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A shovel, an Under Armor shirt, some lights for the bike, some 50% wireless headphones and other bargains on Amazon

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Who was going to tell us when we anxiously awaited the end of horribilus 2020 that we were going to have to face one of the biggest frosts our country has seen in decades. So much so that it has given rise to the older people of the place to say what they like so much: "this did not happen in my time".Shovel, Under Armor T-shirt, Bike Lights, 50% Wireless Headphones, and Other Amazon Bargains A shovel, an Under Armor T-shirt, some lights for the bike, some 50% wireless headphones and other bargains on Amazon

However, and as is often said when white gold makes an appearance, either on the mountain or in our home portal, "Year of snow, year of goods". And that reminds us that the always expensive cost of January can be faced in the best way if we are prepared and equipped with everything we need and in the best way.


Good intentions are something very common at this time of year and, faithful to our objective, at Bazar MARCA we want to continue bringing you the best products at prices as irresistible that will put so much honey on your lips that it will be difficult for you not to get hold of it.

From the most necessary these days, such as a car starter, a portable heater or compressor, to the most functional, for example, to continue doing your physical activity almost without taking into account the freezing temperatures, thanks to a kit thermal, elastic bands to exercise at home or wireless headphones.


Here is a remedy for marathon days in front of the computer, which end up damaging our eyes. With these light-filtering glasses, you'll avoid the harmful effect of high-energy visible blue light and UV419, which are emitted by screens and cause eyestrain and trouble falling asleep.

They are unisex, dustproof, made of polycarbonate, so they are very resistant, and they have a nose pad, so they can be worn comfortably. They are the best sellers on Amazon.

You can buy them here for 19.19 euros (23% discount)


Today you can get the queen of smart vacuum cleaners for less than half its price. Get rid of dirt, debris and pet hair both on your floor and on your carpets, and effortlessly, thanks to its Dirty Detect technology.

Extracts, lifts, vacuums, filters and cleans, with a suction power up to 10 times greater than conventional. Map your house to trace cleaning routes and it is programmable from your own mobile. Also compatible with Alexa and Google Home

You can buy it here for 479 (52% discount)


Forget muscle and back pain after so many hours sitting in front of the computer, thanks to the Gear brand posture corrector. For both men and women, it is enough to use it between 20 and 30 minutes a day to notice the results.

Easy to adjust, breathable and imperceptible under clothing, with this posture corrector you will correctly align the position of your spine, so that you will relieve shoulders, neck and back.

You can buy it here for 9.38 euros.


Now you can customize the intensity and modes of lighting in your home, with this pack of smart LED bulbs. With a power of 7.5W, equivalent to the traditional 60W, it offers up to 16 million colors and shades of white, to change the atmosphere of your rooms according to your taste.

They can be controlled from your own mobile through the Smart Life application and also through voice assistants, such as Google Home or Alexa. In addition, they save up to 60% of the usual energy consumption.

You can buy them here for 23.99 euros (25% discount)


A Levi's sweatshirt with a 40% discount is one of those offers that cannot be missed. Especially if it is one of the best-selling models in recent months.

It is available in black and white colors and sizes from S to XXL and has the brand's logo screen-printed on the chest. Among its features, it is made of soft cotton, it has long sleeves, a round neckline and elastic cuffs and waistband.

You can buy it by clicking here for 39 euros (40% discount).


Showing off a body 10 in summer requires months of planning. Therefore, it is time to start debugging the excesses committed at Christmas.

This smart scale connects to our mobile phone (valid for both iOS, Android and Google) through an app and records 13 essential measurements, such as body weight, mass index and percentage of body fat, among others, allowing to make a temporal evolution of them.

Weighs up to 180 kilos with an accuracy of 0.5 kg and can record data from an unlimited number of users.

You can buy it by clicking here for 23.79 euros (15% discount).


The beginning of the third wave of the pandemic and the cold outside do not invite you to leave the house. In this situation, the series and movies will become a good time for individual or family fun. With this projector you can enjoy them as if you were in a movie theater.

