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Disease that smells |National Health Institutes

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Body smell can be a sign of a disease

Does anyone ever told you that it smells bad?Anyone can have bad breath or stinky armpits, at any age.Whether or not you have noticed them, some body odors can point out a health problem.But most body odors and breath are normal.

"Most of the time, bad breath is caused by bacteria in the teeth and tongue," explains the Dra.Madeleines.Deming, expert in Internal Medicine of the NiH Clinical Center.

It is normal if your breath smells a little bad in the morning, especially if you slept with your mouth open.A dry mouth allows bacteria to develop.Bacteria living in the mouth can form compounds that have sulfur.These compounds are especially stinky.They can smell like rotten eggs or onion, for example.

If your breath does not improve when you brush your teeth or use mouthwash, it can be a sign of another problem.Over time, bacteria can cause caries and periodontal disease.Caries and periodontal disease do not smell well.Both require a visit to the dentist to receive treatment.

Other causes of bad breath can be infections of the sinuses, throat or lungs.These must also be treated by a health professional.

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Your breath can also show signs of diseases in other parts of your body.That is because exhales more than just air.His breath also contains gaseous compounds that move from their organs through the bloodstream to their lungs.

The breathing that smells like fruit or rotten apples, for example, can be a diabetes signal that is not under control.

Rarely, people can have bad breath due to organic failure.A person with kidney failure can have breath that smells like ammonia or urine.A severe liver disease can make breath smell like mold, or garlic and rotten eggs.

Compounds that are transported through blood can also be released through sweat glands.That can make their armpits and skin smell bad.It is normal for stress.

But their armpits can also smell for other reasons.Both humidity and hair allow bacteria to develop.These bacteria can create smelly compounds.Bathing, shaving and using deodorant can help keep these smells under control.

Because certain diseases cause bad breath or body odors, researchers backed by NIH are developing an electronic "nose" to help doctors detect them.This research is at an early stage.In the laboratory, scientists can already analyze body smell compounds.They have even trained dogs to detect signs of certain cancers in breath samples.

If you are worried about a new body odor or worsens, "the first step is to visit the doctor for evaluation," says Deming."It is best for a dentist to evaluate bad breath".

Your dentist can examine your mouth to detect signs of problems.If you are worried about body smell, your doctor can perform a physical examination.If necessary, your doctor can suggest additional exams.

"A test can be considered to avoid the food that is known to cause body odor.In rare cases of body odor due to an underlying medical condition, the treatment of that condition can also help control the smell, "says Deming.

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