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Children's Day: what toys to give, according to their sign

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On Sunday, August 15, it celebrates Children's Day 2021, and surely in these next few hours many moms and dads will go for games and toys that will be the surprise for that special day long awaited by the children.

Beyond the fact that children ask for what they want (and sometimes for more), here is an astrological guide that can be used by both sun sign and ascendant, and that will help us choose the best activity to share with them.

What astrological profile does your son or daughter have?

Aries boys and girls

Arian warriors are fast, authentic and willing, they like to be alone, without anyone "bothering them", they believe they are independent and value being so. There is no desire to share, but rather the feeling is that "the other hinders and slows down". Activities that allow autonomy of action, contact with their own and authentic vitality are recommended.

Sports in general, especially competitive or individual sports. Boxing, skateboarding, activities that have to do with blows and friction, such as sculpture, carpentry or mechanics workshops, whether they are men or women.

Aries children's toys: ball, paddle, skates, ping pong, foosball, sportswear, combat and defense games, water pistols, boxing gloves, kite, combat and sports video games, board games such as naval battle, teg and others of combat and conquest.

Taurus boys and girls

Taurus foodies tend to have an "exaggerated sense of ownership", they unconsciously believe that everything belongs to them and therefore, when something changes or moves away, they get upset. They feel that things and links are part of themselves, and if they leave, they feel a great tear, provoking a defensive reaction.

Find activities that calm their anguish over losses and help them connect with their own power, stimulate them to develop their own ability to generate, motivate them to trust themselves.

That they discover how they themselves can “increase the matter, enlarge the cake, so that they realize that it is not a question of “taking away or having them take away”, but of generating more and more so that there is more to distribute.

Activities linked to art, especially those that stimulate touch such as ceramics or painting. Contact with matter, with substance, playing and learning to cook: chef, gourmet. Find spaces where they can be in contact with nature, learn to work in the garden or gardening.

Gemini boys and girls

Gemini's eternal apprentices must learn to trust. They are usually very analytical and skeptical boys, questioning imposed beliefs and authorities in general. It will be extremely difficult for them to trust or surrender to a very rigid project, it is difficult for them to concentrate energy and they tend to be very changeable and restless. They may have problems with delivery, they never fully trust and they put themselves in an “observer” position. It is difficult for them to play in one direction.

Activities associated with public speaking, communication, elocution, also ingenuity games, writing workshops, storytelling, magic workshops.

Cancer boys and girls

The cancerian tends to have an attitude of an eternal child and has a hard time learning to stand alone. Cancer children are very easy to create areas of belonging, to generate bonds with intimacy and deep contact. For these children, activities such as storytelling workshops, writing novels or fables will be very favorable, generating areas where they can explore and express their sensitive and imaginative core.

They will also like activities that connect them with the past or with belonging, such as history workshops, recognizing or walking through the neighborhood, activities associated with protection, care for the vulnerable, pets, ecology, the land, plants. or the kitchen.

Leo boys and girls

Leo is a natural leader, sometimes as a boy he finds it difficult to trust himself because he has an excessive need to be approved by others. Astrology shows us that the more he refuses personal exposure, the more events push him to play the game and put his heart into his own, into what he loves the most.

The destiny of a leonine flows better when he is encouraged to take the lead in his own life, when he is encouraged to express himself fully. Therefore, activities associated with the expressive, such as singing, acting, theater, body expression, or artistic activities such as painting, drawing or ceramics, will be optimal.

Virgo boys and girls

Virgo is observant, he has an excessive tendency to the rational. They believe that he can understand everything, and therefore, that he can explain everything, however life will lead them to give up so much logic and meticulousness, it pushes them to learn to develop opposite characteristics such as sensitivity and intuition.

Activities that reassure them through certain rituals or very repetitive methods are recommended for them, in the methodical Virgo finds a pleasant order.

Stimulate his sharp intelligence and his maximum capacity for observation that make him astute to find meaning or be clear and efficient where the rest get bored or give up: writing workshops, construction, carpentry, collage, recycling of materials, chemical workshops. Also what needs attention, observation and care such as the garden or activities with animals.

