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Basic millennial dictionary with 30 expressions not to get lost talking to young people at Christmas

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Whether your family is a quantity of peaceful and quiet yoga lovers, as if it is a battlefield where Pressing Catch are mixed with a fight between little men enchanted in a Japanese Parliament, this guide can come well forLocate a little and understand people who will surely talk less during dinner, but who could say very interesting things (and indecipherable too).

Builded by the legitimacy that polvorones inflation and anise index brings us, we launched ourselves to the task of translating expressions (many come from English, others not) from younger people (millennials, zennials ...) to facilitate their communicationWith somewhat older people.


It comes from English and the acronym means "Before Anyone Else" (before anyone else).It serves to designate someone who wants a lot and is very important.It is generally used to talk about romantic love, but other more fraternal loves also have a place in the use of this expression.


As we explain, "Boomer" refers to the generation of the "Baby Boomers" (born between 1946 and 1964) and the ironic response 'OK, Boomer' would be given between 20 and 40 years to people of that previous generation.The meme has been used, generically, by young people who get out of a condescending or paternalistic speech.


Normally this means ‘baby’, but it does not serve to refer to newcomers to the family.It is an expression that is usually used in written language to affectionately refer to people from our close environment.


It serves to explain that someone has lost influence by somewhat questionable acts.It can usually be used to refer to famous people who are involved in a scandal that affects their reputation.However, it can also be used as a joke to refer to other people or friends.For example, "this teacher has been canceled."Or 'I'm going to tell my mother that the spun egg has been canceled.'


A crush is a sudden crush or the platonic love of a lifetime.Sometimes Crush is not with people but with delicious cakes or songs.However, care, the crush can be equally fleeting as a good dessert because some young people have ‘open relationships’.Question without fear, it will be interesting to speak it at Christmas dinner.

Is good

It is not an expression of someone who has not learned to combine verbs.As at the time, 'wave ke ase', 'Besis', 'Hamor' or 'halluda' were an expression that normally means what its most similar version would mean ('it is fine') only that it takes us from thehand to a world where if you play with language they will not hit your head with a Larousse dictionary.And that is usually generational.


Diccionario básico millennial con 30 expresiones para no perderse hablando con jóvenes en Navidad

If you remember the expression "the shit, Burt Lancaster" probably need explanation about it.It literally means "failure."And although 'Fail' can serve to define a simple and everyday error (you can search for videos on YouTube and you will see as “first videos” stayed in diapers), the truth is that its impact extends sometimes to define something that is calamitousAnd unfortunate: it can be the last album of your soul group or the last chapter of that series that excited anyone.


It is used to explain when someone makes you empty.The phone does not take you, it leaves you in WhatsApp, it does not answer you on Facebook.It is a passive-agreesive attitude that does not cool anything, is considered toxic and normally typical of people unable to address a conflict adult.


It literally means ‘hate’.It is used a lot to refer to a certain destructive attitude that has been installed on social networks that consists in criticizing without filters and without mercy or someone.Sometimes it can be used in friendly contexts to ask someone not to get into another person by saying: "Don't be a haater."


A hype is something that is breaking it.Internet sometimes works like tides: it is a gigantic living body where in certain places there are sometimes calm and tranquility and in other waves and swells.The people who inhabit social networks and the Internet (which are the same with which you are going to dinner, that is the greatness) usually participate in the hype, either to join them or to deny it.Hypes are usually commented by what ends up becoming a topic of conversation that helps us understand who we are and what place we occupy in the galaxy.

Living room

When something gives you life (it excites you to make sense of your life) ‘We are living’ with something.I'm living with this sweater, I'm living with this song, I'm living with Baby Yoda.If you do not want to remain of total boomer, try not to question what causes them to "be living": surely for you it is insignificant, for them it is to live intensely almost everything.


Hahahaha = lol.It is literally an acronym in English that means Laughing out loud.It means ‘leaving the box’, laughing out loud, somewhat hilarious (we know that the last time this word was used in a written press was in 1993; remember, the polvorones assist us).He has variants like "Lolazo" (dying of suffocation for laughter).


Social networks normally give us the possibility of "following" people or being followed.When someone is very often (they have many followers, many followers) have the ability to influence others.If you are also able to devote themselves professionally, make money with it and therefore mark a trend, then we are facing an influencer.It has existed a lifetime, yes.But normally famous people were because they were already part of the show: Internet has generated new forms of idolatry and there are common people who have jumped to fame precisely for what they do online.By the way, there are also influencers that do not exist.


