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Lucía Bárcena's wedding dress and all the details of her wedding

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Lucía Bárcena's Beauty Look was quite simple and natural, and it was Oui Novias who took care of him.Her hair was collected in a low bun.As the main jewel of her, some slopes of the Suárez firm specially designed for her.They are made in 18 carat white gold with 32 diamonds bright size and marquise size that add up to 0.8 carats, two Akoyas pearls in the center of the flower and two Australian pearls that hang.

The religious ceremony took place in the church of San Antonio de Padua, within the incomparable framework of the Oca Pazo.As tradition mandates, the boyfriend was the first to arrive, his mother's arm, Cristina de Hohenlohe.Then the bride appeared, with her father, and walked to the altar with the soundtrack of the movie 'Braveheart', by Mel Gibson, in the background.The guests followed the wedding from the garden, in their adorned wooden chairs.Thanks to the sound equipment installed for the occasion they did not lose detail.At the Mass the singer Lara Alcázar interpreted the mythical Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen.

El vestido de novia de Lucía Bárcena y todos los detalles de su boda

Already turned into husband and wife, Lucía and Marco left the church under a rain of flower petals.The happy boyfriend did not hesitate to take her girl in her arms and kiss her in front of everyone also showing her ring.One of the most romantic moments!Before starting the bridal banquet, they took a cocktail enlivened by a gaiter band.And another of the most cuquis images of this wedding was to see Lucia in a Porsche of 70 convertible celebrating her new marital status.

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