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Summer 2022: 7 adventure activities for Argentina

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Surf class in Mar del Plata

1.Surf class

For those who want more than spending all day on the beach, on the Argentine coast, there are several offers to practice surf.

In the Balneario 8 of Playa Grande, better known as Biology, is the Surf Mar del Plata School, which teaches children from 5 years and to no age limits.Both people without experience and those who have already climbed to the table.


It is for people without experience as those who have already climbed to the table.

They have a value of $ 1.500.There are short courses from 5 classes to $ 7.000 and packages from 10 classes to $ 13.500.The latter allows people to already practice sports without instructors.They also offer custom classes for $ 3.000.


Paragliding in Córdoba


Climate conditions and relief turned Cuchi Corral, in Córdoba, one of the most important free flight centers.

The experience of being suspended in the air, flying over a beautiful landscape, is difficult to explain.


The company is handled with a voucher system.The tourist, for bank transfer and in a payment, leaves $ 24.999.It is valid for 14 days and is 100 % reimbursable in case the flight cannot be specified for weather reasons.

For residents, it costs $ 21.782.It is valid for 3 months and it is not reimbursable if the flight cannot be completed.The activity is reprogrammed.


Verano 2022: 7 actividades de aventura para realizar por Argentina

Cavalcade for the Andes

3. Cavalcade for the Andes

It is a journey full of history with an absolute exhibition before the beauty of nature, but also the hostility of the climate.

SOUL HURSING MAKES A 6 -day circuit for El Portillo, where Captain Lemos crossed in 1817 and for which General San Martín returned in 1822 to stay in Mendoza.

The price is $ 110.000 per person.


Bungee Jumping in Salta

4.Bungee Jumping

In the Cabra Corral dike, 75 km from Salta Capital, numerous adventure activities are carried out.The one that steals the screams of the bravest is theBungee Jumping.

In order to participate, we must weigh between 40 and 110 kg.Age is not a requirement.People participated from 13 to 80 years.


Bungee Jumping has a value of $ 2.480.

The company Extreme Games Salta, in addition to offering this option, has other activities such as Tirolesase, Rappel, Puenting.

Bungee Jumping has a value of $ 2.480.They also have packages that include various options.Bungee Jumping, more Puenting, Tyroles and Rappel, $ 7.200.


Mountain Bike in Villa La Angostura

5.Mountain Bike

At the southern end of the Quetrihue Peninsula, there is one of the obligatory stops of those who visit Villa La Angostura, Neuquén.

In Los Arrayanes National Park, created in 1971 with the aim of preserving the trees that names it, there are copies of up to 25 meters, whose average age is between 160 and 250 years.There are individuals who reach 600 years.


It is estimated that the entire circuit lasts between 5 and 6 hours.

Those who decide to choose this alternative, should know that in the first kilometer of first leg and the last return, they must carry the bicycle in their hands, since it is a sector with enough pending and stairs in different parts. It is estimated that the entire circuit lasts between 5 and 6 hours.

Bicycle rental per full day is from $ 2.000.The general entrance to the National Park, for residents of Argentina is $ 260.


4x4 adventure by Ushuaia

6.4x4 adventure

It is a way of knowing different points with incredible views of Tierra del Fuego, through extremely difficult and challenging roads.

The excursion begins in the morning.You are looking for tourists in their Ushuaia hotels to enter the Andes mountain range, with the view of Mount Olivia and Cerro Five Brothers.

The activity lasts 7 hours.Includes transfers and lunch.It costs $ 12.500 per person.


Rafting by Bariloche


This is how Rafting class 1 is called one of the most popular adventure activities in the river areas.It is the easiest level, without fast.

The excursion begins at 10 in Bariloche, Río Negro, when it is collected in accommodation to tourists.The vehicle is heading to the Limay River, located in the Patagonian steppe surrounded by beautiful landscapes.


To do the activity you have to be over 5 years.

To do the activity you have to be over 5 years.It is important to wear a swimsuit or short, towel, extra footwear to wet, mute dry clothes and sun protection.

The price is $ 7.200 per person.Includes transfers, bilingual professional guides, equipment and insurance.

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