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The new sweet market for breakfast that raises passions: it costs 1.55 euros

By hollisterclothingoutlet 11/12/2022 542 Views

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They always say that breakfast is the most important food of the day -and Mercadona is clear -to load the batteries and replace the organism for strength.Therefore, the supermarket chain directed by Juan Roig has launched a product so that its consumers cannot resist, extra blueberry jam.A rich and healthy option to take in the morning or at the time of snack with other Mercadona products that are razing lately.Because, for a while to this part, the chain does not stop taking new products.For example, its new clean cleaning, or almond chocolate.

The new product is sold in a 355 grams glass jar and is made up of: extra blueberries, sugar and gelling.It does not contain gluten and is from the landowned brand itself.It has a price of 1.55 euros.

Is manufactured by S.A.P.A.R, a company based in Belgium where most of its products promise to be a success, for its flavor and innovation.In the comments that consumers have left on social networks, thank the chain for launching this surprising novelty.

El nuevo producto dulce de Mercadona para desayunar que levanta pasiones: cuesta 1,55 euros

Consumers, given this novelty, are, for the moment, delighted: "We will have to prove it," one of them adventures on the Instagram account of Mercadona news.Others, on the other hand, add information.Josep bets on pumpkin, and the rest, wishing to try it soon...

Within the range of jams that are marketed under the landowned brand are the following: Strawberry jam, 3% sugars, plums, peanuts, peach, pepper, tomato, tomato, albicoque...

Once any jam is opened, it must be preserved in the refrigerator.

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