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Spanish woman who fights radical Islam: "If you carry Hiyab you can not say that you are feminist"

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Mimunt Hamido was born and grew up in Melilla, within a Muslim family.Since childhood he saw the differences between his education and that of his Christian companions and, when at age eight his rule was lowered."In my early adolescence the Hiyab, the Islamist veil, had not yet colonized the Maghreb.I had to observe many rules, but that, fortunately, it was not one of them ".

In the last decades Mimunt has seen in the first person how radical Islamism, wahabist and salafist currents, have colonized Europe in the face of passivity and, sometimes, the impulse of the different governments of the continent.Even in their own family some women who used to dress "European way" began using the Hiyab and adopting outdated behaviors such as not allowing any man, not even family, if they were alone at home.

He has not covered us for a long time, "a network of women from the Muslim environment" that oppose "the expansion of Islamic fundamentalism and its most prominent symbol, the veil".Now publishes they will not cover us.Islam, Velo and Patriarchy (Akal), a book in which it explains the intrinsic reality that involves carrying Hiyab, while telling his experience within a Muslim family and brings together the testimonies of many other women to whom he has had to changeNames for security reasons.

"I have been, like many companions, on social networks talking about this issue for years.We had many things against: on the right because we are molas, to the left because the speech is very uncomfortable, and the Islamists against it, "he explains in conversation with Magasin.

Cover of 'They will not cover us'.

The main idea that wants to make clear is that the hiyab is not just clothes or a handkerchief."It is a symbol and carrying it entails social and moral norms for that woman, for that girl.Here we are talking about misogynist and religious symbols that carry consequences.You put a cross around my neck and that does not take away from carrying a bikini to go to the beach or take a Buddhist, Muslim or Jewish boyfriend;But a Muslim girl prevents it, that is what we must take into account ".

And remember: "Muslim men do not happen to them because they do not carry any religious symbol.It is something for women, nothing more, and that sexism, you have to understand ".

Mujer La española que lucha contra el islam radical:

Mimunt is not against women who carry Hiyab, his own mother began to use it because "he had an Islamist neighbor and convinced her to put it because 'they are better Muslim'".His problem comes from the imposition that has been extended in the Muslim communities and that its use is justified by saying that "it is only clothes", when it entails a series of practices and norms that, in their opinion and experience, attack the freedom of the woman.

"In Europe there is freedom to carry it, I don't know what they complain about the freedom to carry it if they already have it, do you have the freedom to take it off?"."Because there are nijabistas - Muslim women who dress fashion.Is that freedom? ".

Islamic feminism

Feminist convinced, this Melillense is completely contrary to the known as "Islamic feminism" that claims the role of women in Islam, and that often defends the use of Hiyab."When you wear the Hiyab you have to assume that you can't say you are a feminist, you are taking a patriarchal symbol.My mother for example takes him, but accepts that religious moral ".

For this reason it jumps particularly against the left because "supports the Islamic extremist right"."On the right I speak little because I do not expect anything, much of his speech and ideology is xenophobic and racist, what we did not think is that the left would buy this speech of extremist Islam that are selling to young people as the real true.The Islamist system has phagocyted religion by putting political symbols, because the Hiyab has become a political symbol, to spirituality ".

The 'Petrodollars'

For Mimunt one of the big problems is the young children of immigrants who have raised following this true Islam and "believe that Hiyab is their identity"."They have managed to have a religious identity.That has contributed that in Spain and the rest of Europe to all that mass of Maghreb immigration we were told as Muslims ".

Madrid M-30 mosque.

The feeling often uprooting the education received and economic and political investment to extend that branch of Islam made the rest."There are many economic and political powers.Saudi Arabia has its 'petrodollars' and what you want is for your Islam to be visible in public space.That is why in Spain they have agreed to pay the construction of mosques such as the M-30 of Madrid.As Saudi Arabia paid it, it imposes on the magnet that it will give its speech.That is extrapolated to all of Europe ".

This permissiveness towards radical Islamist discourse causes, for Mimunt, a strong inequality that harms girls from Muslim families and advocates, really recovering secularism in public spaces."No government we have had dared, not even this one that is said so left, to take the bull by the horns.".

"When they say for example that if we prohibit the veil in schools, I am talking about children, that girl is not going to school, it is like what are you telling me? Education is mandatory in Spain until the age of 16 and if that girlIt does not go to school because social services will have to act.What you have to do is apply logic and law.How are you going to educate in equality if a girl with Hiyab can't go to swimming classes, for example?Is that equality?Is that respecting the rights of that minor?Nope".

"There is a paston that takes associations against Islamophobia that are a profit and mosques of the Islamic Commission.In Catalonia they have given money to the Halal Banking (Islamic), but associations that work helping girls who want to force them not.It is cheaper to say: 'Well you how are you in the mosques we let you pray, that we do not want conflicts''.That has a word: it's racism ".

Government deprotection

One of the things that most disappoints Mimunt of Spanish government performance is that this Muslim sector is not even defended that supports these issues, as it has happened to her and her companions.

"There are many pages of believing Muslims who completely agree with this and others who do not say it much publicly because they do not dare.We endure death threats and the government says nothing.We have denounced it, we have been told the Minister of Equality and has never said that it is intolerable.He is denounced to the Mossos to radio stations in Islamist Catalonia where the announcer said publicly, I have the audios, that it was very good that they beat Fulanita or to cut his menganita head.Until we denounce it, nobody says anything and of course, then reprisals are also for us ".

"Institutions do not get their ass wet, yes, you have to protect women with Hiyab as if they were an endangered group.The ones that we are unprotected are the ones that we give our face.It is as if I told you that you cannot criticize your religion and your patriarchy because you would be Christianophobic.That is telling me people and women who, what hurts me the most, have fought against that oppression of the church.But I can't against mine, I have to shut up and endure because 'it's my culture'.It is my culture because you have decided ".

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