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María Pombo's trick to know if pants are your size without going through the fitting room

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Who has not ever found themselves in that situation of wanting to buy pants that fit perfectly, but the idea of ​​going through the fitting room is really lazy. Without a doubt, it is a very common situation and even more so now in times of sales and coronavirus, in which the vast majority of us try to avoid spending too much time in closed spaces or the fitting rooms are closed. If after reading these lines you feel identified or identified, we recommend that you take note of the very simple trick that the 'influencer' María Pombo has shared in her latest Instagram 'stories'.

A technique that the Madrielen assures works effectively and with which she always avoids queues to try every time she goes shopping.

Explaining the trick in her Instagram stories. / @mariapombo

In fact, the only thing you need to do to know if you need one more or one less size of pants is to select the model that you like the most from the store and surround the neck with the waist of the pants (always fastened), as he explains. Maria Pombo.

«I'm going to teach you a trick that I thought everyone knew, but it seems that they don't. We are looking for pants and so as not to try them on because it makes a lot of balls... All you have to do is wrap the top of the jeans around your neck and if it doesn't fit, it's too small for you and if it wraps all the way around entire neck and you get to touch the ends is your size, "explained the 'influencer' to her 1.8 million followers on the social network.

She is very pleased with her discovery. / @mariapombo

An easy, simple and, above all, quick trick with which you can check if the pants you are going to wear are your size and that you can start testing right away with the pants you have in your closet.

From all my heart

Martin, a cover baby

Posing with little Martin in his arms on a giant bear, a gift from some friends. / @mariapombo / @PIPI_HORMAECHEA

A few days ago, María shared how her house changed for a few moments into a filming set to make an exclusive for a well-known gossip magazine. "I can't wait for you to see the photos!" She wrote on her account showing off a pinstripe suit look. Today, finally, the pink weeklies have come out and the young woman shares the cover with her baby and the surprising breakup of Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez. “I am very happy that you are liking the photos … I want to put them all over the house, because they seem impressive to me,” she said in her networks. And she asked the little boy himself. "What yes? Aren't they beautiful? », she commented on the Pipi Hormaechea session.

The 'influencer' María Pombo wants to have a large family

Cantabria DModa / Santander

In the interview she reflects that she could not be happier. She has always said that her wish since she was little was to be a mother and the arrival of Martín on December 27 has exceeded her expectations. She explains that her motherhood has changed her routine and she assures her that she doesn't miss her previous life. The little one, of which she shares different publications on networks with her husband, Pablo Castellano, is a reason for happiness to share with her followers and continue adding thousands of 'likes'. Of course, now between bottles, diapers and first moments that she will never forget.

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