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Bugsy Siegel's black legend, the ruthless gangster who invented Las Vegas and his frightening end

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Benjamin Siegel was born on February 28, 1906. Era uno de los cinco hijos de una familia judía pobre que recién había llegado a Nueva York desde Europa Oriental.The parents worked all day.Concerned that their children had food, they did not pay attention to other issues.Benjamin left school too soon.The street was more tempting.And sometimes he could even put the rules.Learned to blows. Se acercó al gángster de su cuadra, consiguió que lo apadrinara. Empezó haciendo pequeños mandados.But soon his boldness imposed.The greatest valued it: it was encouraged to do things that others not. Al poco tiempo, con otros amigos de su edad, habían creado una pequeña organización para apretar a los comerciantes de su zona.They charged for protection.What they protected, basically, was one of their own aggressions.The payment prevented them from attacking them to obtain their weekly pay.He had not reached 18 when he had already taken a morning to travel throughout the Criminal Code.About him weighed causes for theft, aggression, rape and homicide.

At that time he approached Mayer Lansky, a gangster who glimpsed that in those boots aimless Brooklyn could have cheap labor. Lansky decidió copiar el modelo de los italianos e irlandeses y puso en marcha una mafia con integrantes de origen judío.One of the first men he recruited was Siegel.Theirs was still a minor band.They dedicated themselves to matonism, to steal cars, smuggling. Siegel se destacaba por su violencia.Became an effective and fearsome hitman.Part of the business was to hinder the task of the rivals.Thus Lansky and Siegel were in charge of stealing loads of the competition and of killing who was ascending.But other mafias also needed account adjustments and Siegel did that job for them.Not much time passed for his fame to be known in the underworld.And he was feared.

At that time he had ceased to be Benjamin. Todos ya lo conocían como Bugsy que significaba algo así como chiflado, loquito, alguien que se atolondra. Lo suyo no era la persuasión, ni los buenos modos.He solved everything. No le alcanzaba con vencer a los rivales.I was looking to exterminate them.I couldn't stand to face someone over once.

His legend was growing.It was as feared as unreliable.Their interlocutors for more raised that were seen in their eyes the danger.Bugsy went for everything.

A los 21 años se compró un departamento en el Waldorf Astoria y una lujosa casa de fin de semana en las afueras de Nueva York.The crime paid. El contrabando de alcohol en medio de la prohibición y el tráfico de opio eran sus principales fuentes de ingresos. El ascenso fue meteórico.

Aspired to be a film actor.I painted it.Clear eyes, big bearing, determination.He wore custom suits, always polished shoes that combined white leather with black, hats, shirts with monograms. Al tiempo que ascendía fue haciendo amigos célebres.Hollywood actors and directors, Broadway men, famous journalists, magnates. Su figura atraía; ejercía la atracción de lo prohibido, el glamour de la adrenalina, la seducción del hampa.

Bugsy became a New York night figure.The aura of danger, of the marginal with his outgoing personality made him the center of attraction in each nightclub he visited.

In the early thirty.Lansky, Siegel and Lucky Luciano created Murder Inc, the crime union. Una federación mafiosa en la que se dividieron territorios los gangsters más importantes de Estados Unidos para no tener que pelearse entre ellos.He, on the other hand, continued feeding the prosperous business of the hitmen. Desarrolló un equipo de asesinos profesionales que eran contratados y llegaban hasta cualquier rincón del país para matar a alguien sin dejar mayores rastros.

But his splendor in Manhattan ended in 1935. El asesinato de un capo, Tony Fabrizzo, lo puso bajo la mira. Lansky y Luciano lo enviaron a California con las mejores recomendaciones.They took it out of their enemies that cried out for revenge.In the other coast he settled quickly.His fame preceded him and nobody wanted to have problems with him.Among other businesses he handled the pool and clandestine bets. En pocos meses el juego le generaba cientos de miles de dólares diarios.Another great source of income was prostitution.

