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What I have learned working in a women's company

By hollisterclothingoutlet 17/10/2022 461 Views

Although I have always considered myself an ‘ally’ of gender equality, my experience has been revealing and, at the same time, an important lesson of humility.Face ‘everyday’ work situations from a different perspective focused on how what I do (we do) affects, help or empower millions of women in the world, has developed a new lens through which I see things.If at some point I had asked me if life really lives so different from the other side of the court, now I know that.

I give a very concrete example.The company in which work was created after Whitney Wolfe Herd, CEO and founder of Bumble, lived in his own flesh the ugliest face on the Internet, being subject to aggressions and online harassment.Hence his mission was born to help create safer and healthy spaces to establish any type of connection, as well as the idea that women took the first step so that they had control over the tone of their relationships based on the premise that whenConditions for women are improved, things are improved for everyone.

Some might wonder, is the Internet more aggressive for women than for men?It is, in effect.This year, the College of Mexico published an analysis of the messages received on the Twitter accounts of the analyst Denise Dresser and Beatriz Gutiérrez, wife of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.The result could not be clearer: 95% of the messages they received were negative.The content of their publications was not attacked but inherent elements of their identity, personality, physical appearance or ideas as academic and professional women.

Lo que he aprendido trabajando en una empresa de mujeres

Today it is clear to me that there is a disconnection in terms, which is aggressive for women is not considered such by men.Talk above a woman at a meeting;invalidate her reaction to a situation, discard it and cross it out of ‘emotional’;and, even, seizing her ideas, is an aggression.As it is also defining it from its physical appearance, sending photos of nudes that you did not request (many times in the hope of being corresponded!) Or attacking it because it does not behave as one expects or wanted, among many, many more.

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How do you contribute to end violence against women?

The company where I work tries to put your grain of sand to help correct that.He has completely prohibited bodyshaming in its application and, through the use of artificial intelligence, has automatically blocked the sending of lascivious images, thus helping women choose whether or not to receive provocative photos, to mention some actions some actions.

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