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How to end the lice forever

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No hay nada como escupir hacia arriba para que te caiga. Nada como presumir de que eso no te pasará a ti o que jamás te ha pasado. En la maternidad esto se cumple con creces. Servidora de pequeña no tuvo jamás piojos. Y miren que hubo plagas de ellos en las clases que pisé, allá por los añorados años de la EGB. Pues nada, nunca quisieron estar en mi cabeza.Cómo acabar con los piojos para siempre Cómo acabar con los piojos para siempre

I have two daughters of 4 and 6.The oldest has "school" from both and the little one equal.That is, the heads of my stumbles for at least four years (one for going to school and the other for infection) could have been infested by that bichito so disgusting.However, we have lived during those four years without knowing anything about them.And look like there were.There were endless WhatsApp threads of the Cole's group, of the larger class, of the little girl.And I, idiot of me, thought to myself: "To these beautiful creatures, like their mother, lice do not want them"

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Diga adiós a los piojos (sin una gota de vinagre)
Un año de piojos


It was at the end of this summer, spending a few days at the grandparents' house, when the little girl began scratching her head as if there was no morning."He has lice," said grandmother.So, raudas and fast, both she and I inspected the head with care and patience.But we saw nothing.And it is that the girl has left us as blonde as if I had married a Swedish and in the blond hair, the very kids of the lice, I do not tell you the nits, they are barely seen.As the greatest did not scratch and those days were sleeping together, and also with us, the four in command ... well we discarded it.We think that, as such a bush has and was very hot, because it would be an eczema.Crassus error.

The next day my dear mother -in -law went to her weekly appointment with the hairdress.We put the whole family in treatment.And neither the tato was saved.We had lice all!Father, mother, sister, grandmother and even sister -in -law, who did not sleep with us but is very much to take the nieces in arms.We were valuing to go into a NASA disinfecting center, but in the end we decided to take the bull by the horns.They told me about centers that have proliferated like the lice where they take them away without using a single chemical.

Cómo acabar con los piojos para siempre

I chose one called without more piojitos.The treatment, which lasts at least one hour, consists of dividing the hair into six parts.With a hair vacuum, they pass you with her strand to look like the lice, which fall like bedbugs, but not the nits.Next, with a gigantic magnifying glass that has a powerful light, they pass a lender.As if that were not enough, then they go back to check a tuft by strand.In an hour and a half you are ready.Result: among all we accumulated about 30 lice.Gross!

But there the thing does not end.And the one who thinks otherwise, is condemned to happen again, sooner or later, for the same process.A week you have to review again but in between you have to:

  1. Pasarse la lendrera a diario. Todos.
  2. Hay que llevar a limpiar los coches de la familia. Con un aspirador es suficiente. Haciendo hincapié en los apoyacabezas de las sillitas infantiles y de los asientos de los mayores. De hecho, al salir del centro, nos dieron unos plásticos que cubrían todos los asientos para ponerlos hasta que hiciésemos la limpieza.
  3. Cambiar todas las sábanas, cojines de los sofás y pasar minuciosamente el tubo del aspirador de la casa en todos aquellos lugares donde reposan habitualmente las cabezas.
  4. Goma del pelo, lazos, gafas de sol, peines, cepillos y todo lo que haya tocado cabezas: al congelador, mínimo 48 horas. Existe también la posibilidad de hervir pero claro, hay cosas que mejor no hervirlas si quieres conservarlas.
  5. Niñas (o niños con pelo largo) con una buena coleta para ir al colegio. Además, durante esos días les puse gomina para que el pelo fuese todavía más impermeable y no se soltase ni uno.
  6. Gotas de árbol del té en la nuca y detrás de las orejas.
  7. Chorros de nenuco para paliar el olor de lo anterior.

Once a week has passed and they no longer come out, then we can lower our guard and pass the Lindrera every two or three days.But, here comes the most important, the Lindrera has to become our best friend and has to go through our heads throughout the year at least once a week.

In my case, we do it on Sunday afternoon, which is when we have more time.I soak them, I wash their heads, I give them softener cream and just when they have it, the lendrera passes them, more than anything so that they do not protest the pulls (although it is better to do it dry because it looks better if there is or notThere are even wetting is also seen)

We have not had lice again.And I'm sure it's because of constancy.And now a few truths that I have discovered during my fight against lice:.

Anyway, I hope I have been helpful.Above all, much patience and do not be fooled with homemade tricks.The louse and the sole and exclusively fight manually.So patience and mess.

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