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Schedule Yourself With This Plus Size Women's Fashion Show

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large sizes to have clothes with good design. They know the woman's body, they know what needs and problems we have and what we don't want to show”.

An example that Laura gives is Creaciones Angelita, “who make bras for women with heavy busts, they have existed for 30 years, they already have a master's degree in making this type of garment, it is a family of five women who are empirical, but they understand a woman's body, they are teachers and so there are many names that people don't know.”

The event was born in Bogotá and has gone through two editions, but Laura knew that if she ever left the capital, Medellín would be the first city chosen. “The claims and emails that I have received the most are from this region. Coming here for me is to change that imaginary that people have with the subject of the body of the paisa woman of 'perfect' measurements. So imagine what it's like to invite to an event called 'Gorda' and also help to remove the negative connotation that the word has”.

Program yourself with this women's fashion fair plus size

The job of La pesada de la moda is not only to show these options to women who find it difficult to have variety, it is also to ask for inclusion in fashion, “that women feel respected and included in the world of the fashion that 'forgot' them for so many years”, says Laura.

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