La leyenda negra de Bugsy Siegel, el mafioso despiadado que inventó Las Vegas y su espantoso final

But if fame and stars attracted him to New York, that was enhanced in Hollywood. Para el negocio necesitaba conectarse con políticos, empresarios y lobistas; pero Bugsy disfrutaba en los encuentros con cantantes, actores, dueños de estudios y estrellas.At his table, in the most exclusive places of Hollywood, only celebrities sat.It seemed that with him they could only eat ladies of about twenty years and people who appeared in the newspapers and magazines.

His Beverly Hills mansion was permanent headquarters of lavish evening.The most desired actresses and the actors better payments were their guests. Frank Sinatra solía cantar esas noches.

That closeness not only satisfied his ego and his desire for notoriety.While the satisfaction that all these stars went to him, they showed fascination towards his figure, he was enormous, he did not allow that pride to divert him from his path (deviant). En todas esas primeras figuras de Hollywood, en curiosidad que mostraban por él, Bugsy sólo veía debilidad y una gran oportunidad. Con promesas de grandes negocios o sólo con su estela violenta y peligrosa, obtenía cuantiosos préstamos de estas primeras figuras.Loans is just a way to call them.He received money without mediating consideration but did not plan to return it.That idea even crossed his head.I knew they feared him and that nobody was encouraged to ask him to return his money.And he took advantage. Comer y tomar con los magnates de Hollywood le permitió conocer secretos de sus negocios.And used them against him. Se asoció con los sindicatos y presionó y extorsionó a los dueños de los estudios hasta obtener el dinero que solicitaba para detener el chantaje y que las películas pudieran seguir filmándose.In every situation he saw an occasion to commit a crime.A gift to do evil.

In 1939, Harry Greenberg, another gangster, was killed in Los Angeles. Era un hombre que estaba asociado en algunos negocios con Siegel.The suspicions fell on Bugsy.A series of testimonies complicated your situation.Witnesses and Craned Falls.The coup de grace was the confession of one of the defendants who implied Siegel directly.The trial attracted the attention of the media. En los meses que pasó en prisión, Siegel obtuvo privilegios únicos.They took special food from his favorite restaurant every day, his personal hairdresser entered to serve him, received visits from women and nobody bothered him in that interim, and even allowed supposed medical outputs. Durante las primeras audiencias del juicio su situación parecía extremadamente comprometida.But suddenly his judicial situation was raided. Dos testigos de la fiscalía aparecieron muertos antes de declarar y el asesino que había confesado e implicado a Bugsy se retractó. El juez debió desestimar el caso.Had remained suddenly without evidence.

Siegel eluded, once again, justice but that was a breakdown. Su imagen se deterioró.The stars were no longer approaching him, his dangerous aura stopped generating attraction.It only reaped repulsion.He also weakened the shield he had created to guarantee impunity.Police bother him and stopped him for minor crimes for which no one had been encouraged to approach him.

This new situation, instead of inspiring cautious movements, put it more on guard and violent.He also sought new territories, new businesses, knew that in Hollywood his image was too damaged.

In 1945 he found that opportunity. La oportunidad de que el juego fuera legal, las licencias de casinos en Nevada, dio nacimiento a Las Vegas.The visionary was William Wilkerson, the founder of the Hollywood Reporter and owner of several of the most important bars and nightclubs in the United States.The idea at the beginning seemed crazy.Who would go to the desert medium.But Wilkerson had another type of business in mind.Accommodation, fun, food and game tables.It would be a luxury hotel, with spa, hundreds of rooms, pool, several nightclub clubs, a theater, restaurants and all the comforts that did not even imagine at that time.

Bugsy Siegel trusted the business. Era una chance de ser dueño de algo desde cero, de imponer condiciones.And also to start over, to clean his image that was very beaten.

He knew almost all the issues involved.He had illegally dedicated to the game, to alcohol, to extort through the construction unions.Doing it under the protection of the law would be a trifle.

