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My registration account weaving clothes for vulnerable children and babies

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The solidarity proposal is driven by the group "Hugging hearts" in order to summon weavers or weavers to make a clothes for children living in the Wichi community and in jujeños peripheral neighborhoods that will visit the quarantine at the end of the quarantine.They can also collaborate with other types of donations.

In that sense, Mariana Romero, a reference of the institution mentioned, in dialogue with El Tribuno de Jujuy said that "I want to get to you at this precise moment, so that we can together, and at a distance, separate that clothes from your baby, child or childGirl, footwear, you don't use, at that time you are boring ".

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"If you know how to weave, we will prepare babies sets to take the community and the vulnerable people who need it most.If you can separate a non -perishable food or toy will also be welcome.After the quarantine passes, we can look for what you have joined, "he added.

He also argued that they summon the people who weave so they can make a clothes such as saquitos, hacks, masters, etc..

He also indicated that on his Facebook page "they will be uploading tutorials so that people who are in the house bored without knowing what to do join the group and can do this that is so beautiful and donate it".

"We want to take you to the Wichi community, when you finish the quarantine and be able to leave everything we are gathering.The idea is mainly manual that people can do it with their hands but can also put together all ages because we are going to carry non -perishable food or waters that can get together at home.The idea is that I look little by little so that in a couple of months we are carrying everything.We all know that this community is very beaten and the crisis impacts much more than others, "he said.

"Hugging hearts"

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La ong "Hugging hearts" es un espacio promovido por voluntarias que trabajan de forma solidaria en todo lo relacionado al vínculo entre mamá y el bebé que se encuentran atravesando un contexto de vulnerabilidad.

Its main objective is to contribute to the general well -being of the newborn and its mother to achieve a social change through the development and implementation of specific actions that tend to cover or alleviate unsatisfied basic needs of both.

In this regard, Romero commented that "our project tries to promote social participation to improve the living conditions of girls and boys under 6 months in extreme poverty and poverty, reinforcing the affective bond, breastfeeding, their safety and health and healthDuring the first months, through the dissemination of the benefits that this entails and the delivery of packages for the baby ".

Finally, he said that "we want to collaborate with pregnant women and baby mothers under six monthsmonths, which require support for the formation and strengthening of their figure as mothers and for the development of mother and daughter or son affective ties ".


To join the solidarity campaign, those interested can communicate at 388-155750674 or hug.com.

Pulpitos for the little ones

With its pulpit / a small premature.

Within the group "Hugging hearts" there is a space called "Solidarity Pulpites" that is the preparation of octopus dolls for premature and small babies that require early stimulation.This initiative arose from the volunteers who were previously inside the NGO "Pulpitos hug" and decided to create their own space as part of "hugging hearts".“We always weave the pulpit for babies but hospitals have another emergency at the moment but we will continue to do them to reach those who need it the most.Moms continue to specify the dolls for their babies so they can let us know and take them because the pulpites serve for stimulation and more for premature.But we also do for baby who need early stimulation, ”said Mariana Romero.Through octopus that are crochet fabrics they help premature babies achieve a speedy recovery and thus improve their quality of life in the period in which they are in the incubator.They are woven with a special thread, the Peruvian, which they bring from Buenos Aires.

Being children in that condition, it is important.It has all the quality specifications, size and materials that must be used to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and that this is suitable to be in contact with the baby.The pulpit is placed inside the incubator and serves as an element to dismiss the baby to hug him and feel accompanied.

Through their tentacles, they remind the baby one of the many intrauterine experiences that he still needs, such as the contact they had with the umbilical cord, generating a direct impact on their vital signs such as heart and respiratory frequency, body temperature and body temperature andoxygen saturation, all indispensable for neurological development.In turn, observational studies indicate that this contact prevents the probes or roads that can have connected.By means of.

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