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The 'trendsetters' are not afraid of the androgynous trend

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Accented shoulders for a feeling of empowerment. Baggy silhouettes rejecting reification. Stable flats and shirts with rolled-up cuffs to suggest that yes, women can handle the codes once reserved for men not only in a fashion marked as androgynous, but also in politics, business, leadership, and often outdo them. in dexterity.

It is not the first time that women's fashion appropriates what is traditionally masculine. Since Coco Chanel reinvented the women's closet by making the clothes of her lovers in the 20s until today, the tailored suit, the shirts and other originally masculine pieces are part of the women's wardrobe, and the same has been done ever since. the masculine end with the occasional adoption of heels, glitter and makeup.

Trendsetters are not afraid of androgynous trend

But what today is a sign of the androgynous trend is not the usual confection of tight-fitting men's clothing to outline the woman's silhouette with delicate fabrics and suggestive cuts. No. It is about erasing the limits of any gender by using garments in their purest state, that are unisex and that is how celebs, influencers and even on the streets of the most fashion forward cities in the world have understood it.

Closet for two

The only problem that must develop in the closet of Alice Barbier and Jean Sebastien Roques is to decide which day it's their turn to wear a specific piece. And it is that the couple of fashion lovers captured during the Men's Fashion Week in Paris shows that the exchange of garments between men and women is not only feasible but also very chic.

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