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The Calvary of Maradona's minor girlfriend: "It raped me while my mother cried behind the door"

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Mavys Álvarez was Diego Maradona's girlfriend in 2001.So, she was only 16 years old and went through a calvary present in her memory still two decades later.In fact, his recent statements have opened an investigation, urged by an Oenegé, by alleged trafficking of people involving the former soccer player.

Of his cruel story, perhaps this is the most heartbreaking part: "He raped me while my mother cried behind the door".It was one of many episodes of supposed ill -treatment and abuse in a story that starts in Cuba, a country of origin of the then adolescent.

The football star encapred with her, who could not reject her at the risk of retaliation by her government, in her own flesh or in that of her family, given the close relationship of the Argentine with the brothers Castro, Fidel and Raul.On the island I took what I wanted.

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From there, the alleged episodes of ill -treatment and the imposition of drinking and consuming cocaina next to him occurred.In an interview, he explains how on one occasion he dragged her down the stairs.«We were in a nightclub and, unintentionally, I hit the nose with our backs.Dancing I hit him without intention.And he became very violent.He took me pushing from the nightclub, rode me in the car, took me to the house, climbed the stairs to my hair ».

The violation

El calvario de la novia menor de edad de Maradona: «Me violó mientras mi madre lloraba detrás de la puerta»

The most dramatic episode occurred, however, in the house that the athlete occupied in the meadow, the clinic where he entered to recover from his addictions.The young woman's mother came to look for her.He hit the door of the room where they were both but the player did not open him.

«He covered my mouth so that I would not shout, so that he would say nothing and abused me.My mother came to see me that day to the house where we were in Havana and Diego did not want to open the door of the room.My mother touched and he didn't open.Violated me, ”he details.

«Diego never opened the door.He never opened it.My mother was playing, went down, returned, climbed and touched and cried behind the door because I knew we were there.He never opened him until he had to leave because he didn't open him, ”he continues his story.

Trafficking in people

Maradona insisted that the Cuban accompanied Argentina on one of her trips.Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, being a minor and without parental authorization, she was forced to undergo a chest increase.An Oenegé has claimed the beginning of the process for human trafficking against the environment of the media star that allowed all these.

The Cuban has traveled to Buenos Aires to appeal in the cause.«The chain of responsibilities starts from Cuba.We have a head of state who gives the loan of a 16 -year -old girl to someone who requests that she is Maradona, then we have Argentina's migration officers who in 2001 let a minor pass without the necessary documentation without the necessary documentation.And we also have a doctor who carries out a surgical operation without any check, ”says his lawyer.

During his stay in the country, they only allowed him."Clearly lend a possible trafficking scheme, reduction to the servitude and injuries that this doctor produced for carrying a surgical intervention without permission from the father," adds the lawyer.


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