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Bianca Fariña: When art and fashion go hand in hand

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The lights and TV sets are complemented by its staging. It is the actress Bianca Fariña (26), whose artistic universe and clothes go hand in hand and allows herself to risk what others do not.

That sensibility for art has made fashion a form of expression not only in front of a TV camera, but also outside of it.

From vibrantly colored jackets to dresses with subtle slits, she imposes pieces that remain in the retina of those who follow her.

In dialogue with SEMANA, he talked about his keys to dressing that his almost 40,000 followers like on Instagram.

The color in your routines

Life, both in Ecuador and in Argentina, is part of the evolution of his image, which does not only include his way of dressing. She shows that looking and feeling good on the outside is important on the inside.

The tones you choose become a fundamental part. “Before I only wore white or black clothes, but a year ago I started adding color to my routines. I started with colorful jeans and little by little my wardrobe became more colourful,” she recalls.

That also connects with your holistic part. “If I want to decree that something goes well for me, I prepare my clothes from the night before. I think that the fact that you feel comfortable with what you wear places you in a different way in life. At least, in my case I achieve it with the colors; with them everything vibrates more beautiful around me”, he explains.

Bianca Fariña: Cuando arte y moda van de la mano

That makes fashion appreciated by her as an instrument that contributes to the internal and external aspects of her being. And just as you add special items to your wardrobe, you also get rid of others. “I have the habit of giving clothes that I no longer wear to foundations. One does not have to cling to garments (or material) in the slightest. The human being is to transcend”.

His talent in producing

Acting runs through her veins and that led her from a young age to characterize characters for soap operas. This facet also aroused his curiosity to learn how to produce himself. “In most interviews or shows I fix myself. I have everything for that. From lipsticks, shadows and brushes, to four different hair straighteners. I love putting on makeup and doing my hair.”

As for wardrobe, her ally is her mother, Rossy de Fariña. “Most of my clothes have been made by her. We always go together to see fabrics or we bring from outside. The model I have in mind, she makes me. She's a genius," she says proudly.

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Bianca has the power to achieve carefully laid-back looks. Minis, crop tops, maxi blazers, dresses and full color sum up her youthful outfits in which she can incorporate everything from delicate sandals to ankle boots. What is clear is that in each outfit she always opts for a subtle opening or a neckline. From that style influence. “I always wear clothes that characterize me, that make me feel feminine, comfortable and free”, she concludes.

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