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Woman and diabetes: all the changes caused by the disease

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Increases the risk of vaginal infections and causes changes in menstruation

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects the way the body turns food into energy.Normally the pancreas produces a hormone called insulin, which acts as a key that allows blood sugar to between body cells so that they use it as energy.

Mujer y diabetes: todos los cambios que provoca la enfermedad

If a person has diabetes, his body does not produce a sufficient amount of insulin or cannot properly use the insulin he produces.When there is not enough insulin or cells stop responding and too much sugar is left in the bloodstream, with the health problems that this can entail, such as the development of heart disease or loss of vision.

It is possible to diagnose and control the disease, especially in the case of women.According to National Health Institutes (NIH), in these cases, diabetes further increases the risk of having other diabetes -related complications, such as blindness, kidney damage and depression.

Infections and fungi

Vaginal fungi infections are common and you have to treat them, but women with diabetes have a higher risk, especially if their blood sugar levels are high.Between the causes: high levels of blood sugar and poor circulation (which reduces the body's ability to combat infections).In addition, in some women the bladder does not empty completely due to diabetes, which creates a perfect means to multiply bacteria.

Rule changes

Hormonal changes just before and during the menstrual period can make blood sugar levels predict.It may be that these women have longer or more intense menstrual periods, and cravings of certain foods can hinder the management of diabetes.

Sexual and contraceptive relations

Vaginal dryness is a problem for any woman.Diabetes increase these discomfort.Among the causes can be nerves, reduction in blood flow, medications and hormonal changes, including changes during pregnancy.

Precisely, in pregnant women, planning is decisive.According to NIH, the disease can hinder conception and can increase the risk of:

Esta información no sustituye en ningún caso al diagnóstico o prescripción por parte de un médico. Es importante acudir a un especialista cuando se presenten síntomas en caso de enfermedad y nunca automedicarse.
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