If something is widespread, it is mainstream.Here we are faced with an ambivalent term: in most cases we can find its use to refer pejoratively to something that ‘is not special’ precisely because ‘everyone knows/USA/etc.’.However, when a minority practice and considered typical of an Internet subculture manages to extend and transcend said community to insert itself into the popular imaginary, there are those who do not live such transformation as a conflict but as an achievement, a conquest.The mainstream is therefore the object of criticism and constant desire among those who want to approach and get away from the hypes;)


PSSSS.Bah.When something does not arouse interest.Lack of enthusiasm.It wasn't expected.Indifference.Apathy.It will not go down in history.It can be used as an adjective.Something can be 'meh'.For example, "the album is fine but the concert is a bit Meh."Or also: "The project is cool but the web is a bit Meh."Or tell someone: "I love you" and answer "ok."That is very Meh.


It was the place of the Lord of the rings that supposes the end of Frodo's journey when he lies with the ring.Mordor was fabric from afar and that is why it is used to refer to places that are a bit inaccessible from the mobility point of view.The beyond.


It literally means ‘mood’.Many social networks have ended up imposing (remember that Twitter still asks before you start writing a tweet 'What is happening?' And Facebook today asks: 'What are you thinking?'Becoming a roller coaster of emotions in which the mood is changing. And if it changes, it must be notified. Fortunately there is much more sensitivity and knowledge about the management of our emotions and our mental health.


Maybe this is more mainstream?In any case it has nothing to do with ‘postural education’.It is an imposed attitude.This attitude can be the product that there are mobiles around (and you have to go well) or directly we are faced with a person who loves the theater of life.


Literally it means "random."But its use has been complex and sophisticated and we risk defining it as "something or someone who does not come to mind."


This is mainstream.But just in case: it refers to a self -portrait carried out with a mobile device.


Significa “cotilleo” y se refiere a una situación en la que “se está liando y tenemos que comentarlo”. Curiosamente, hay muchas palabras que son anglicismos importados o adaptados. ‘SALSEO’ es quizás una de esas palabras cuyo uso se ha extendido en un contexto hispanoparlante y no proviene del inglés y se le atribuye a los youtubers Rubius y Mangel Rogel el haberlo popularizado.


Shippear generally defines the emotional or intellectual involvement of the followers of a fiction work in a romance between two or more characters of this.Although technically the term is applicable to any implication of this type, it basically refers to several social dynamics of the Internet.For example, can you imagine a love relationship between Tintin and Captain Haddock?The fans do.That is a shippeo.


Do you remember the funny one shouted in the movie's tail before entering to see the sixth sense: "The boy and Bruce Willis are dead!"? "That is a spoiler.Build the surprise to someone in a movie or series.Obviously today it is practically impossible not to eat any spoiler: everything is commented on social networks and is done instantly.It is difficult to keep the secrets.


Formerly and when the first online spaces (forums, mail lists) appeared the figure of the Stalker was the one that defined a member of the community that was silent and mirror.Today, ‘Stalkear’ has resulted in a practice consisting of tracking content published by another person into a social network.This use can have a toxic drift, in which case we talk about a form of harassment;or you can have a loving drift, in which case we are facing a crush.The limits are not simple to delimit.


It is a ‘Instagram story’.They are videos with vertical format that last 15 seconds and that are used to narrate daily life.It is not ‘a single video’, but the key to understanding them is ‘the series’.As if our life were a series narrated in 15 second episodes.Something like that.


Videos recorded in the Tiktok application.They are similar to stories, but they have many more visual effects and there are many people (young and not so young) doing cool things, some even educational.


All and many other forms finished in ‘E’ usually refer to expressions that seek to overcome the ‘generic male’ and that try to encourage a certain inclusiveness in the use of language.Its use is increasingly widespread and advances on the way to a greater sensitivity of issues related to racial and gender diversity.


A trol can be a haater.But just as the haater can be anyone, the trol is usually a person whose identity is not known and therefore criticizes from anonymity.Trols identify with the most toxic culture on the Internet.While it is true that sometimes it can also be used in friendly contexts: being a troll or trolling a known person is not something toxic.It is part of the guasa culture.


'But what are you telling me? ’Could mean.It literally means "what the hell" and is used to express an astonishment to designate a totally unexpected situation: what is happening is very strong.They are usually accompanied by ‘fuck’.Or seriously?'


Expression of joy.It could be a ‘Yes!’ But it is not.It could be a ‘Yeah’ but it is not.If you are a fan of Lady Gaga and you imagine what she feels to see her ... then you know what she is.And if she does not ... she looks for your millennial (or zennial) closer, do not give her turra during Christmas dinner and listen more what you have to say (even if you don't understand anything!).Elles respond.

Merry Christmas and Mic Drop!

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