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As.com The Messi T-shirt business at Paris Saint-Germain

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If heavy cotton shirts, to carry a shield, to the dorsal, to bear the name on top and become an object of worship.Soccer shirts have become a garment that is between mysticism, tribal and urban fashion.The first, due to the high prices that any jacket with which a historical fact occurred.We are not talking about the original, but of the replicas that were sold.In the tribal, it serves to identify.Madrid or Barcelona, Seville or Betis, Inter or Milan, Atlético ... before, at least, it was like that.Now, clubs have seen how 'the street' has adopted their aesthetics with pleasure and these shirts every day are dressed in a more 'casual' way among young people.Thus, the PSG, perhaps the most striking of these examples, also plays its role in Parisian fashion by Nike's hand.

Precisely Paris now lives crazy about the PSG shirt.Although his launch began with controversy because the mythical red strip that crossed the chest was removed vertically, it seems mitigated by the historical of the moment.Almost unexpected, Leo Messi is a new player of Paris Saint-Germain and everyone wants the first Argentine shirt in a new club after more than two decades in Barcelona.

The 30, although it is not its usual 10, the load of symbology.With that number he debuted in Barcelona and with the same will do so at Paris Saint-Germain.A new beginning without forgetting the roots.

As.com El negocio de las camisetas de Messi en el Paris Saint-Germain

The arrival of Messi also represents a new experience for the PSG in many ways and also, as far as the sale of t -shirts is concerned.If Neymar's signing unleashed the madness to get one of his t-shirts, Messi has raised the level giving significant joy to Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi's shirt business

That Messi stamps his name behind the T-shirt of Paris Saint-Germain has caused queues in his Elíseos field store and the announcement at the door of the "Everything sold."At his physical door and also, electronics.On the web, the original replica of the Messi shirt (there are only child sizes) has 'disappeared' although its price was not exactly a bargain.Between the shirt, the impression of the dorsal and the stamps of the manga of the French league the price exceeded 150 euros.

But how much does the Paris Saint-Germain perceive for each shirt?The usual thing is that the clubs do not receive a large percentage for each shirt and that the majority for the brand, since this signature a sponsorship contract in which it already brings money to the club.In the case of the PSG, Nike has one of its strongest associations having signed until 2032 for an annual figure exceeding 80 million euros as reported by ESPN.

Messi, yes, as it does on the field increases the figures.In the case of Barcelona, Messi was the player who sold the best and according to several studies aimed generated income only for sale of this product that were between 20 and 30 million euros a year.Now, that claim will be used by Paris Saint-Germain with Nike, of course.

The American brand and its franchise, Jordan, a personalized brand of the mythical 23 of the Chicago Bulls have launched a complete line of clothing that goes from the equipment, with pants very similar to those of the Illinois team, to tracksuit, coats and coats andbrand sweatshirts that become popular worldwide.The shirt has been so much that the PSG already warns on its website that it will open a presale and start from October.

A surprise product of the PSG and the Adidas

Another product that has 'broken' the PSG store was the shirt with which Messi appeared at the Paris-Le Bourget airport and went out to greet the fans for the first time.A white shirt with the slogan 'ici c'est paris' of the clothing line of the club itself that also sold out.

At a price of 25 euros, this has returned to sale with little stock in addition to other models of Messi shirts, a scarf and even a cup with its name.

The club wants to take advantage of this shirt and also Adidas.The German brand is the one that has the sponsorship contract signed with Leo Messi on a personal level and also wants to take advantage of him in Paris.

As this newspaper has learned, the three -stripes brand prepares a special version to celebrate the arrival of Messi to Paris with the slogan "Messi C'est Paris" on Blanco.It will carry the brand logo and also that of the player himself.The German brand will expect a similar success and that is that the change to Paris is reporting new joys to both Leo Messi and all his partners.A new adventure in which they walk together.

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