It has a resolution of 1080px and has an improved LED lighting system that offers a brightness of 5,000 lux, native resolution of 720px and a useful life of 50,000 hours (do the math of how many viewings equals).

It is equipped with multiple ports including HDMI, USB, audio and AV interfaces and can be connected to game consoles, mobile phones and tablets. In addition, thanks to its small size of 18.8 x 14.2 x 8.1 cm you can take it anywhere.

You can buy it by clicking here for 79.99 euros (20% discount).


A shovel, an Under Armor T-shirt , lights for the bicycle, wireless headphones at 50% and other bargains on Amazon

Everyone agrees: when you try an electric toothbrush you never go back to the manual model, because the sensation of cleanliness that you get with it is much greater.

This one from Oral-B includes the basics, a handle, charging base and head, for a price of 20 euros. Among its features, it has a handy timer that helps you brush your teeth for the dentist-recommended two minutes (divided into four 30-second intervals, one per zone) and 2D cleaning technology oscillates and rotates to remove more plaque than a normal manual toothbrush.

You can buy it by clicking here for 20.80 euros (31% discount).


This Adidas men's sweatshirt is one of those must-have investments at this time of year. It is the best-seller on Amazon, it has a classic design and a regular fit, it is available in blue, grey, red, green and black, it has open side seams for greater freedom of movement, a hood and a kangaroo pocket. Do not think only of her to play sports. It is also perfect to wear with a sporty look with jeans and sneakers. Available in up to seven different colors.

You can buy it here for 28.98 euros (28% discount).


This pair of wireless headphones is perfect especially for those who do not want to make a large investment but are looking for something discreet, that sounds good and with a good microphone to be able to talk hands-free. This is the Aukey EP-T21 model, the best seller on Amazon in its category.

They have a sleek design, can be controlled with just light touches on the surface, and have enough power for 25 hours of total playback. It is a good model to start in the world of wireless headphones. Available in three colors (white, black and pink) and for less than half its real price thanks to its juicy discount.

Buy them here for 16.99 euros (58% discount).


It is a pair of elastic bands that fit the elbow that reduce pressure on the forearm and the joint to prevent serious injuries when doing sports such as tendonitis, bursitis, sprains or strains. Inside it has a neoprene pad that makes it much more comfortable to wear. It adjusts with a velcro, it is very breathable and unisex. Ideal especially for those who practice golf, archery or racket sports such as badminton, paddle tennis, squash or tennis.

Buy it here for 8.48 euros (35% discount).


For cyclists, runners, ski lovers and in general for all those who practice sports outdoors when the temperatures drop as they have this week. It is a sports hat that has a windproof nylon layer on the outside and a wool lining on the inside that keeps the head and ears at a perfect temperature during training.

It adjusts in such a way to the shape of the head that it can be used, in the case of cyclists, under the helmet without any problem. In addition, it has two holes on the sides that can be used for both headphones and sunglasses temples.

You can buy it here for 12.99 euros (7% discount).


This light set allows you to ride safely both day and night. Its front and rear light have six and five lighting modes respectively to adapt the light to the circumstances. You will not have to be distracted on the way when adjusting the light since this product has a remote control to adjust the brightness, which is a plus for your safety.

Can be charged via a USB port. It has an automatic shutdown system that guarantees energy savings. It is easily attached to the handlebars and can also be used as an emergency flashlight or attached to the helmet. This light set is waterproof and suitable for all types of weather conditions. Its rotating front light allows you to illuminate everything you need.

You can buy it here for 13.25 euros (51% discount).


A quality sportswear garment ideal for winter. This Under Armor men's long-sleeved thermal shirt is made with a special fabric that, in addition to helping regulate temperature and even protect the body from solar radiation, helps dry sweat in minutes to avoid the uncomfortable feeling caused by wearing wet clothes during training. It has a zipper closure and can be machine washed without fear of its fabric wearing out. Available in various sizes and up to six different colors, all with discounts of over 20%.

