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Useful gift guide for recent parents

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‘Qué queréis que os regalemos’ es una de las primeras frases que suelen oír los 'nuevos papás'. Proponemos 10 ideas para que los regalos para madres y padres recientes sean verdaderamente útiles, y no fiarlo al factor sorpresa.

Written by:

Diana Oliver

Journalist specialized in healthy life, maternity and childhood and pets

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Updated: April 12, 2021

Guía de regalos útiles para padres recientes

At present we live motherhood and paternity much more alone than our own parents lived it.Or our grandparents.And what about the previous generations.Urban environments, labor displacements and, above all, current hyper -individualistic uses and customs have displaced family and social networks, leaving many families without support in the first moments of parenting.Without that tribe that the philosopher Carolina del Olmo spoke in where is my tribe?, That book already banner of an entire generation.There are also many doubts that arise in families regarding what they will need when the baby arrives.What things will be really useful and which can be dispensed with.


In this sense, having references around help, but also stop to analyze our own desires and expectations.From the other side, of those of whom we give, ask the new parents what they need before buying a gift that may not use, throw a cable with logistics or help financially with the first vaccines are perhaps some of themost practical ideas.

Next we collect a small guide of ten simple ideas or gifts for recent mothers and fathers who will surely appreciate:

Created: June 16, 2020

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