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Baby baskets and baskets: the best gifts for newborns

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Baby baskets are, without a doubt, one of the most practical and interesting gifts that can be given to welcome a new member of the family. There are various options on the market for all tastes, from ready-made baskets to personalized baskets, with a greater or lesser number of things, more or less showy, etc. Canastillas y cestas para bebés: los mejores regalos para recién nacidos Canastillas y cestas para bebés: los mejores regalos para recién nacidos

The little one will receive many gifts, some more classic, others more original and some practical. If you opt for a baby basket, we will choose the gift that meets these three requirements at the same time. It is for this reason that it is convenient to know exactly everything that we have to focus on when choosing a good baby basket.

Best, Our Pick: Baby Box Shop Baby Shower Gift Basket

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73% of Amazon customers who bought this product gave it a 5-star rating, thus obtaining a score of 4.5 out of 5. Mario tells us that he is delighted because "many things come inside and you can choose between pink , blue and neutral. The suitcase it comes with is very nice and you can give it a lot of use". Óscar, for his part, tells us that "it is highly recommended, both for the content and for the container, attention to detail; in addition, the pack is perfect for a newborn. Very satisfied."

This basket contains a cute teddy bear for newborns, a soft cotton muslin blanket, baby clothes (body, socks and bib) and a bath set consisting of baby powder, soap and shampoo; brush and comb; sponge, two diapers and a 100% cotton bath cloth.

Second option: Gift basket for newborn Suavinex

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This product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and 74% of the people who have bought it have rated it with 5 stars, with the highest score. This is the case of Ester, who tells us that "it is the perfect gift, ideal when you have to give a gift and you don't know very well what to buy. I was totally right because they told me it was one of the best gifts they had received, for being the most complete in content and for its beautiful presentation. Quite a success".

This basket includes basic cosmetic products for the baby's first months: a stuffed bunny, a bottle and pacifier with an anatomical nipple for babies from 0 to 6 months, a game clip for the pacifier, gel, shampoo, diaper cream, cologne, wipes, etc. The remarkable thing is that the products are from the Suavinex brand, which always uses ingredients with a minimum percentage of 90% of natural origin to protect the baby's sensitive and delicate skin.

Alternative:MababyShop personalized baby layette

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It is one of the best options in terms of value for money. 78% of Amazon customers who bought this Lao product have rated it with the highest score, with 5 stars. They have one of the highest grades in baby baskets, with a 4.8 out of 5. María is delighted with it: "I bought it as a gift for a newborn and the mother loved it, but the baby does not let go of his dou dou with her name. I love it”; meanwhile, Sabela thinks that "it is a very nice basket and very well priced to be personalized. A success".

This original basket personalized with the baby's name embroidered is available in light blue, white and pink and includes 5 products, three of them personalized with the name of the newborn: a dou dou, a Doralina knitted blanket and a Maby frame with the meaning of the baby's name. The other two products are a pair of socks and a printed muslin.

How to choose a baby basket, and what to consider before buying one?

Canastillas y cestas para bebés: los mejores regalos para recién nacidos

When preparing or wanting to buy a baby basket, several important aspects must be taken into account, among which two fundamental ones stand out: the time the baby has and the season of the year in which the products of that basket will be used.

Newborn children grow very fast and so do their needs; therefore, it is not the same to choose a castilla for a baby that is about to be born than for one that is already 6 months old. Normally, the older we are, the more toys and elements that stimulate the senses we will find in the baskets.

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If the layette is for a newborn baby, make sure that all the clothing and textiles it contains are 100% cotton or perle, as their skin is extremely delicate and other fabrics can cause irritation. If the basket includes pajamas, frogs or bodies, check that they are easy to put on and take off and that they do not have buttons and ties.

If it contains products for daily use such as bottles, pacifiers or soaps, these must be top quality, adapted to the needs of the baby and her age; The same if we decide to add toys that, in addition, have to be safe and approved.

Depending on the age of the baby, you have to choose one type of basket or another: it is not the same for a newborn as it is for a little one of several months

It is also important to take into account the money you want to spend. Baby baskets fit any pocket, since you can get simple baskets at affordable prices and much more complete ones that cost a little more. It all depends on what each person wants to spend.

