seen before.The nearly 8.000 euros per hour de vuelo, que cuesta alquilar el avión de Cristiano Ronaldo, lejos de ser un obstáculo, parecen ser un aliciente.«There are people who give away a family trip to Rome for their birthday (20.000 euros), and the fact of traveling on Cristiano's plane is already part of the gift, ”they emphasize, affecting the advantages of Covid time to have a private plane."Here health and business binds," they affect.The truth is that possessing a crew of ex -military makes it one of the favorite planes, both of great fortunes, entrepreneurs or, simply, who wishes to give this type of whims.

Una empresa rentable

Dutton Invest s.L.declared losses in 2020 worth 995.590.52 euros.It is simply an accounting circumstance.Cristiano Ronaldo has changed the operator through which he rents the aircraft, of the Spanish Gestair, a company in which multiple homeland firms confirm management and maintenance, A Globally Jet, an Austrian firm with matrix in Luxembourg.The change has not been trivial.The company has considerably reduced the costs of the CR7 aircraft and has increased the leasers portfolio.A round maneuver that has made the company much more profitable if possible.

Apart from the business that the rent is, having a plane is for Cristian.And it is despite the high starting costs, such as personnel (640.000 euros) or other derivatives such as Hangar, Insurance or Maintenance of the aircraft, which suppose around 250.000 euros a year.The assets of the company, which accumulates assets worth 5.3 million euros, dissipates any doubt about the solvency of this company, the only one that the football star still maintains in Spain.

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