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After 12 years.In the middle of nature, she recognized who had saved her and her reaction surprised him

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More than twenty years since Sunyei was found alone in nature in Africa.It was just a newborn elephant when its rescuers could know that if they did not help her at that moment, her destiny would be tragic.From poaching (especially for its ivory fangs) to the destruction of the habitat, there are many problems that elephant populations face today.Arcs and poisoned arrows, guns, spears and cable traps are among the mortal tools used by poachers to kill or mutilate rating for their fangs and horns, to traffic and sell illegally sell.

Sunyei had been orphaned and was rescued with the help of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (a wildlife elephant rescue program and wildlife rehabilitation in Kenya).Stay orphan is a deeply traumatic event, both physically and psychologically.Many animals arrive with dehydration or injuries caused by predators or humans.It was immediately transferred to Nairobi National Park, a safe base and a love environment to take care of these orphans at a time of greatest need.This can often include a period of deep duel that can last months while orphans accept the loss of their mother and family.

A special figure

It was there that he met Benjamin, the main manager of the nursery, who plays the role of mother of orphan elephants like her."He organizes the care and daily well -being of the orphans, ultimately ensuring that they are always happy and healthy," said Rob Brandford, executive director of the Rescue Center.

Guardians like Benjamin play a crucial role in the support and raising of orphans: they offer love, emotional support and learning experiences that each young elephant needs to grow.They take care of orphans 24 hours a day and this includes sleeping with them during the night in their individual palisades in a rotating way so that they do not feel alone.Thats not all.Every three hours, orphans are fed with milk mammars -although those rescued at a very early age feed freely -.Like human children, baby elephants need toys and stimulation.Caregivers also walk with orphans on the mountain during the day in varied environments and with unlimited access to nature toys.They watch them at all times and protect them with blankets when it is cold, with rain clothes when it is wet and sunscreen and an umbrella when it suggests to prevent their sensitive skin of burning.

Después de 12 años. En plena naturaleza, reconoció a quien la había salvado y su reacción lo sorprendió

Elephants live socially complex and family -oriented lives, and each orphan has their own personality and unique characteristics.It is also the task of the Guardians to encourage, in that sense, the natural social dynamics to develop among babies in their newly formed flock, while complementing when necessary as a guide presence, peacemakers and rules of rules.As with any family, the well -being of babies is the most important and this maternal and highly specialized care is absolutely fundamental to help each orphan be strengthened, both emotionally and physically.The years passed and, under the care of Benjamin, Sunyei grew happy and healthy, learning from him and other caregivers how to be an elephant.

A long way home

In 2009, Sunyei left his caregivers and could be reinserted in nature.Becoming a savage is a gradual process that has been in many years and occurs to the rhythm itself, often dictated by the age they are when they are orphaned.

Like many others, Sunyei was released in a protected area where she was guided and advised by older orphans who already live wild lives and gradually introduce the youngest to a more independent life.Becoming independent is a slow process for elephants that take between 8 and 12 years to feel comfortable and safe enough to remain permanently in nature, regardless of their caregivers.

But despite living in freedom, he always kept a special memory of Benjamin.And he demonstrated it when one day he decided to "go to greet" Benjamin and also take a companion who surprised everyone."While more than a decade may have passed since Sunyei chose to return to nature, it seems that he never forgot the kindness they demonstrated," said Brandford.

“The fact that a completely grown and wild elephant had the desire to present a new baby that same morning to the human family that raised it, says a lot about its intelligence and their sense of family.We can't think of another reason.She returned to a safe place to show her new baby to her caregivers, with whom she still maintains close links, ”said Brandford.

Undoubtedly, that was not Sunyei's first visit, nor would it be the last.From the first meeting, he has returned to greet several times more, which allows his adoptive parents to see his baby grow.Ultimately, his work to save and raise Sunyei made that new generation possible.And she seems to know.

"Although Sunyei has grown by calling Benjamin and our caregivers his family, even so, any interaction that his caregivers enjoy with her is always done in their terms," Bradford said."That is what makes this moment so special: that he chose to share this moment with Benjamin and confided that he would do it.".

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