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Tiendamia incorporates Macy's offer for online purchases from Costa Rica | The financial

By hollisterclothingoutlet 11/02/2022 1046 Views

The online sales firm Tiendamia announced that, starting in September, consumers in Costa Rica will be able to purchase products from the catalog of the renowned US store Macy's.

According to this e-commerce platform, the new purchase option will allow users to find more than 25,000 new men's clothing items and more than 37,000 women's clothing items. The categories where there are great advantages (either because of price or variety) are clothing (for men, women and children), shoes, jewelry, bedding, swimwear, watches, handbags and accessories in general.

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“The incorporation of Macy's to Tiendamia represents great value for our clients, since it is one of the most relevant fashion chains in the US”, mentioned Mariana Figuera, manager of Tiendamia in Costa Rica. "Millions of products and iconic brands are added to the portfolio, especially clothing, handbags, shoes and fashion accessories that complement our current offer very well."

Tiendamia is an online store based in Miami, United States, that offers access to the products of several of the main e-commerce companies in that country.

Tiendamia had already incorporated the Macy's catalog for consumers in Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador, reaching 5% of searches on this e-commerce platform. Its integration is part of a plan to incorporate relevant suppliers that strengthen the product offering to customers.

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Tiendamia.com offers the possibility of paying with national or foreign currency, with the promise that before making the purchase the user will be notified of the cost that must be paid to receive the products in the comfort of their home or office, with an all-inclusive service. . Also, the store consolidates all the products that the customer chooses in a single package so that they only have to pay for one shipment.

Tiendamia began operating in 2015 and currently operates in six countries, including Costa Rica, and allows access to more than 1,000 million new and original products from recognized brands in the US and around the world. The entire catalog of Amazon, Walmart, eBay and now Macy's for over 500,000 customers is included.

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