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Daniel Henarejos: "The kendo is not violent, it is worth to temper you and looks more like a chess game than to a fight"

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How did sport come into his life?

I have done the sport since childhood, but it is true that I had no special qualities.He went out with the bike and played football.I also made karate and judo, but I had a stage in rebel adolescence and gave me more for the comic and drawing, more activities to stay at home, although I also played tennis and volleyball.

And martial arts?

From 17 or 18 years, for my alternative spirit, I started to climb at the university and as I am very restless, I also tried yoga and the capoeira, but I left it.And there the Kendo appeared for an ad that I saw on the Internet back in 2004, where he said that two people came to Murcia to train in a pavilion.

Did you know what the kendo was?

I had seen images in books and in some manga and flipped seeing those armor.I believed that Murcia was not going to come because I was in Madrid, Barcelona, Basque Country, Valencia and the Balearic Islands.Navigating an Internet forum I saw that on Friday afternoon they were in a Pavilion in Murcia and one day I introduced myself there, with Capoeira's clothes, something that my teammates still remind me today because I went with hippies pendants, andThat contrasted a lot with the kendo clothing, which is very sober.That was in 2005, when I was 16 years old.

What has gained?

I have been regional champion and I have been in Spanish team championships, where being a coach we were about to get the bronze medal.This year I have also taken the senior male team because we have not been able to do feminine for girls who have left to live and also for the security measures of the COVID.

What to have to practice the kendo?

For the kendo there is no need to have anything special.What has most caught my attention is that in Tournaments in Japan there is a senseis of 70 and 80 years that continue to practice it.There is no age or physical condition because there are people who go at competition, but also another that only practices every fifteen days because it has no more time.Kendo is the Japanese fencing, we have an armor with the protections for traditional fencing, a catana and the attack is more circular.

But this sport is not violent.

No, it is the opposite, it is worth to temper you.It looks more like a chess game than to a fight.It is about getting the opponent to do something and take advantage of you to make a technique or catch it off guard.You develop reflexes, mental and muscular strength, but it is above all about being less violent.

Daniel Henarejos:

Are there children who approach Kendo?

We still have a deficit because it is a martial art that is costing a little more to implement.Until now we did not have the teams for the children, the saber for them and the monitors were not so specialized, but there are already many schools in Spain and in Murcia we also have one where they do activities focused on them and they find it very interesting because they perform all kindswork, such as somersaults or playing with pivots that develop their abilities.

You will lack promotion.

Yes, missing promotion, more followers and also some installation.

You not only do, also paint.

Well, I have had that artistic vein since childhood and that art has been developing.In the institute I drew and sold my own comics for 25 pesetas.And then I started painting graffiti with a friend who is one of the best in Murcia.Then I went to study Fine Arts, a career that I have halfway, I made a couple of exhibitions and I still draw today, of course.

What do you like to draw?

I really like to draw natural and urban landscapes, as well as the human figure, which I love.Drawing is like a meditation because you immerse yourself in what you paint and stay absorbed.

But you are energetic.

Yes, but when I start drawing disconnect, I change the chip, it is my way of meditating, I abstract and I can throw hours drawing and looking at something because I am quite energetic.

Is it one of the people who comes out and if you see something that inspires you, you take a picture?

Yes. Now I am doing less than I would like for the demands of work, but as soon as I catch a hole I take my notebook and drawing.I do not show it, I do it for me, although if one day I find something to teach it, I will do another exhibition.

So now he doesn't sell.

No, just for me.

Changing the subject.Let's go to another facet.How has the coronavirus changed life to pharmacists?

It has changed it totally, as to the rest of society, but to us in particular, because all the apothecaries and those we have worked within the pharmacy, we have assumed these two years a responsibility for our neighbors and fellow citizens in the environments where we haveWork to work.We have been a link, with the difficulties that primary care and health had in particular, a nearby link.When the hospitals were collapsed, many times we have not been those who simply provided the medication, since we were also the ones we comforted.

Society has also realized the work you do.

We are within the health system and we are toilets, but we are toilets that we are at street level.The pharmacist explains the analysis and indicates what to do.We have assumed a lot of risk from the beginning because there were no screens or anything, we have had to face this situation without gloves or masks, with a chest discovered.We have suffered to give our neighbors a service and that is why we have sometimes had to buy more expensive things.

The market has not been regulated as the antigen test.

That's how it is.I also tell you that no pharmacist has wanted to profit from what the law and ethics marks.We want to provide the service and when there was no product, you had to buy expensive and sell with the same margin.

The government has taken long to regulate everything.

It would have come better if they would have regulated it from the beginning and the government would have had plenty to supply and sell at the normal price. Thus we would have removed stories and fucks because everyone thinks without knowing. The pharmacy is not a business with which we want to get rich, because winning four euros is not the goal of a pharmacist. In my pharmacy, that my mother and I work, that we are the headlines, we form two teams and one day we worked 14 hours and another rested, without seeing if it was Saturday or Sunday. So we were during the first two months of the pandemic, having to take medicines to the people and leaving them at the door to neighbors who could not leave, such as older people and with multiple sclerosis. He also took the credit card of old people to be able to get money because they needed them, collected purchases from the supermarket and, finally, we were solidarity like the rest of the people, because our vocation is service. It was a very hard time and more than one passed us later because at that time we carried a very high rhythm.

We were not prepared to live something like that or to be locked at home.

Of course.I remember going to Torrevieja just on the road and suddenly left an army tank to stop.He stopped the Civil Guard several times, asked me to say where he was going and had to explain that he was a pharmacist.There were also denialists to the pharmacy that came and it almost had hard time fighting them.All that management was hard.

What is the opinion of the denialists now that it has become so fashionable by the Djokovic case?

From the beginning I have tried to explain at each level.I first studied Engineering and then Pharmacy, where we already analyzed the RNA viruses that said they had come out of nowhere, but it didn't take long.People had been telling me a series of bulos, with things that reached the mobile and more stories.

It is that the bulles proliferated massively.

It was nonsense and everything mixed.I don't know the origin of the virus, international economic interests, but once the virus was generated and the lethality it had, a solution had to be sought.Many people told me that a vaccine could not be done in such a short time, but also explained that the laboratories are now connected and that the information that is not the same as twenty years ago.

Right now communication is instantaneous.

Correct.All laboratories contacted and began to develop the vaccine, but you find resistance and try to do a informative work, but there are minds in which you cannot enter.I was very clear from the beginning that I had to put the vaccine because you can't live in fear.

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