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After the mazapanes, the Ositos Merkel arrives, the new teddy toy as a tribute to the chancellor

By hollisterclothingoutlet 03/07/2022 693 Views

Before they were the pastries by making Mazapanes figures of Angela Merkel and now the toys.The chancellor will be present in the German homes after the withdrawal of her, either as sweet or in the form of a teddy bear, as this time.

Exhausted the first 500 bears

The toyter Martin Hermann says that customers have exhausted the first 500 stuffed bears of the first lot.And there is even waiting list.Hermann has been inspired by the hairstyle, clothes and look that Merkel has worn for 16 years: with blonde wig, red suit and pearl necklace.



Tras los mazapanes, llegan los ositos Merkel, el nuevo juguete de peluche como homenaje a la canciller

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