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Babypops and puffs to go, healthy snacks for gerber babies

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The food of our children depends exclusively on what we choose, that is, the ingredients with which that product has been manufactured, the amounts of fat, sugars, the types of additives, the dyes, the texture, the size, etc..

We have all eaten a good handful of jelly beans, candies, gum, cartridge potatoes and others when we were small, but at that time there was not as much awareness about food as 30 years later.Hence, these types of alternatives with healthy snacks for babies and children are so desired and well received in the market.

Strawberry Apple Puffs To Go

Gerber's most successful healthy snacks.They are manufactured with natural, organic and low sugar ingredients.An occasional pecking to relieve awkward situations such as very long trips by car, boredom, relieve tantrums, when they don't want the pacifier, etc..

Ingredients: rice flour, whole wheat wheat flour, wheat starch, cane sugar, whole wheat oatmeal, dry apple pure(less than 1 acetic acid) of nuance touches.), sunflower lecithin.Vitamins and minerals: iron (electrolytic), vitamin E (alpha toocoferilo aletate), niacinamide (vitamin AB), vitamin B6 (pyridoxin hydrochloride), vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride).

Organic Banana Raspberry Babypops

BabyPops y Puffs to go, snacks saludables para bebés de Gerber

These are crispy balls that get rid of the mouth.There are two flavors, or banana and raspberry or with peanuts.In both models these are organic, natural and low sugar ingredients.A perfect snack to go in the cart, relieve a tense situation, to give it a whim, etc..

Ingredients: Organic cornmeal, organic integral oatmeal (it contains wheat), high oleic organic sunflower oil, organic dry bananas, dry organic raspberry pureOrganic misfortua peanut.

Organic Lil ’Crunchies White Cheddar Broccoli

These are healthy worms with several different flavors, we have Cheddar and broccoli, also hummus, vanilla, apart from the natural flavor.These healthy babies snacks are crispy, but they get rid of easily in the mouth, they can grab well with their fist and help the child be more autonomous when feeding.

INGREDIENTS: Dry organic beans of the navy, ecological rice flour, oleic organic sunflower oil, organic cheddar cheese (organic cultivated milk, salt, enzymes), sea salt, organic organic juice, organic milk, organic milk,Organic milk, organic milk.Organic onion oil, organic black pepper oil.

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