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How to clean the washing machine

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The washing machine is one of the indispensable appliances in any home.So that it continues to wash the clothes effectively and to extend its useful life as much as possible, that is, to save the disgust - and the money - to have to buy a new one, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance throughA series of simple steps.

Let's see how to clean four basic parts of the washing machine: dispenser, filter, drum and rubber box.Although in the market we can find specialized cleaning products, at home we have everything necessary for a complete cleaning of the machine.

Cajetín Cajetín Dispenser

It is the piece we open to add the detergent, the softener and the bleach.Remains of these products tend to accumulate in the compartments, which will end up generating bad odors and mold that can spoil clothes.To avoid this, it is enough to remove the box, following the manufacturer's instructions, and then rinse it with warm water and soap.This brief work must be done as soon as we see the first signs of dirt.

Filter cleaning

Surely it is the component of the washing machine that we least pays for keeping the machine in good condition.The filter is usually at the bottom of the front of the appliances and serves to prevent threads, hair or small objects that we have forgotten in the pockets end up plugging the drain pump and producing a fault.

Cómo limpiar la lavadora

A clear symptom that it is necessaryComplete the washing cycle.

Keep in mind that, when disassembling the filter, water is likely, so it is recommended to put some towel or a container that collects the liquid on the floor.Once we have removed the cap and we have the filter, we must clean it with warm water and even with soap, if we consider it necessary.Once dry, we make it up to place it in place.

Cleaning of the rubber joint

This element must always keep it clean, since it is usual to accumulate dirt, bad odors and even mold.If the washing machine's drum board is in good condition, it is enough to add one more step to the ritual of the laundering of clothing: after washing and collecting the casting, it is time to take a damp cloth and review all the grooves of the Board and,,Then, with another cloth we dry it.In addition, it is recommended to leave the door of the washing machine open so that dirt does not accumulate.

If, on the other hand, the rubber joint is already dirty, we dilute in a container about 50 ml of vinegar, a tablespoon of bicarbonate and the water of a glass.We apply the product resulting directly in the rubber and with the help of a toothbrush we are rubbing the entire rubber.Finally, we dry the piece with a dry cloth and leave the door open.If the result is not yet satisfactory, we repeat process.There are experts who advise to perform this cleaning once a month, even being the Board in good condition.

Drum cleaning

Yes, the drum also needs maintenance.And yes, again we bet on vinegar as an antical product.This time, we introduce half a liter of vinegar in the dispenser box detergent compartment and program a long wash at high temperature (60 degrees or more).Once the cycle is completed, open the washing machine door and let dry for several hours.

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