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How to calculate your dog's size to dress it from Zara

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Just a few months ago Zara premiered in canine fashion, launching his 'pet collection', designed for the best friend of man.Sweatshirts, showers and t -shirts, in addition to accessories such as brushes or toys, which are causing furor.In fact, many of the garments are already exhausted, even the most recent in the spring/summer collection.

You may also want to acquire any of these garments - or other coat clothes for your pet - and do not be very clear how to take the measures.Here are a couple of considerations when taking action and choosing the appropriate garments.

Steps to measure your dog

Pet garments in Zara van from XS to XL - although it does not happen with all accessories - and, in the carvation guide, the measures are always in centimeters.

Cómo calcular la talla de tu perro para vestirlo de Zara

The ideal to measure your dog is to use a seamstress meter, which is flexible and more comfortable to drive if the animal moves a lot.That, if the dog is very restless, you need a couple of snacks to keep it right while you make a tailor.

It is important to leave one or two space fingers when taking the measurements of the chest or neck contour, so that your pet has room to move freely.In these parts of the canine anatomy, always do it at the widest point.In the case of the back, it measures from the base of the neck to the base of the tail -not to the tip -.And do not forget that, once the garment is bought, if when your pet is put, it is not comfortable not to take it on.

Zara Sizes Guide

Guía de tallas de mascota en Zara.ZARA

In the case of Inditex, depending on the piece to buy, up to three measures must be taken.In the case of sweatshirts and shirts (there are size s to the XL) you have to measure the neck contour, the one behind the legs and the length of the back (or spine.

For the showers or padded -which came out in the first pieces of February -that range from the XS to the XL, there is taking into account chest contour, the neck and length of the back.

In the case of harnesses, there are only size s or m and you have to measure the contour of the neck and the one behind the front legs.For bandanas and necklaces, it is only necessary to measure the neck contour.


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