You can buy it here from 19.90 euros.


As a shovel, as an axe... The truth is that these days the use of this tool used mainly for gardening has been valued. Those who already had one have been able to clear their sidewalk, the exit from their house or even the garage ramp. And more than one will have loaded the collector emptying snow from the balconies.

This is compact in size and perfect for chopping on snow and ice. Not counting Filomena, it is worth having a shovel for work in the garden or related to construction. It is not an expensive tool and it will get you out of more than one trouble.

You can buy it here for 31.24 euros (6% discount).


From the laptop to the tablet and from the TV to the mobile. The recommendation not to go out on the street, either due to the coronavirus or the storm Filomena in those affected communities, is causing us to abuse the screens. This LED strip light for TV not only works as a decorative element, it also helps to reduce eye fatigue. It connects via USB, has three lighting modes and remote control and is valid for most televisions between 46 and 60 inches.

You can buy them for 14.44 euros here (15% discount).


Dry and sterilize all the toothbrushes in the house in five minutes with this comfortable device. This toothbrush holder is easily installed on the wall and thanks to ultraviolet light it eliminates 99% of bacteria to prevent possible oral problems and protect the health of the whole family.

The sterilizer has space for four brushes, with enough space so that there is no contact between them. You just have to install it, turn it on and this gadget will take care of disinfecting the brushes in just 5 minutes. It automatically shuts off when done and can be easily attached with suction cups.

You can buy it for 14.14 euros here (33% discount).


This slime concoction is a colorful slime that the little ones love. To the parents... not so much anymore, because there is slime in every corner. Therefore, this kit is a neater way to make it, and since it has many accessories, children will love it. Bring 12 colors and 10 bottles of glitter. The manufacturer claims that it is not sticky and does not stain at all. Calm down, then. Suitable for children over 6 years old.

You can buy it here for 16.99 euros


Myths prevail no matter how many years pass. It doesn't matter how many years have passed since Michael Jordan hung up his Nike Air, he is still, even if it involves more than one debate or discussion, the best basketball player in history.

For this reason, people want to continue dressing like him, with his shoes to fly higher, with the number that his Chicago Bulls retired and hangs in their pavilion, the United Center. Here we propose the kit of the legendary player, in red, black or white.

You can buy it here for 14.99 euros.


Easy and simple. Put the corn inside, pop it in the microwave and voilà, take it to the living room or to the room full of popcorn to treat yourself. Then into the dishwasher and start over. Lékué guarantee, high durability and quality so high that Amazon users give it an outstanding rating.

Made of 100% platinum silicone, this container for cooking popcorn -or any other feast delicacy- withstands temperatures from -60 to 220 degrees. This standard model, with a capacity for 2800 ml, round, 20x14.5 cm, will become the companion of domestic entertainment.

You can buy it here for 15.95 euros (20% discount)


This 2000W hot air heater (it also has a superior 2400W model) has adjustable power and a silence function. In addition to working as a heater, it has a cold air fan mode so you can use it in the hot months. It has a thermostat with a mechanical anti-frost device for the coldest periods and a handle for easy transport.

Its cable is long (1.4 meters) and has compact measurements (21 x 17.5 x 27.5 cm). This is recommended by the OCU and by Amazon users, since it has more than 10,000 positive ratings and almost 5 stars.

You can buy it here for 33.90 euros (15% discount)


To play sports you don't need a lot of equipment or big expenses. As almost always, what is most needed is motivation and desire. With this set of 5 natural latex elastic bands you will have the possibility of exercising in your own home, in a park... They present, depending on color, different degrees of resistance so that you make more or less effort in the exercises depending on the muscles that you use. work, your progress and capabilities. They come with a bag to store them when not in use and, be careful, they come with instructions in Spanish explaining different exercises that you can practice. There are no excuses to resume activity after Christmas.

