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How is it done?How is it done?How to get the gases from babies

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Newborns are a whole world to discover, many routines to acquire and many care to know how to always feel comfortable, especially in what has to do with their diet, hygiene or basic care.Taking the gases from babies is something you should prepare for, since it is a basic routine so that after eating they can stay at ease expelling the air that is left over.

The gases are very common both when taking the breast and the bottle, since the babies swallow a lot and then you have to look for ways to expel it so that they can feel good.Although many mothers and fathers overwhelm with the issue of gases, the truth is that taking them out is very simple, and with a couple of tricks you can do it without major complications and your little one will feel great.

When should gases be expelled?

¿Cómo se hace? ¿Cómo se hace? Cómo sacar los gases a los bebés

It is important to be clear that the baby must expel the gases during and at the end of the shot, and as it usually costs him to do it for himself, you have to help him do it.

Postures to get the gases from babies

On the chest

One of the most recommended postures to try to get the gases from babies is by placing the baby on the chest, almost erect, so that the head is at the shoulder height of the adult who holds it.In that position, you have to give light taps on the back to stimulate the belch, and it is advisable to place a cloth on the adult shoulder in case some milk comes out.

Face down

Another very effective posture is to bed the boy face down on the arm of an adult, and with the free hand they are tapped in the back.The baby will feel pressure in the belly thanks to its own weight, which will lead to the expulsion of gases.Make sure your head is a little higher than the rest of the body.

On the legs

It is a position similar to that of the previous point, but instead of holding the baby with one arm, it relies on the adult's lap, which must be sitting.As in the other case, they are tapped slightly on the back to help you expel the gases.


When the baby already has an age in which he is able to stay sitting, he can also be put in that position to get the gases.That he feels in a safe place and while holding his chin with one hand, with the other you give the tap on the back.

Tricks to get the gases from babies

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