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The trends that will sweep in 2022: of the 'catsuit' stamped on the sexiest miniskirt

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Welcome 2022! Against all odds, we have gradually managed to recover from the chaos brought about by the health situation and we are encouraged to dress up again in our best clothes even to go out and buy bread. The sequins returned and we discarded the tracksuit to resume our complicated romance with the miniskirt. With an optimistic eye on the next 12 months, we summarize the supertrends that we will wear until exhaustion, with the seal of approval of the experts who have already released them.

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An 'XXL' working look

As much as we've rediscovered 'mini' silhouettes and fitted dresses, some garments only expand with time. This is the case of classic shirts, jackets, jeans and tailored trousers, key elements of such a comfortable work look that we will not miss sportswear all year round.

The low rise is back (but this time you'll like it)

Perhaps the last time you thought of wearing low rise pants was at the beginning of this century because, since then, the waistline had only gone up and up…until now. Well, the Y2K aesthetic, based on the urban style of the 2000s, is sweeping among fashionable girls and the same luxury brands. In terms of tailoring, Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta or The Row affirm that although we will not witness the resurrection of the cigarette, we will surrender to the low-waisted baggy pants, typical of the old hip-hop stars.

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The 'second skin' jumpsuit

The trends that will sweep 2022: from Printed 'catsuit' to the sexiest miniskirt

After a year in which comfort has been renounced in favor of daring necklines and risky openings, it is clear that the comfortable all-terrain jumpsuit also had to undergo a transformation. Led by Richard Quinn, Balenciaga, Prada and Saint Laurent, celebrities such as Hailey Baldwin, Anya-Taylor Joy and Kim Kardashian have signed up in recent months for the new version of the one-piece: the daring catsuit o 'mono second skin', which clings to the figure as much as possible, leaving little to the imagination.

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Influencers have set out to wear the sexiest clothes with their latest party looks despite the freezing storm at the end of the year. Long-sleeved tops will be translucent, with lace details and openings, we will rescue the corset and our bras will be more and more special, as they are destined to see the light even if we wear jeans or even our formal office suit.

The (micro)miniskirt

In prosperous times, the length of our skirts is reduced as an expression of confidence and sensuality. At least that's what the so-called Hem Index says, an old expert guide that reaffirms that the festive and optimistic atmosphere of 2021 has led us to cut our skirts short to show off our long legs shamelessly. Chanel, Prada, The Attico, Louis Vuitton... endless is the list of brands that have jumped on the bandwagon of the sexiest garment that is back to stay.

We are talking about the extreme sole worn by the Spice Girls and their predecessors, the divas of the seventies. At least that's what Schiaparelli, Moschino, Versace and even Bershka and Zara predict with their own affordable clones of these 'XXL' platforms, which in a matter of days achieved the irrevocable adjective 'viral'.

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We will continue to shine

In 2021, hugs, celebrations, color and excesses returned to our lives. Among our biggest vices currently are sequins and feathers, two details not suitable for shy women that will bathe our street looks in the coming months. If you are still not convinced, get the idea right now, because the shine will invade our dresses, tops and pants regardless of the occasion.

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