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Curiosities Curiosities Did you know that you can wash clothes in the freezer? We tell you how to do it

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It seems that the way we use household appliances is changing. A few weeks ago we talked about how to cook in the dishwasher and we published some very simple recipes. It is about taking advantage of the heat of the washing cycle to cook food. Of course, so that these do not get wet, they must be placed in glass jars with hermetic closure. Well, now you should know that you can also wash clothes in the freezer.

Those who defend this technique explain that it is an excellent way to eliminate viruses and bacteria from garments. In addition, by not using chemical products such as detergent or softener, both the color and the shape of the garments are preserved for longer. And to this we must add the savings in electrical energy by not having to start the washing machine.

Wash clothes in the freezer step by step

Curiosities Curiosities Do you know you can wash the Do you know that you can wash clothes in the freezer? We tell you how to do it

Do you dare to wash clothes in the freezer? If the answer is yes, we explain how to do it. What you need is: white vinegar, dirty clothes, a damp cloth, an airtight bag, and a bottle.

  1. The first step is to lay out the clothes. If any of the garments has a stain, you simply have to clean it with a damp cloth. The most important thing is not to use any type of chemical product, so the cloth only has to be moistened with water.
  2. Then add white vinegar to the bottle and spray all the clothes with it, inside and out. outside.
  3. Let the garments dry for 20 minutes to kill all viruses and bacteria.
  4. After the time has elapsed, place each garment in an airtight bag. Ideally, you should eliminate the air so that it is sealed as well as possible.
  5. Then put the bag in the freezer and leave it for 24 hours.
  6. The next day remove the bag, remove clothes and let them thaw at room temperature.
  7. And voila! Once the clothes are hot, you can put them on.

The main advantage of washing clothes in the freezer is the energy savings that this entails. There is no doubt that the washing machine is one of the most energy consuming appliances in the home. Using the freezer ends the problem.

In addition, when freezing the clothes, no chemicals are added, so they do not lose their color. And finally, it should be noted that you do not have to worry about the clothes getting stained by combining different colors in the washing machine.

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