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The importance of choosing a good gift for newborns and young children | Tarragona Newspaper

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Special moments would not be so special if they were not completed with a good gift. In the case of babies and children, making the right decision when giving a gift can seem like a very difficult task, since the options that the market offers are numerous and indecision usually makes an appearance in situations of this type.

However, it is possible to find the advice and precise catalog of some professionals in the sector that greatly facilitate the conflict. This is the case of La Cestita del Bebe, the online gift shop specializing in newborns and children.

On this page it is possible to find any unique article to make the arrival of the baby an event worthy of being reviewed over time. In this sense, originality and craftsmanship go hand in hand to make the best gifts available to the customer.

In addition to an extensive menu of products divided into multiple categories such as baskets, clothes, diaper cakes or accessories of all kinds, the store has a special section dedicated to personalized gifts. And it is that the client is not always satisfied with the first thing that is put in front of him, but on many occasions he needs an added value that makes him feel unique thanks to the purchase of a unique gift.

The greatness of this type of product lies in its uniqueness, since you will not be able to find it in any other store. Here the range of possibilities is quite wide; pacifiers, bodysuits, bibs and t-shirts can be personalized, among many other options.

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Likewise, another of the characteristics that make the activity of this store genuine is that all its products have been carefully chosen so that the customer has the highest levels of quality. In addition, under this line of singularity, they are in charge of sending whatever is necessary to any place, either to a private home or to the hospital to surprise parents on such an important day.

light boxes

Now, what happens when the passage of time becomes reality? Well, we went from baby gifts to children's gifts. And it is precisely at this point where the meaning and depth of the chosen object changes. It is no longer about looking for an object that fulfills a function within surprise and utility, but that likewise incorporates an educational component that helps the child to grow in the best possible way.

In this sense, one of the most useful gifts that a child can come across at an early age is possibly a light box. Light boxes for children represent an educational element adhered to the teaching procedure based on the Montessori method, where it is defended that the child learns by himself, developing his abilities through toys with a certain background within learning.

The light boxes are made of wood, emit colored lights from various shapes and allow the child to enhance their intelligence thanks to the use of the senses. It is a form of game that carries with it the usefulness of cognitive development in an indirect way. The child manages to feel attracted to this tool at the same time that he is able to learn. In addition, they are usually accompanied by a remote control that allows you to regulate the colors and intensity of the light.

The possibilities available to the child from these boxes are infinite, from improving perception, stimulating drawing, working with plasticine on them, looking at photo negatives, etc. Likewise, another of its great attractions is its size, which is that it is small and greatly facilitates transport and storage, so that the smallest of the house always has it available among their belongings.


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