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The Walmart website causes indignation for selling "cow size" clothes

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In this era there are many brands that have to take care of all the content that comes out on their web pages, social networks or even in their branches so as not to hurt people's feelings and thoughts.

There are many cases of indignation of consumers after finding words, phrases or even advertising that brands use to sell or promote a product but has sensitive content for many people in the world.

Recently, a complaint from a Florida woman in the United States was announced, who wanted to buy online at the Walmart retail store a garment to wear in these next December parties, but at the beginning of the search on the website of the website of theSignature read something that completely outraged her.On the website there was a new size, called "Cow" and which in Spanish means "cow."

Faced with this discovery, the woman identified as G’nadine Grant told the NBC 6, that Awalmart demanded that she removes that qualifier for people who need a size greater than 4x.

He also said he felt "very offended, precisely because she is a store where I trust" and in which he commented that he always buys his Christmas clothes.

La web de Walmart causa indignación por vender ropa

“I am very happy with my size but my daughter found the link to the page in a group of women who have just become mothers.I worry about them, they have won a little weight and they probably feel insecure, ”added Walmart's client.

In that same order, he added that “Walmart has to apologize.Sincere apologies to all its customers because if you are going to talk about many of your customers that way, then I am not going to spend my money on your store. ”

Walmart's answer

The woman's complaint reached the international environment NBC 6, which was responsible for making a mapping on the website of the most important retail store in the United States and revealed a video in which the "cow" size is seen between the options between the optionsthat gives the Walmart website for the "Ugly Sweater" that grantmencó.

After that controversy, the American media asked the brand for an explanation and a spokesman replied: “Thank you very much for informing us about this matter.It is certainly not right and we are working to determine what is happening. ”

Ola of criticism of the Retail Store

Apparently before the wave of criticism that began to rain to the brand Grant's complaint was successful and searching on the website the same words other media did not find the size.But that action was not enough for Walmart users to comment on what happened and criticize the brand.

“If I am with a sense of humor, it makes me laugh but if I make common sense, I may bother me.Of course, ”said a client.

While another client argued that "I don't think it's a joke (...) because it's not something funny, but offensive."

It is not the first time that Walmart is in the eye of his clients' hurricane by content that circulates in his digital sites, but this time there were hundreds of people who felt offended and expressed that discontent.

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