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Transit family in pandemia: two parents with four children became the home of two little brothers in quarantine

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“Nos llamaron de uno de los programas de familias de tránsito del Gobierno de la Ciudady no lo dudamos. Entre cuidar a cuatro o a seis nos la jugamos. En un primer momento el aislamiento estaba previsto para once días del 20 al 31 de marzo, pero esto se siguió prolongando y hace tres mes que están acá con nosotros”, explican Carlos y Horacio a Somos Familia.Transit family in pandemic: dos papás con cuatro hijos se convirtieron en el hogar de dos hermanitos en cuarentena Transit family in pandemic: dos papás con cuatro hijos se convirtieron en el hogar de dos hermanitos en cuarentena

Due to the pandemic situation, as there were boys who were going to enter homes because their parents became ill of Coronavirus, from the Directorate of Children and the Council of the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents decided to select Transit families to find thema place to the smallest and give accommodation to the greatest.

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”While their parents have, while we are here we integrate them with our boys and function as responsible adults.The dynamics of 24 by 7 with six boys were made uphill for the first 60 days because we had no help from anyone.When he was in isolation to distancing, Carlos's sister came to give us a hand.Anyway, we can ensure that it is still a challenge to live with six boys in quarantine, ”says Horacio at TN.com.ar.

The eight live in an apartment where they play, paint, cook, make videos of Tik Tok and share the day to day.“The building has a patio and a terrace that we every time we carry.We do it with a lot of love and respect.When they have to come to look, we know they are going to leave and that's fine. ”

Carlos and Horacio are together nine years ago.They met at the Sanitary Works Club where both were going to swim.“We agreed and one day we talked.I left my phone because he told me that I had ended a relationship recently and that I wanted to wait to meet someone.At three months he called me, we went to dinner and from that moment we didn't separate ourselves, ”explains Carlos.

Horacio clarifies that this was in 2011 and that in the summer of 2012 he went on a trip with his brother to Russia, Australia and Japan."When I returned, I had the project to have Alma in the United States thanks to the belly subrogation method."

With the advanced procedures to be a single dad, his fatherhood project told Carlos.“I told him if he wanted to accompany me.She thought about it for the responsibility she entailed, but he accepted and we went together to look for her. ”

Alma was born premature in 2013 and they remember that beyond the immense happiness of having their daughter, the experience was hard: “We spent a month and a half in the United States without papers.It was a very difficult situation because they cheated us.Finally, when she was well to travel by plane, we came to Argentina. ”

Then Ayra and Vincent were born who are four years old, who were also premature and were hospitalized in the German hospital.A few months later Vigo arrived who has three. ”They were born thanks to the generosity of two women who were from the circle of friends and acquaintances and who have no will to be mothers, but supported us in the family project and were pregnant women.Our case is in Justice, in the Supreme Court for two years and media because we have a collective protection resources of which we hope that a failure is given precedent.In practice we sincerely have everything we need.The boys have the double last name and have the documents, ”they highlight.

Transit family in pandemic: dos papás con cuatro hijos se convirtieron en el hogar de dos hermanitos en cuarentena

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Horacio and Carlos warn about the situations of irregularities that had to surf in the search to enlarge the family.“After Alma was born, when we thought about having more children, we went to a clinic in Mendoza and the story was unpleasant.We saw that there was a rare issue with irregularities and then an intimate friend of Carlos's family offered to be the solidarity belly. ”

For fertilizations they used the genetic material of the two, but beyond the biological issue that unites them with the boys, their intention was to form a family, paternal.Amid the project to enlarge the family, they had to resort to couple therapy because having only one daughter, in two years, they had three more."Vincent and Ayra arrived four years ago and Vigo three.to organize the dynamics of the house.

When they met, Carlos was talking in therapy that I had the desire to take care and have that responsibility to paternal. "Horacio told me that I was going to have a soul and I hesitated because I knew with responsibility for the commitment that meant becoming a father. One thingIt was having a couple project and another, a son. Anyway, I gave myself completely. ”

Transit family in pandemic

“As soon as the transit boys arose, we do not hesitate for a second.No one imagined that they could be 90, 100 or 180 days.Nor did we have the information what happened to the boys.We do not consult or tell anyone because in those moments of crisis, the first thing that those who know that you have four children are that you are crazy, but for us the 'yes' was automatic. "

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They had an interview with Karina Leguizamón, president of the Council for the Rights of Girls, Children and Adolescents.They crossed a necessary evaluation process to decide whether the family meets the requirements to accommodate the child and then learned that he was not a boy but two.They approved and the next day they went to look for them and began to live together.

“It was a fast adaptation, a fire test.I think it is an experience that adds us to all.The only one we had to pay special attention was to the youngest, who as he is the smallest at first, felt displaced, but now he says that they are his friends because they all understand perfectly that they are not their brothers, that they will not stay forever”

The boys adapted to the house.While they are linking with her mother that she is working on her tools to be in a position to take care of them again.“We are aware that it is temporary and that when they come to look, it will be so that they are better, with their family.What we always had present is the best interests of the boys and the desire to give them a family that embraces them strong during this time.Then with that same affection we will let them understand that it is a grain of sand that we contribute in the restitution of the rights of these two brothers. "

From everyday experience they have a lot to say.“There are six boys, many diapers and get up at 3, 4 of La.Mañana, a lot of times per night, but they are contained because we are the ones who maintain this fragile balance at home.We do everything to spend the day.I stay more at home and Horacio is giving virtual classes.Sometimes I tell Horacio that I am rotten to do milanesas, ”says Carlos.

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Both agree that this is a time to be supportive, for having empathy: “In times of isolation, of crisis, with four boys we thought how we could collaborate, and this was the way.Hopefully the message arrives so that others also commit not only boys but to older people or how they can.What counts is the attitude.Inside your square meter to be able to do my best.Finding a meaning to all this.In our case, in addition to studying and working, we can contribute something that is to take care of two children temporarily ”.

The Traffic Families Program

Itatí Canido, General Director of Policy Management and Program of the Council of the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents, explained to TN.com.ar: "The Traffic Families Program, foster families and support families is always very important becauseAllows the girl's boy's accommodation, or brothers in the frameBecause there are another 20 boys living at the same time. "

Canido indicates that the importance of support families is that there is singularizing and care, and that especially in early childhood is vital for boys."That is why the entry of younger children in transit families is always prioritized."

On the other hand, he details that during the quarantine period the need for support families was increased because situations appeared that did not exist before."From the council, we had to take care of boys whose parents or moms had to be admitted for being a positive Covid and did not have a family network to take care of their children."

The situation forced them to multiply the efforts to search for traffic families and thus convened Horacio and Carlos, like many others."This program is always fundamental because it allows alternative household accommodation. There is a family atmosphere that allows the child to be hugged every time every time he needs it. In a home, it is different, you have to distribute among all the boys."

For all who want to join the challenge of hugging children for a while they can be informed in these links."By offering to take care of a child, we must understand that children are diverse. One of the particularities can be a health problem as it is also a particularity that they like or fear a dog. As adults we have to be able to serve theCharacteristics of the children of who we are responsible. "

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