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The most favoring (and elegant) blouses for short

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Luego de ya ser una experta en el tipo de calzado y pantalones que le favorecen a las chicas petite, el siguiente punto a dominar será el de las blusas que te ayudarán a no verte ni un centímetro más pequeña de lo que eres, así como también a lucir muy elegante. Útil, ¿no? Siempre útil. Las blusas MÁS favorecedores (y elegantes) para bajitas Las blusas MÁS favorecedores (y elegantes) para bajitas

As with other garments, there are certain rules that will be of great help, in addition to the tricks of the best dressed to carry blouses correctly, to wear all kinds of tops, shirts and blouses in your day to day without making any mistake, orthat seems that the clothes you wear is not yours.

Follow the following tips not to fail in your upcoming looks and, if you need it, update your closet with the blouses that favor you, without harming your height -ni the style- in the process:


Las blusas MÁS favorecedores (y elegantes) para bajitas

For low stature girls, the best type of neckline in their blouses or shirts will always be the one that shapes V.Its power is automatic to show your torso more elongated, infinite and stylized.And its reason is very simple, every time you show some skin, you create space and that has an effect that elongates you.Since most small women tend to have a shorter neck, it is important to extend it with these little but infallible tricks.If you use loop blouses, the most elegant there are, just remember to leave at least one of the loose strips to create a straight line that helps you in that effect of lengthening your silhouette.You can even create this V sensation of V with a long necklace, very in a trend for spring, and thus achieve your mission.

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