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Carys Zeta Douglas, Iris Law and other daughters of the most famous faces of the 90s who are taking over

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María Yuste@miapilgrim

They are famous from the cradle and, only for their mere existence, they already generate interest.Even if it is curious to see the result of the mixture of the genes of those people who monopolized the pages of the couché paper when we were little, they starred in some of our favorite films or for having composed that song filed indelible in our brains. Más allá de eso, lo cierto es que un relevo generacional millennial y centenial se está produciendo en el mundo celebritie y a nombres ya consolidados como Kaia Gerber, Zoë Kravitz o Hailey Bieber (nacida Balwin)​ se les van sumando otros nuevos.The last to reach the age of majority has been carys zeta douglas, descendant of you can already imagine who...Feel Old Yet?

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Carys Zeta Douglas

The little daughter of the actors Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones fulfilled the age of majorIt is the kind of woman you are: good.Your wisdom is older than your years.Your beauty is deep and your heart is large enough to love and surround the world.Your sense of humor...very important...It is insurmountable ".She also has social networks and, although she does not publish very frequently, she already exceeds 160k on Instagram, where the Spaniards Carlos Sainz Jr follows.and Arón Piper.

Mother and daughter are so united that they share to clothes.Both love fashion and have been able to see them together in Michael Kors parades and some red carpets.Carys has lived his life between Los Angeles and New York and the boarding school he studies in Switzerland.At the moment he has not made any steps on the catwalks or in front of the cameras but, as Zeta Jones declared on occasion, he would be a wonderful actress, a great singer and play the piano very well.

Apple Martin

That baby of quirky name that was born when the relationship between Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin was all love is already 16 years old.The young woman keeps a great resemblance to both parents, however, she has demonstrated an innate talent for music, such as Coldplay singer.He taught him to play the piano and guitar.In fact, together they have played some songs in different events.

Carys Zeta Douglas, Iris Law y otras hijas de los rostros más famosos de los 90 que están tomando el relevo

There are not many photos that, to date, we have been able to see because he likes to maintain a low profile and does not let his mother publish photos in which he appears, without his prior consent.Although for those who have reached their Instagram we know that they have an excellent relationship and that they like time to exercise or testing Goop products.

Ava Phillippe

If there are two drops of water on this list, those are Reese Witherspoon and his daughter Ava.The resemblance is such that in some photos it is difficult to distinguish them.She is the eldest daughter that the actress of a very legal blonde had with Ryan Phillippe, her first husband and also actor.This year, the young woman, who studies at the University of Berkeley, will turn 22 years old.

One of his favorite activities is painting and has done some works as a model after debuting in 2018 with Rodarte, starring in the autumn campaign and posing with actresses such as Kristen Dunst and Rowan Blanchard.

Iris Law

After being a buberry image;Pent.In spite of measuring only 1.62 meters, it is not surprising that he is making a career as a model, having the genes of the British actor and being also Kate Moss his godmother.He is 20 years old, he studies textile design and is an it girl of the London society, in addition to his family, for his stillion.Other interests are art, cinema, photography and kitchen.

Maya Ray Thurman-Hawke

If you saw the third season of Stranger Things, his face will sound to you because daughter Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman was in charge of giving Robin life.Natural from New York, Maya Hawke will turn 23 this year and although his career in the world of interpretation is still taking off, he acted in all the theater and musical works in which he could while growing up.However, he was not always sure to want to devote himself professionally to family "business".To do this, he decided to train first at the Juilliard School.A year later he got his first role as a professional actress in the 2017 version of Mujercitas.

In addition to the taste for acting, something he also shares with his mother is to have been directed by Quentin Tarantino.While his mother embodied Mia Wallace, one of the most iconic characters in the director's filmography, in Pulp Fiction, Maya has appeared in Once Upon to Time in Hollywood.Although, he is not only an actress, he also sings and last year he published his first album: blush.

Lourdes Leon

Madonna's firstborn, as a result of her relationship with Cuban physical actor and trainer Carlos León has always had an extreme zeal for her private life, limiting her public appearances and not giving interviews or being active in social networks.Of course, with just 13 years, her mother appointed her creative director of Material Girl, a clothing line for the adolescent public.

"It is crazy about the talent that has.I die of envy because she is incredible in everything she does: she is a great dancer, a great actress, touches the piano in a beautiful way ... she has much more talent than me, "said" The Queen of Pop "in an interview in an interview.And, although he has finally ended up focusing on the fashion world, he is a multidisciplinary artist.Thus, after working in the costume department of a couple of international tours of Madonna, Lourdes enrolled at the University of Mischigan, where he studied different artistic disciplines.

Eve Hewson

Adele Ferguson, the protagonist of the successful Netflix miniseries behind her eyes, is in real life Memphis Eve Hewson.That is, the daughter of the U2 leader, Bono and activist Alison Hewson.Although before that, he had already starred innumerable campaigns and journal covers.He debuted as an actress in 2005 and, since then, he has appeared in different series and movies.Although his most prominent role was with Sean Penn and Frances McDormand in the film by Paolo Sorrentino a place to stay.

In addition, he has worked with Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks and in June he will premiere the luminaires, an HBO series.A curious personal fact is that his name comes that "Eve" is the center of the word "Seven" (number seven in English), since he was born on July 7 at seven in the morning in Ireland.

Photos |@Carys.Douglas, @gwynethpalerow, @Avaphillippe, @Maya_Hawke, @memphisevehewson, @Lourdesley and Dior

Compartir Carys Zeta Douglas, Iris Law y otras hijas de los rostros más famosos de los 90 que están tomando el relevo

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