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15 easy and beautiful crafts to decorate your baby shower

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Share 15 easy and beautiful crafts to decorate your baby shower

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As we have already commented on other occasions, a baby shower is a party or meeting that is organized for the pregnant woman to celebrate the imminent arrival of her baby. Regularly, the mother's family and friends are in charge of planning and organizing everything, but sometimes the pregnant woman also participates in this process.

There are many things we can buy to decorate this event, but if we want to save a little money or are looking for something more personalized, we can choose to do it ourselves.

We share 15 easy and beautiful craft ideas that will help you decorate a baby shower.

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Letter blocks

We begin our list of baby shower decorations with a very classic idea: letter blocks for babies. At Oh Happy Day they show us how we can make a larger version and use them as decoration.

Diaper bag garland

Another decorative idea for a baby shower is the diaper bag garland that we found on Tikkido. Being made with fabric, we can choose the colors and patterns to make it totally personalized.

Circle Garland

15 easy and beautiful crafts to decorate your baby shower

A simple garland idea, but one that we can make in any range of colors we want, is this garland of circles suggested by Glorious Treats. We can choose to make a single garland and place it horizontally, or make several small garlands and place them vertically, like a curtain.

Garland of good wishes

This idea is undoubtedly one that is also beautiful and inspiring: a garland full of good wishes for mom and baby. In Art Bar Blog they have made it with animal silhouettes, but we can adapt it to other figures that go with the baby shower theme: diaper bags, balloons, flowers, circles, etc.

Fabric backdrop

If we want to place something larger than a garland, we can opt for a fabric backdrop, like this one we saw at Two Twenty One and they used for a baby shower where they also revealed their gender of the baby.

Tissue paper pom poms

A very popular craft for all kinds of parties are tissue paper pom poms, which are easy to make and will look very pretty at a baby shower. In Two Twenty One they show us how to make them step by step.

Paper balloons

If we choose to have a themed baby shower, hot air balloons are a very original and beautiful idea. At Martha Stewart they teach us how to make one with paper.

Floral balloons

Another element that is usually used when decorating a party are balloons, and at Afloral they show us how to give them a different touch with flowers.

Sock bouquet

If we are looking for ideas to decorate the guest tables, at Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart we found a very original idea: "flower" bouquets made with baby socks.

Paper flowers

If we want a floral-themed baby shower, we can make our own paper flowers. At Martha Stewart they show us how to make daisies, peonies, tulips, roses and more.

Chopsticks for appetizers

Something that cannot be missing at a party are appetizers, and for a baby shower we can give it a special touch by decorating the chopsticks. In Dream Green DIY they made them with stickers, but we can easily make them with paper.

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Decoration for the cake

Another essential element of a baby shower is the cake, which we can make easily and decorate with an ornament like this that we meet on Oh Happy Day.

Decoration for cupcakes

An alternative to cake are cupcakes, and in this idea from Studio DIY they show us how we can decorate them, whether for a boy, a girl or even to announce the gender of the baby .

Guess the Due Date

In addition to being decorative, this Burritos and Bubbly idea doubles as a fun baby shower game or activity: guess the due date.

Sex reveal envelopes

Finally, another craft that will also serve as an activity for the baby shower: some paper diapers in which it will be revealed if a girl or a boy is expected. We've seen it in Kristi Murphy.

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Share 15 easy and beautiful crafts to decorate your baby shower

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