But I wasn't used to having partners.Ambition played a bad pass to Wilkerson.His pharaonic project needed money and had to accept Siegel's proposal to associate. Pero en muy poco tiempo Bugsy desplazó a Wilkerson utilizando todas las artimañas y medios posibles sin importarle hasta donde tenía que llegar.He extorted him and threatened him until the other had to sacrifice his great idea, his desire.The man was exiled for a while in Paris to escape the reach of Siegel.

Bugsy saw in that Hotel Casino, in Flamingo, his coronation. A partir de ese momento nadie podría destronarlo, y ya no volvería a tener problemas.In addition, it would serve as a screen for the rest of its criminal businesses.

I wanted the Casino's rooms as the Hotel Dependencies were of top quality.It cost him nothing to get partners for financing.All his friends and contacts of the underworld contributed funds.The idea caught their attention.The opinions about the project ranged between genius and madness.

The investment was high: one million dollars of the time.Construction faced more difficulties than expected.The desert does not forgive.And the budget was expanded.At all times Siegel had to ask for more contributions.That worried investors.

The United States had just left World War.And while the mood was festive, the economic recovery just peeked out.They didn't seem years for excessive expenses.

The contributors, heavy men, began to ask for accountability. Junto a Siegel estaba Virginia Hill, su amante y administradora de la obra.The legend attributes to its long legs the name of the hotel. Dicen que esas piernas para Siegel se asemejaban a la de los flamencos.Others say the name was inherited from Wilkerson.

At the end of December 1946, Flamingo opened its doors.But with partial activity.Only the casino, a nightclub and a restaurant worked. La noche del debut anunciado con toda pompa y con cientos de invitados célebres fue un gran fiasco.In the desert an absolutely unusual storm broke out and few arrived at Flamingo to listen to the Xavier Cugat orchestra.It was a bad omen.For a few nights it worked but Siegel closed the doors until everything was in conditions.The inauguration of the hotel was in March 47. El proyecto era impactante.But he still did not seduce the public.For a time he gave losses.

Siegel's members did not need much to put into action.They had Siegel and Hill in the sights a while ago. Porque el presupuesto original de un millón de dólares se había multiplicado casi por siete. No sólo habían puesto mucho más plata de la que tenían pensado sino que no tenían ningún control; Siegel no les daba acceso alguno.

But what finished deciding the mafia bosses was to find out that Virginia Hill had diverted more than two million dollars to an account in Switzerland. Siegel seguía con su costumbre, con su pulsión de quedarse con dinero que no le correspondía.But on that occasion he got with who would not forgive him.

On June 20, 1947, Bugsy Siegel read the newspaper in the mansion he shared with Hill in Beverly Hills.I was calm.The business had started working. Cada mes dejaba ganancias de un cuarto de millón de dólares. De pronto, un estruendo.From the window a hitman shot, someone who perhaps thought that with that crime he could start a career like his victim of that night (what the murderer did not think is that most likely his end was similar to Siegel's). Nueve disparos.One entered through his left eye, the other on the right temple and shattered the skull.Three others hit the thorax.The others undone Chinese vases, marble statues, some very expensive whiskey bottle and a 18th -century painting.Siegel's brief reign in Las Vegas ended bloody.

Virginia Hill was not at home.After three days he escaped to Europe on a flight to which he went up with another name.Some believe that their absence that night was not accidental.

A la mañana siguiente, el 21 de junio de 1947, la foto de Siegel acribillado en su sillón francés apareció en las portadas de casi todos los diarios norteamericanos. La caída de uno de los gángsters más famosos atraía al público.A Californian newspaper, on the other hand, used an exclusive photo for its first page: that of the body in the morgue with the identification card hanging from the big toe of the right foot.

It is assumed that those who sent him kill were his former annoying partners for feeling stolen by Siegel.But it is not known precisely. Eran demasiados los enemigos de Bugsy Siegel, demasiados los que lo querían muerto.

That June 47th in which the photo of Siegel dead and bloody appeared in the newspapers, David Berman, the head of the Las Vegas mafia, entered the main door of the Casino hotel, continued to Siegel's office andHe took possession of Flamingo.

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