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The paper scarf and other inventions that have made our lives easier

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A book collects up to 300 innovations that have ended up integrating into our lives


When we laugh.When we cry.When we are cold.We lengthen our hand and look for a paper handkerchief.We owe the idea to the paper company Kimberly-Clark, which developed them during World War I with the intention of making bandages.He was called Celucotton, which means cellulose cotton.

El pañuelo de papel y otros inventos que nos han hecho la vida más fácil

The nurses used it as hygienic wipes and how large stocks had, the company marketed a female compress that did not have much success and, then, the Kleenex, a word derived from the verb Clean.Now, it was a success that was used from getting off.

A book fruit of confinement

This can be read in invents.From L’ utensili by Pedra Fins to the Covid vaccine, the entertaining book that the graphic designer, illustrator and editor Romulo Brotons has just published with Albertí Editor.The author explains to Rac1 that this book was born during confinement, during the long isolation that converted the phone, computer media, radio and television into essential instruments to maintain contact with the outside.

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Aurora Segura Celma

Soon we will release the 2022 calendar and it would be good to thank those who invented it about 4.500 years: the inhabitants of Babylon.Romulo Brotons explains that they already divided the year in twelve months of thirty days each and collected the movements of the moon.

The button

It seems that it already existed in the bronze age but as an ornamental piece made of bone, horn or wood that decorated needles and belts.Explains the author of Invents.From L’ utensili by Pedra Fins to the Covid vaccine that is not until the thirteenth century, when the suits adjusted to the body were made fashionable, which we do not start to fasten the clothes with buttons.

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Dentists recommend washing their teeth three times a day and doing it for two minutes of quality.Although it may seem, we are not one of the first generations of humans that we have care of our oral health since the appearance of the toothbrush goes back a few centuries ago.He was invented by the Chinese and recorded an encyclopedia edited in 1498 that describes an instrument formed by a row of javeli hair of Siberia with a bone handle.

Frozen food

Very interesting to discover that beyond the invention of the electric fridge, research in the environment of food conservation increased thanks to the American biologist Clarence Birdseye from 1912.In the Labrador Canadian Peninsula, the Inuit conservation method was observed: cold, ice and wind froze the fish -finished fish.And without losing nutritional values.

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And that...?

The gunpowder was invented by the Chinese at the beginning of the ninth century.It was a combination of 75% saltpeter, 15% wood and 10% sulfur that when it became inflamed produced a strong deflagration and, curiously, used for religious practices.It was the Arabs who began to make military use from the thirteenth century.

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