Libra boys and girls

Libra usually makes decisions more to satisfy the other than to be in touch with his own personal desire because he longs to please and is terrified of being alone. It is good that he learns that the more he dares to play for himself, the more truly complementary people appear in his destiny.

Libran boys are always attentive to the approving gaze of others, so activities linked to socialization and interaction with others, writing or communication workshops are recommended for them.

Also activities that stimulate the ability to negotiate, learn about laws or social rules, also art workshops, where good taste and aesthetics are stimulated, manicure for women, also the observation and criticism of art, acting or express themselves through others, such as puppets or marionettes or mask workshops.

Scorpio boys and girls

Scorpio is the therapist, it has a natural tendency to connect with the dark and the pain. It will be good to get them out of the role of "feeling bad or guilty" so it is always advisable to be honest and tell them what hurts or what is difficult to talk about, because even if it is not communicated they are still capturing it.

It is usually difficult for them to develop a correct sense of ownership, it is not very clear what is their own and what is someone else's, it will be necessary to connect them with sharing and the fear of loss.

They are great transformers so they put a lot of energy trying to modify or control others. Self-knowledge activities, esoteric languages, mythological stories of humanity, psychological or self-knowledge workshops are recommended.

They will carry out any activity thoroughly, they are fascinated by stories of intrigues, drawing intricate deductions, hide-and-seek games, riddles, treasure hunts or detective games.

Sagittarius boys and girls

Sagittarius is naturally a guide and enthusiast, they do not allow themselves to doubt and they tend to think that things "are a certain way" and therefore they cannot be in any other way. He thinks he "knows", and they never doubt, so it is often difficult for them to listen to warnings or advice.

It will be good for them to carry out activities where they can enable their talent to excite others, be guides, encourage others, such as sports activities, trips, camps, boy or girl scouts, they are also motivated by other cultures, learning languages, adventure tourism, as well as solidarity activities.

Capricorn boys and girls

Capricorn is self-sufficient, tends to be excessively lonely and self-sufficient, perceives reality as something objective and impersonal. They value themselves more if they feel that they have concrete achievements with visible results in the social - family world. They have a high mandate of "how things should be done", "what should be" and in general they decide and act alone and without asking for help.

With a strong tendency to isolate themselves and do everything alone, they may have a hard time getting "intimate." They will feel more comfortable in solitary activities where they can be their own boss, and achieve achievements "in their own way", sports that require a lot of perseverance and effort, if they are within a competitive or institutional environment, they will probably feel more encouraged, sports like rugby, hockey, sports gymnastics, ballet, mountaineering, marathon runner.

Intellectually, they may like activities that require cunning, memory and reasoning, such as mathematics or history or geography.

Aquarius boys and girls

Aquarius, the genius and the madman, tends to have an attitude of detachment and a certain indifference in relationship, it is difficult for him to express his most authentic desires. There is a tendency to refuse personal exposure and try to disperse in groups or impersonal activities, some even panic exposure.

They usually have a feeling of being "strange or different", for which they will be good activities where the boy can explore his particular style without being self-conscious, non-traditional activities and if they are group activities much better, since Aquarius loves the beauty of sharing in a group and with friends.

Very demanding or traditional areas are not recommended, as problems of adaptation to the rules or demands may arise, or difficulties of encounter and integration in group projects.

Artistic, group activities, computer workshops, internet workshops, handling electronic equipment, or highly complex activities are recommended for Aquarians. As well as associated with art and creativity in unconventional ways. They are also interested in space, astronomy, spacecraft and why not astrology.

Pisces boys and girls

The hypersensitive Piscean may find it difficult to put order in his life and in his spaces, being sometimes very subjective and chaotic, tending to handle himself in his own time and responding only to his own laws (which obviously are not very clear even for himself). ).

People tend to see life from a very undifferentiated point of view, with a lot of imprecision, they probably focus and organize themselves better when working to help others through charitable, community or social activities.

They have a very active radar always capturing magical and irrational worlds, to express them it will be very useful to investigate the world of mysticism or religions, or activities that shape their own worlds of fantasies, such as painting, photography or film workshops , or any kind of activity linked to music.

By the astrologer, tarot and astrology teacher Beatriz Leveratto. On Instagram, @bealeveratto.

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