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10 false myths about the care of the baby that you should not believe

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Cuando nacen sus hijos, padres y madres, especialmente cuando son primerizos, reciben de su entorno todo tipo de consejos sobre el cuidado de los bebés, muchos de los cuales esconden falsos mitos que conviene aclarar.

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Diana Oliver

Journalist specialized in healthy life, maternity and childhood and pets

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Updated: June 18, 2020

10 falsos mitos sobre el cuidado del bebé que no debes creer

When a baby is born, all families receive endless recommendations - all well -intentioned - by family, friends and acquaintances.However, among them there are almost always myths or false beliefs that should be known to ignore them and do the best for your little one.Tips such as that you don't have to take it in arms because it gets used to it, that the exit of the teeth causes fever, or that breast milk is not feeding if the child cries, they are some of the most recurring, but there are many more.

Unlike other times or less fortunate places, the living conditions of developed countries - food, hygiene, health resources ... - allow the vast majority of children to grow healthy, but the concern for the health of the anguish baby to fathers and mothers.And it is normal, because when the children arrive we discover their vulnerability, and the help of others ends up feeding many times the fear for their fragility.Given the doubt, common sense will always be our best ally but, just in case, we explain and deny you some of the most popular false myths about the care of babies:

Created: October 16, 2019

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