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Mother accused of killing her baby "exploded" by migratory process stress Register for Free to Continue Reading

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A 38 -year -old woman who is being judged by the murder of her newborn baby supposedly "exploded" by the stress of requesting staying in the United Kingdom while also trying to keep her family, including her husband, who served for the British Navy.

Silip Keresi, originally from Fiji, is accused of wrapping his son Maliki in a towel and throwing him into a forest near his house in Hythe, New Forest, Hampshire, on March 5 of last year.

Four's mother had requested an interruption at the beginning of pregnancy, but, with 26 weeks and five days, they told him that he exceeded the legal limit of 24 weeks, he heard the Winchester Crown court.

Kerry Maylin, the accuser, said that when Keresi discovered that she was not eligible for the procedure, she left the "visibly uncomfortable" and "annoying" specialized clinic.

The court heard how, in the following months, Keresi refused to collaborate with medical services and did not attend several appointments of obstetrics and prenatal care.


Madre acusada de asesinar a su bebé “explotó” por estrés de proceso migratorio Register for free to continue reading

His work colleagues, a new forest laundry.

A person said he had seen a "baby bulk" under Kereresi's clothes, who no longer appeared after March 5.

Maylin told the court that shortly after Maliki's body was found and the police launched a call to find the mother, a local midwife directed the officers to Keresi, whose husband, Dharma Keresi, served as a soldier of the CommonwealthIn the British Army.

He said that after Siliphusband left the army ".

"There was also an uncertain immigration status and [Mrs. Keresi] did not know what to do," said Maylin, "and to obtain permission status to stay, I would have to pay a rate that could not cover".

The prosecutor continued to say that Silipa had gone to the Council in search of help "but they would not help her without her immigration documents" and that she "had tried to be a good mother for years, but exploded".

When he was initially asked to explain the murder of his son, Silipa supposedly replied: "God understands".

The evidence showed that Maliki breathed and excreted after his birth, heard the court, and that he had suffered severe hypothermia before he died within his first 24 hours, which coincides with the abandonment he suffered.A postmortem exam identified the cause of death as "omission of attention".

Maylin said the defendant said she remembered having given birth, but could not remember where.After his arrest, the police examined the hotel room where he stayed at that time and found blood stained clothes.

Kereresi's husband did not know about pregnancy, the court heard.

She was "a mother who knew she was pregnant...And he decided not to get involved, ”Maylin told the jury.

Silipa Keresi denies the positions of murder and infanticide.The trial continues.

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