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Claudia Bejarano and the vintage style of “Volare”

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It was to ensure the comfort of her baby that Claudia Bejarano launched “Volare”, her vintage clothing brand for newborns and children, more than a year ago. With the premise of being comfortable clothing and that children feel free in it, "Volare" became consolidated and had constant sales in Santa Cruz, Tarija and La Paz.

When Claudia's baby was about to turn her first year, and they still lived in Santa Cruz, she began looking for new clothes for her daughter, clothes that she couldn't find in the local supply. Claudia explains that she was never in favor of dressing babies and children in tight clothes, no matter how good they look on her. For this 33-year-old woman from Tarija, comfort and freshness must prevail in clothing for young children.

While she headed in search of those ideal garments, she continued to dress her daughter like everyone else: with bodies, which she considered disadvantageous due to the climate of eastern Bolivia. The breaking point came when one day at the nursery he saw that three girls had the same bodysuit as his daughter. So Claudia said “enough” and got to work to create those garments she dreamed of.

Claudia Bejarano and the vintage style of “ Volare”

“My goal is that nothing itches or makes children sweat”

The garments she had in mind were closer to old styles than those of current fashion, because, in her words: “I was looking for bloomers, jumpers, dresses, ruffles…”. But the idea was not to obtain the clothes only for her daughter, because she wanted to create a brand that satisfies that need that she knew that other mothers shared.

She was thinking about the name for a while, until she finally called it “Volare” and chose an owl as a symbolic element of the brand, because the idea of ​​the name “jumped” while she and her daughter were feeding one in a park.

“Volare” was born in September 2020 in Santa Cruz and was immediately well received. Claudia thought about the designs and her ideas were materialized by a group of dressmakers with whom she worked. The linen and the materials it uses are imported from Colombia. He quickly achieved so many orders that he had to quit his job to pursue his new venture.

It was in July 2021 that she moved back to Tarija and began working with a new team of eight people, as well as enrolling in fashion design classes. Although 90% of its sales are in Santa Cruz, "Volare" already has an established clientele in Tarija. Such is the success of the brand that Claudia already has orders for the entire month of December.

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