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Baby babies How to wash the dolls with children by applying the Montessori method

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The teaching of personal hygiene to children is fundamental.And it is an aspect of very Montessori life, if we think well, because independence also goes through self -care.Maria Montessori granted great importance to the teaching of practical life: dressing, washing, tied his shoes.Therefore, we now want to explain a simple, necessary activity and that for your children will be like a game.Let's see how to wash the dolls with children by applying the Montessori method.

Wash dolls with the Montessori method

After Christmas and the Kings, the children will have been filled with toys and also with dolls, and although they can play with them until they get tired, we must not forget that if your son or daughter has a doll or a doll that leads everywhereAnd that even sleeps with him, it is necessary to ensure that he is clean and with it not only lasts longer, but also, we can prevent the transmission of germs into the child due to the dirt of the doll.

To do this, we can involve children without problem and do it through a Montessori activity that will help us to make the concept of the importance of personal hygiene something playful, especially when we apply it to the dolls.

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Thus, combining spill activities with water and the teaching of personal hygiene, we obtain this truly educational game, which helps the hand-eo coordination, which is fun and stimulates children to appreciate hygiene.

How is it done

What we can offer to children is an activity for doll washing (plastic, not fabric) and for this, we will have to start with a low table, which can simply be the bedroom or the game table that we have inhouse and children use daily for their crafts or when they paint.

If the children are very young, we are sure that they will splash water everywhere (but that is normal and correct).Therefore, we can opt for a pleasant day and do it outdoors, or choose a corner of the house that is not too delicate.When children grow and acquire better coordination, this game can be played safely at home.In fact, it is even better: in this way the risks of water spill will calculate and will greatly improve their coordination.

Next, we put a bathtub for toy babies on the table, or a simple palangana to wash your hands.Along with this we have everything we need: small towels, wet wipebrush .

Then we fill the palangana with water and let the children be a lot of dolls.

We will start with wet wipes, to clean the largest dirt.We then go to the toothbrush (wet with water) to reach the most difficult corners (the eyes, the nose ...).And then the doll is immersed in the container full of warm water.

It will be then when the children perform the real bath: with soap and sponge they wash their hair and the body of the wrist, softly, then rinse very well.

And then we just have to dry with a towel, brush your hair and dry with a soft hair dryer.

If we want, we can also put a real baby diaper on the wrist (disposable or washable!), To complete the experience in an even more real way and even applying a little cream for the wrist or doll's ass.

And ready!We have finished cleaning the doll and our son or daughter will be happy with the work done, he will have learned and will also have fun spending time with dad and/or mom.

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