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Christmas and solidarity markets in Córdoba

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The president of Adevida, Isabel María Guerrero, explains that in the stall "you can find all kinds of craft products, including Christmas decorations on the occasion of these dates, handcrafted furniture, dolls with handmade clothes and even a bazaar area where you can find scarves, accessories and baby clothes".

Regarding the proceeds from this solidarity action, according to Guerrero, "they are intended for pregnant women and families with young children who need help." "From Adevida we work with the report of the social workers, we analyze the situation of the family and based on that we help them in what we can", confesses Guerrero.

Adevida market. MANUEL MURILLO

But this NGO has not only worked in this market, since until November 25, you could also visit the Christmas Baratillo in San Felipe Neri. "Due to the work we do to help children and pregnant women, it is worth any effort. We have finished in San Felipe Neri and for now we have set up the market here," explains Guerrero.

Adevida organizes two solidarity markets, one in Carrefour La Sierra and another in San Felipe Neri

The people of Cordoba will be able to visit this and other solidarity markets throughout Christmas. Guerrero states that "the public seems to have received it well, since only on the first day there was a moment when we had a lot of people."

Mercadillos navideños y solidarios en Córdoba

In addition, Guerrero puts his trust in this project that they have been working on for a long time and that has a large number of people behind it. "I hope we are doing well and I would also like to thank the shopping center for allowing us to be here these days. Córdoba is very supportive and I am sure that they will collaborate with those mothers and children who need it most," Guerrero explains.

Manos Unidas offers the public, on December 1 and 2, handicrafts to donate money to Ethiopia

For its part, Manos Unidas offers the public, thanks to the 12 volunteers who work in the market on December 1 and 2, merchandising from the entity, handicrafts and donations that will go to a project in Ethiopia. "The money raised will go to the creation of a school to help bring culture to these underprivileged areas," says the diocesan delegate of Manos Unidas in Córdoba, Pepa. "Scarves, pencils, notebooks and even handmade nativity scenes are some of the objects that Cordovans can buy at this stall, located on Concepción street in the center of the city," he adds.

Regarding next year, he explains that there are 4 projects planned in the province of Córdoba developed in four vicariates: Campiña, Guadalquivir, Sierra and the city of Córdoba. "Two of them are related to children's education and two are related to helping gender equality and women's empowerment," she says.

Regarding the solidarity market project, he points out that "a lot of people are coming". Finally, he concludes that "the people of Cordoba have a heart of gold and are helping. We have to go out to the streets because the world is going backwards and they need our help."

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