What is a baby basket?

A baby basket is a very typical and traditional gift that is given when a new child is born. The usual thing is to include in it products that the baby will need during the first months, such as help for parents and demonstration of affection. The story goes back centuries when women, mothers and grandmothers made and collected the items they would need when they had a baby and stored them in a baby basket.

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Today this tradition is still very much alive, but with some changes such as the tendency to buy what is put in the baskets, rather than doing it by hand, which is how it was done in the past. There are different types of baby baskets depending on the type of gift you want to make: personalized or more generic; for newborn or later (conventional); only with specific hygiene products for babies, etc. The important thing is that you carry useful things.

What should a baby basket have?

The answer to this question is not easy, since it depends on the budget you have, your tastes and the season of the year in which you are going to give the basket. Broadly speaking, baby baskets should have:

Why have a baby basket as a gift?

One of the most important reasons for deciding to give a baby basket is that it is a very practical gift, since when a baby is born there are many new things to buy and parents will appreciate a little help. In addition, it is a very nice and colorful gift. It is very easy to get it right and it gives us the possibility of making the basket to our liking and budget, with infinite combinations.

Increasingly, parents and siblings are thought of, adding some detail for them such as sweets, books or a toy

Everything that goes in that basket is going to be useful and practical. Even if the parents receive 3 baskets, everything will end up being consumed and finished. In addition, the chosen packaging will serve when the products are finished to store toys or clothes or any other item that you want to order.

Ideas to build a baby basket

We have already commented on the products necessary to assemble a conventional or newborn baby basket, but there is a type of basket that we have not talked about: it is the basket that parents prepare to cover the needs that both the baby and the baby will have. like the mother during her hospital stay.

It is for this reason that we present below a list of products that you should not forget for your stay in the hospital:

When is the right time to give a basket?

It is always useful and necessary to give a baby basket. Whether it is given for a newborn or before it is born, with useful things and objects that are needed for the first stage of birth. A birth party or baby shower is the ideal time to give the layette as a gift, but if it is not done, it can be given when the baby is met in the hospital or when they are settled at home.

When to have the basket ready?

What most experts recommend is to start preparing the basket one month before delivery, that is, from the 36th week of pregnancy. This way you will have enough time to be able to organize everything and not have to leave the house urgently because you have forgotten something.

Conventional baby basket vs newborn baby: what are the differences?

The main difference between a newborn basket and a conventional basket is fundamentally the size of the clothes, which for the newborn will be from 0 to 3 months. When we choose to buy a conventional basket, we usually mix sizes of diapers, clothes, footwear or directly take all the products that we have left to add to the 6-month or 9-month basket, for example.

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When choosing additional products to the clothes in the basket, there are also usually differences between those for newborns, where towels, blankets, creams, diapers, etc. are preferred, and instead for conventional ones, it is already they choose more toys such as rattles, stuffed animals or even tableware.

How to decorate a baby basket?

There are different models of baby gift baskets on the market, from baskets in the form of boxes, such as baskets in the form of a toiletry bag, and even baskets in the form of cubes. In any of the chosen models, the articles and gifts that we have chosen for the baby will be introduced. Less and less is used to decorate baskets in pink when she is a girl or in blue when she is a boy, and more neutral colors such as gray, white, cream or light blue are used.

How to make a trapillo basket?

The materials that we are going to need to make a t-shirt basket are the following:

In the following tutorial, it is explained step by step how to make the basket to make the layette.

Where can I buy a baby basket?

We can find baby baskets physically in childcare stores and pharmacies, but there is also the option of doing it through internet pages, since they allow the opportunity to compare products and prices quickly and effectively.

Among all of them, we highlight Amazon, where you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and budget, and the online ones specialized in it, such as: Lunar Catalina, The baby's basket, The magic basket or Cocholate.es, in which you can completely customize the basket and they can even send it wherever you want.

Now that you know the baskets and baskets for babies, you have all the information to get the best gift with which to welcome the new member of the family.

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