You can buy it here for 10.99 euros (21% discount)


This device is not just a thermostat. It is an intelligent climate control system, that is, a climate assistant that ensures comfort and a healthy environment, while saving on energy bills. It works with an intuitive application that you manage from your mobile and home automation integrations that help you control your air conditioning device from anywhere in the most comfortable and efficient way.

tado°, which is the name of this model, is compatible with air conditioners, heat pumps that have an infrared control with a function screen and works with the Google assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. Always enjoy your home at the perfect temperature. No fixed hours, no programming, no need to remember to turn off the air conditioning.

Buy it for 74.99 euros here (25% discount)


Now, thanks to Filomena, many have taken out their ski gear to travel through the streets as if they were seasons. We know that this situation is temporary, of course, but for those who are initiated and experts in the snow and for those who feel attracted to it, the essential clothing requires glasses. These are from Salomon, a prestigious brand, and are unisex. They are compatible with prescription glasses and are medium/large in size. The lens is easy to change, is 100% anti-UV and is also tinted to reduce glare and eye fatigue.

They do not generate mist or humidity thanks to the Airflow system and they have a wide field of vision thanks to the minimalist frame. Comfortable to wear thanks to the double layer of foam they incorporate.

They are white with an orange lens.

You can buy them here for 27.99 euros (30% discount)


As the cold weather has set in, the Helly Hansen firm has been making a place for itself in our winter wardrobe. So much so that it has been relegating even to consolidated garments at this time of year two fundamental reasons. The design and quality of the garments.

In this case, we focus on thermal underwear, which has also taken care to make a collection for young people. This line, for example, is available for ages between 6 and 16 years. A super light fabric composed of 100% polypropylene.

You can buy it here for 37.98 euros (24% discount).


It is never too late to fix our appearance. A picture is worth a thousand words, and if our appearance is optimal, we already have something won. For this reason we have to wear our beard, so fashionable these days, perfectly groomed so that disheveledness does not run rampant through it.

With this trimmer you will have your beard practically up to date. So much so that you will hardly have to do small daily touch-ups so that it is always in perfect magazine condition. It can be used wet and dry, the battery can last up to 45 minutes with each use after charging it for about eight hours and includes three exclusive guide combs for beards.

You can buy it here for 35.99 euros (20% discount).


With the cold and snow that has fallen in recent days, the most normal thing is that the car has not moved from the place where you had it parked. It was practically impossible to make it move, at the risk of it going out of control due to the ice on the road. However, to do that, you first had to start it, because if you have not taken the precaution of approaching and turning the ignition key so that the engine warms up, it may be that the car has run out of battery.

With this car starter it is more than feasible to counteract that loss of energy. It is compatible with up to 8000cc gasoline and 6000cc diesel engine and 12V battery. It even goes further and can be turned into a multifunctional power bank, since it has two USB inputs with which you can charge even your mobile.

You can buy it here for 59.49 euros. (15% discount).

Portable air compressor

The wheels of a vehicle, whatever its category, are the most important active safety element. Not surprisingly, it is the main product that keeps us in contact with the ground, and if they do not have the necessary care, its poor condition can cause more than one scare when we circulate.

One of the consequences of not taking care of your tires is neglecting their pressure. This can not only imply a higher gasoline cost in motor vehicles, but it can also mean an accidental puncture. With this portable compressor you will not be lazy to stop and check if the wheels are at the correct pressure or not.

You can buy it here for 33.99 euros (29% discount).


Men are increasingly taking care of themselves on the inside and, above all, on the outside. And not because of going to the gym. Especially at this time of year, when good intentions reign. Today it is not uncommon to see how, after practicing sports and taking a shower, a man puts cream on his face or body to hydrate his leather.

The prestigious firm L'Oréal has launched an important line of men's care products, among which this ultra-hydrating anti-shine gel stands out so that the skin wakes up instantly thanks to its ice effect. The sensation is of absolute comfort and you will feel the skin hydrated all day.

You can buy it here for 6.31 euros (37% discount).

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