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How is it done? How is it done? How to wash clothes without losing their color

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Washing clothes is not an easy task, there are many things that you should look at to keep the garments in the best possible condition, such as the washing program, if buttons need to be undone, what kind of Soap is the most recommended in each case... Today we give you a few keys so that you know how to wash clothes without losing their color and thus always look at their best.

The colors can vary a lot with each wash, it does not matter if it is a deep red, a pale pink or a white... the mixture of colors and the use of certain products can cause the original tones to change. Luckily there are ways to prevent this from happening and you can fix the color with each wash so that from the first use to the last the color remains intact.

Tricks to wash clothes without losing their color

In the first wash…

  1. Check the label to find out what fabric the garment is made of, at what temperature it is recommended to wash it and what type of washing is most suitable. The label usually also lists whether it is prone to fading or losing color with washing. Always follow the instructions and your clothes will keep their original state for longer.
  2. Before putting the garment in the washing machine, turn it inside out, zip it up if it has one, and fasten the buttons. This should be done every time you wash, not just the first. The friction of the fabrics when washing causes friction and wear, so if the clothes are not turned inside out, this wear will be noticed in the visible part.
  3. Before the first wash, to maintain the color, It is better to soak the garment in salt, which will make the pigments adhere much better to the fabric. Fill a container with cold water and a lot of salt, in an amount of 4 tablespoons per liter. Leave the garment to soak for half an hour, never more than an hour as the salt could spoil the garment. After that time, rinse with plenty of water.
  4. Liquid soap is the best solution for washing clothes without losing their color, since powder soap does not get rid of well when they are short programs and leaves stains in the garments. Add just the recommended amount, more could be harmful since residues would remain on the clothes that would later affect your skin.
  5. After the first wash, always hang the clothes inside out, well spread out and in the shade, like this you will avoid leaving marks on the outer parts. If possible, let it dry in the open air and avoid the dryer, as it causes wear on the fabrics that becomes more and more noticeable with the passing of the washes.

Keep the color in delicate clothes

  1. To do any washing, it is essential to separate the clothes by color, starting of course with the white clothes independently from the rest. The other clothes can also be washed in a single color if you have enough for one wash. Another way to classify them within colors is by fabric or level of dirt, so you can select the most suitable program for each group of garments.
  2. If the garments are stained, treat the stains before putting them in the washing machine , this way it will be easier for them to be removed and you can use a short program, which is most recommended in the case of colored clothes.
  3. Wash the garment following the guidelines for the first wash, that is, with cold water, liquid detergent, inside out and with zippers up and buttons fastened.
  4. When drying it, also follow the steps in the previous section, as if it were its first wash.
  5. When ironing It is advisable to do the garment inside out and at a low temperature, so you will prevent the colors from degrading and losing the brightness and intensity of each color. Only iron the garments that need to be ironed, as it is not always, especially if you hang the garments well as they will not have as many wrinkles.

How is it done? How to wash clothes without losing their color

As a final advice for washing, whatever the garment and its color, do not just wash every time you use it. If the garment is not dirty, has stains or smells bad, it is not necessary to wash it after a single use. In the event that it does not smell bad or have stains, let it air out and then store it in the closet to give it a second use without abusing washings.

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